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Don't Say You Love Me
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Joohyun sits inside her car, her eyes were focused on the police car in front of her. Finally, her mom and the guy who killed her father will finally be in jail. The justice she deserves is finally here. The justice her father deserves is really here. There were tears from her eyes, and all of her frustrations is finally coming to an end. She's finally free. "I just received a call from Hyoyeon, Seungwan is in the hospital right now, your little champ is already ready to see the world." Joohyun sniffs as she meets her manager's eyes. Seungwan is safe and she's already giving birth to their angel who will they'll give all of their love and care. "Do you want me to schedule you the earliest flight to Canada tonight?" the actress nods her head as she continues to stare over her manager.

"Eonnie, thank you for sticking with me. Thank you for helping me and Seungwan." Jessica smiles before she pats Joohyun's head softly. Her heart feels so full to finally see Joohyun free and away from the grip of her mom. She's so happy to finally see Joohyun take a step as a mother to Yerim, and as Seungwan's partner. 

"As long as you are happy Hyun, I'll be here to support you until the end." Joohyun smiles as she wrapped her arms around her manager. Jessica stood by her side, the person who practically raised her and became her mom as she grew up. "Let me meet your daughter soon hmm?" Joohyun nods before she hugs her manager again. Lowkey hoping that the time will be faster. 


Seungwan's mom breathes out as she watched how the little kid is now having her first bath, in her hand is her phone recording the very special moment of her granddaughter. "Jessica just called me eonnie, Joohyun already boarded the plane and she's heading here already." Seungwan's mom smiles as she looks over Hyoyeon. The older lady wrapped her arms around her and that made Hyoyeon smile. "Joohyun already got her mom and Wilbert. Jessica told us that they are already under the custody of the police. Tiffany will take over." Seungwan's mom sighed again as she felt so relieved that Joohyun and Seungwan can finally have their own peaceful life. 

"The baby really looks like Joohyun right? I guess that shows how much Seungwan loves her." Hyoyeon chuckles before she nods her head and watched how Baby Yerim is now placed on her bed. The two of them watched with a warm heart. The past months were indeed emotionally draining for them as well. "I'm so happy that at the day Yerim first saw the world, their lives are slowly getting in the right direction."  Seungwan's mom continues to stare at her grandchild before she looks down at her phone. She received a message from Joohyun. 

My daughter-in-law Joohyunie: Mom, thank you for giving your whole trust and love to me. I really appreciate it. Thank you for believing in me and letting me love your daughter. Up to this day, I only promise better and wonderful days not only for her but also for our Yerimie. See you in a few hours. I'm so excited to see you all. 


Joohyun breathes out, the long flight really drained her energy. After taking a shower, she literally flew to Canada. It was such an emotional day for Joohyun, first, she spent watching a video on how to carry a newborn kid, ate her meal, then proceeds to sleep. But despite the long sleep during the flight, Joohyun still feels so tired and drained. The actress smiles as she finally felt the cold weather in Canada. Her hands immediately fish her phone out of her coat's pocket. "Hyoyeon eonnie I'm already here. Where are you?" Joohyun was smiling softly while she was holding her luggage, her eyes were focused on the glass door of the airport. The brunette's heart is fluttering, just at the thought of seeing Seungwan again and of course seeing her daughter for the first time as well.

"Joohyun!" The brunette smiles upon seeing Hyoyeon, the older lady holding a tea for her, and immediately went near the actress. "I'm so glad you're finally here. Was it very hard?" Joohyun felt the hug from Hyoyeon and that made her feel safe once again. She can only nod as she tried to prevent her tears from falling down. Everything is finally sinking in, Joohyun is finally free to do everything she wants. She's finally free and safe from the hands of her evil mother. "Thank you for being strong, we haven't told Seungwan about your arrival today, and she's also not aware of how things went in Seoul. We decided that it's best if she hears it from you. Also, Seulgi is in jail. Do you want to go to her first?" Joohyun looks up and nods her head, she wants to talk to the director first and leave all of her luggage behind. She wants to vent out. "Come on Joohyun, I'm sure Seungwan will be so happy to see you." Joohyun breathes out before she follows Hyoyeon who dragged her luggage. Inside the car, Joohyun was looking at the window and thinking of something. "Don't worry about a lot of things Hyunnie. I'm sure now that your mom is in jail, you can finally live freely." Joohyun smiles as she breathes out, it feels so good to be so safe and to be so free, she's been craving this for years. The fact that she first felt this freedom when she first meet Seungwan, and now here they are, they already welcomed their firstborn. Their daughter Yerim.

"How's Seungwan, Hyoyeon eonnie? Is she eating and resting well?" Hyoyeon nods her head and smiles over the actress. The brunette can only sigh, she's been so worried about Seungwan and she's just so relieved that she's resting and doing well even after giving birth.

The car finally stopped at the station, Hyoyeon assisted Joohyun and was the one who first talked to the detective. "You enter that room and they'll bring her out." Joohyun nods her head before she went inside, she sits on one of the chairs and waited.

"You only have ten minutes." Joohyun bowed and nodded her head. She's sure that this conversation will not even take them more than five minutes. There was a momentary silence before Joohyun started.

"Were you really that desperate? To the point that you hurt and decided to risk her life just to be with you? Are you really that stupid? I told you a lot of times that violence won't fix anything. Seungwan will never like you if you keep doing those things. Do you think t

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