First day: The Roommate

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Seungwan just feels so down that she badly wants to go home and just drunk herself to sleep back in her dorm. Walking lifelessly she enters the cafeteria, and there she sees the life of free college students having fun with their own friends dining at different tables chatting like they haven't seen each other for years. Uggh i miss my ugly friends, i can imagine us having a blast on our first day. Well guess what Seungwan, you choose this right? Then suffer


"Why do you look so down, buying a burger on your first day, little Bud Light?” Seungwan startled by a woman whispering beside her ear and calling her by a beer’s name, the beer that she drank the other night.


Seungwan then looked at the woman ambushing her loneliness, and her jaw almost dropped from what she’s seeing. She’s wearing that in school? While I wear a rag like this?



“Yes, I know I’m hot, stop being obvious. How do I look?”


“You look like… uhm you don’t look like a student?” Wendy said as she stepped back afraid that the older might come at her for what she said.


“I’ll take that as a compliment then.” Jennie said moving forward ahead of seungwan almost pushing her to the side.


“Uhm ma'am can you please add another burger and fries on her order here, let me just pay for them both." The woman said, giving the seller money.


"No you don't have to treat me sunbae, I'm good."


"Don't mind it, treat that as my welcome to SNU hell gift for my roomie. So how's your first day uhm, sorry what's your name again?"


"I'm Seungwan, Son Seungwan. First year Civil engineering sunbae."


"I'm sorry I forgot to ask you yesterday, see I was still kinda drunk that time. I was just pretending to be sober, you know. So I wasn't able to introduce myself formally. So yeah, I'm Kim Jennie. 3rd Year Archi student, You can just call me Jennie.“


The freshman then bows formally at her roommate as a respectful greeting.

“Nice to meet you sober, Seungwan." Jennie reached for a hand shake with a warm smile on her angelic face. My intimidating pretty roomie finally has a name. Jennie has the same program as hers, are they friends?


“Nice to meet you too, Jennie… unnie.” Wendy tried to call her just by her name, but she couldn't since she’s older than her, so her greeting sounds like she’s afraid of her.


Their orders are finally finished and Seungwan plans to eat in the bleachers at the gym since she doesn't have friends yet. But, of course she won’t tell her sunbae that she’s gonna eat her burger while having a pity party because of a certain unnie’s words.


"Cute. So Seungwan, how's your first day? Boring right? " Jennie asked Seungwan as she walked beside the freshie.


"Absolutely, I kinda wanna just go home actually." At the moment Seungwan’s beginner’s is having an internal panic whether she will just go out of her way and instantly say goodbye to her roommate. The whole time she’s with the older, she’s just looking down, and now that she’s noticed a lot of people are staring at them, or at the girl beside her. Maybe she’s gonna eat with her friends, my introverted self is slowly coming back. I'm blaming college for this.


“Why is everyone looking at you? Are you some kind of a bully here?” Wendy said as she looked around and just noticed the looks from the students around.


“How dare you midget!” Jennie said putting a hand on her chest shocked with what the younger said.


“I'm just kidding! You kinda give me the vibes tho like in the mean girls movie.”


“Well mean girls are y but I am not a bully okay that's gross. In fact, Seungwan your roomie is kind of a Queen in this place so you're truly welcome to be around my godly presence.”


“Oh don't know abt that since I don't see any dragons following you. Well then, Khaleesi, it is an absolute honor, your grace.” Wendy said as she bows down, teasing the older.


“Good god, a GOT nerd, I thought y'all are already extinct.” Jennie rolls her eyes and flicks her fingers, as if shooing Wendy's energy away.


“How bout you tho? Seems like you know a lot huh? Nerd.”


“No I'm not! I'm looking forward to the prequel though. Anyways do you have plans? You can eat with me and my friends.” Jennie said in a frightening tone, but Seungwan understands that the older is concerned about her, despite her cold demeanor.


“Uhm unnie actually, I’m uh...” Wendy said as she altered her steps finding words to excuse herself and not bother the senior and her friends.


“What, you're shy? Don’t be, we're cool, we don’t bite. Let’s go, it's gonna be okay." Jennie said as she looked at Seungwan eyes with her warm ones and held her arm to drag her to their table.


“See that table over there? Those are my friends so don't be scared, they won't eat you. Unless-”


“Woah, woah chill I'm still young unnie! Still a forest.’’


