I Need You

Don't Say You Love Me
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Joohyun stood from her chair to stare over Seungwan, her hands went inside her pocket. She blinks her eyes, she doesn't even know what to say. A long absolute silence was enveloping the both of them. She tries her best to read the thoughts that runs in the blonde's mind. "Joohyun you need to do your make up already."  Seungwan wipes the tears from her eyes as she heard the voice of Joohyun's manager. The brunette gulps as she stares right into Seungwan's eyes, the said girl is avoiding her gaze. Examining every single emotion that came from her.

"Ne, eonnie."  Joohyun's voice was low as she remained her gaze focused on Seungwan. The blonde doesn't know what to do or what to say next, instead she just bowed and went out of the tent. Her mind is floating as she head out of the set, there were tears flowing from her eyes.

"Seungwan-ah!"  she heard Seulgi's voice, but instead the blonde continues to walk out while the tears flow from her eyes. Her hands pressed the key of her car before she immediately went inside and closed the door. The tears were flowing from her eyes.

"I.. I'm so sorry."  Seungwan's words was low as she placed her hand on her stomach. Her head was resting on her car's steering wheel, the tears were still flowing from her eyes. It's just heavy for her to process, especially with the way Irene reacted. "I'll raise you well, I will let you see the beauty of the world."  the blonde's voice cracked as she wipes the tears away from her eyes. At times like this, she only know one person who can help her. It is her mom. Seungwan gives one final look at the set before she drove away heading her way home. She just need a tight hug from her mom and to finally tell her the news. 


Joohyun was absentmindedly sitting inside her tent, she managed to finish her make up and even thanked her make up artist. She blinks her eyes as she feels so guilty with the way she reacted. She never spoke a word towards the blonde and all she did was give her a silent treatment. "...." Joohyun's soft curse was heard as she stood up from the chair startling Jessica who is actually asleep beside her. The manager's eyes were filled with confusion as she saw Joohyun walking out of the tent. 

"Irene!" Jessica called for her as she immediately follows her out, Joohyun continues to walk towards the male staff who asked her earlier. The other staff was looking at her as she approached the man who's holding his camera. "Joohyun what are you doing?" Jessica pulls her as she stopped her from doing so. The brunette breathes out as she's getting frustrated about it. She doesn't know how to reach Seungwan, she doesn't know how to find her. She's getting frustrated. "Let's go back inside, what is even happening to you." Jessica escorted her back into the tent and lets her sit down on a chair. Her concern eyes went to meet Joohyun's tired eyes. In the long decades of working for the girl, she understands whenever something is bothering the said girl. Jessica's hand gave Joohyun's a soft squeeze encouraging her to tell her the thing that is bothering her. 

"I guess, I'm just tired eonnie." Joohyun avoids her gaze as she breathes out, her mind is so messed up right now. All she wants to do is to talk to Seungwan and settle things out. Jessica on the other hand doesn't buy what Joohyun just said. "Can I go out for a walk first? The shoot starts in an hour right?"  What Joohyun needs the most right now is space, she needs time to think, Joohyun is taking over when she needs to show Irene right now. It's very hard for her to process everything. Jessica then nods her head as she let Joohyun went out of the tent. 

The brunette breathes out before she starts walking towards the beach located at the back of the filming site. A lot of thoughts runs into her mind as she stares over the view of the ocean. The waves and the chatters from the filming site were the only thing that she's hearing. Her hands were resting inside the pocket of her jeans as she remembers her last night in Canada which she also spent with Seungwan. 

"Did you managed to enjoy through out the two weeks of touring?" Joohyun blinks her eyes, they were sitting outside the villa that Seungwan rented for the both of them. The two weeks of touring around Toronto passed by so fast. Joohyun nods her head as she reached for the cup of tea in front of her. Her break is ending and she really needs to head back tomorrow afternoon. "I'm glad you did then." Joohyun glances over Seungwan, the girl beside her is looking at the ocean with a soft smile seen on her face. 

"Thank you Seungwan for being here with me right now." Seungwan's soft laugh was heard and that made Joohyun's eyebrows raised. "I'm being serious right now? Why are you laughing?" Seungwan shook her head as she stares into Joohyun's eyes,  Seungwan knows that this would probably be the last time that she will look right into the brunette's eyes and she wants to savor it until the last minute. 

"No, it's just I enjoyed your company too, and I hope we can meet again but I know we won't."  her voice was low as she said those words, Seungwan then smiles at her as she stood up from the chair. She doesn't know what to say next so she waved her hand. "Go and rest Joohyun, you need to leave early tomorrow." Seungwan was just about to head back inside the villa when Joohyun pulled her near her. Her eyes widens but upon seeing her eyes Seungwan felt lost. Joohyun crossed the line and kissed her right outside the villa. 

"Stay with me tonight please?" and that is how Joohyun spent her last night in Canada. Hugging the warmth that she's craving for. Hugging the person who made her vacation memorable. 

"Irene?" her thoughts came into a halt when she heard Jessica's voice, the brunette looks at her manager with an empty stare. She's now letting Irene inside leaving Joohyun for awhile. "Let's talk later. For now let's be professional and do your work so we can head home early." the brunette nods her head before she follows her manager who guided her back to the set. Joohyun is not needed here, all she needs to show is Irene. 


Seungwan's hand were hesitating as she knocks on her mom's door. The blonde feels her heart skip a beat as she stood there outside of the door. How can she break the news to her mom. How can she say that her daughter basically did something with almost a total stranger, and someone who's a celebrity who got a reputation to protect. "Seungwan-ah?" her mom's voice was heard when the door from her room flung opened. Her mom's eyes went from her eyes down to her hands, the girl got those pleading eyes as if she's asking for her mom's forgiveness. 

"Eomma...... I'm sorry." the older lady was stunned upon seeing Seungwan kneel in front of her, the tears were present on her eyes as she ask for forgiveness and understanding from her mom. At times like this Seungwan knows that her mom is the only person that can help her, a person who can listen to her. Seungwan's mom squats as she pulls her daughter to stand up but Seungwan shook her head as she remained kneeling. "No eomma, I'm wrong. I'm sorry." the tears falls continuously from her eyes. The sight was painful for her mom, she doesn't understand and even know the reason why her kid is apologizing, she's lost and she's confused.

"Why are you apologizing Seungwan-ah, please baby stand up there now." Seungwan mom's plead where nothing for the blonde, she continues to kneel as she reaches for her mom's hand. "Tell me what's bothering you... baby stop crying and please stand up. It breaks my heart seeing you like that." Seungwan'

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