“Seungwan! Well you don't have to tell that to everybody on your first day! And what an ugly choice of words” Jennie exclaimed at the younger.


“Okay unnie, okay!” Wendy then agreed, chuckling as she let the older drag her towards the table.


“Don’t be nervous, it’s gonna be okay.” Wendy was shocked when the older one turned around and looked at her worriedly. Is it obvious that I’m kind of afraid? I thought I hid it well, so she read me.


When Jennie said, “it’s gonna be okay” Seungwan felt relieved, at least she has somebody to be with after what happened at the locker area. Seungwan don’t be shy, you're the crowd favorite and mvp of SMH, it’s just new people right? You’re cool right? RIght, I can do this.


The freshman has decided to stop looking at the floor as they walk, and walk confidently instead as she brushes her hair like how a “cool person” would do it. Jennie sees the sudden change of the younger’s aura, and she just smiles.




“Everyone here's my roommate, Seungwan. Seungwan, here's everybody.”


When the freshman looked around the table, she noticed how beautiful everyone was. Jennie’s friends look like they came out of pinterest with their style, Seungwan thought. Don’t I look like a beggar at this table? Oh god seul and byul help me.


“Hey, Seungwan.” Jennie's buddies then answered in a casual tone, which, in Seungwan's judgment, was very far from welcoming. Well that’s not very polite, I wanna go


“C'mon guys you're scaring her, it's her first day! Actually Jennie unnie said to scare everyone on the first day, and they really followed!” A tall petite woman with short blonde hair and bangs, stood up and put her arms around the newbie and the latter just nodded her head, kind of embarrassed.


“Hey Seungwan, I'm Lisa, second year Civil Engineering, nice to meet you.” Lisa said, reaching out her hand.


“Nice to meet you too, Lisa sunbae. I'm CE too, freshman.”


“Well that’s cool and drop the sunbae for everyone okay? And here is my beautiful girlfriend Rosé unnie.“


Lisa introduced everyone in Jennie’s Gossip Girl inspired circle of friends, and Seungwan just can’t help but feel intimidated by everybody. Jennie’s friends are composed of six god looking sunbaes of Seungwan, there’s Rosie the beautiful blonde, Lisa’s girlfriend. The couple Daniel and Jihyo, who look totally cute together according to Seungwan. And then there’s Jisoo, the group’s mom. They are all pretty and friendly. But I still don’t think I belong here, cause I always look like a homeless kid, Jennie unnie must be insane for befriending me.




In the rectangular table, Seungwan is seated between Jennie and Lisa. The student observed that her roommate doesn't say much; she simply grins and laughs at the humor of the gang, but she rarely talks and initiates a discussion.


“Okay let's treat this free time with our new friend as ‘get to know you time’ . Does anyone have a question or seungwan do you have any questions regarding the school?”


“So where did you come from Seungwan?” Rosé asked Seungwan.


“I'm from a small town in daegu.”


“A lot of students here came from small towns, my friend aren't we all? Well, except for this chaebol tho.” Lisa said as she pointed at her roommate and the latter just rolled her eyes.


“So how's the adjustments living in this place, Jennie unnie making it harder for you isn’t she?” Rosé teased which made her nervous cause the girl was just beside her.


“No Jennie unnie is actually nice though she doesn’t talk that much but unnie’s kind to me” Wendy shyly said, and it shook the group.


“Ooh miss jennie kim, very rare to see being kind to a new kid! Yah Seungwan, is she hurting you? What she do to you, are you okay?” The gang couldn't help but laugh as Lisa stood up and checked Wendy while moving her arms seeking for injuries.


“I did not force that out of , you better believe her! Yah Lisa!” Jennie yells, standing up ready to attack the tall blonde girl.


“Hey that’s enough, Lisa and Jen sit down now the guards are looking. Wendy they are really like that, it’s a normal scene for us though. So, what did you do on your first day in uni?” Jisoo had enough and stopped her two friends like a parent would, and tried to put back the topic about Wendy.


“I just came here I guess three days ago, so i am still not familiar with anything, aside from the restobar near the dorm singko, that's pretty much it.”


“Ooh singko you are a brave soul Seungwan!” Daniel exclaimed from the other side, which made Seungwan curious.


“Why? What's with singko?”


“Okay, you do know that Singko means five right?” Daniel asked Wendy.


“And five in our grading system means a failed grade right? Well there's this old myth that when you're a freshman and that's the place where you first ate... A five is gonna be your company all throughout

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