Don't Say You Love Me
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I know that I've been missing in action for quite a while, this book is slowly approaching its end. So I'm here to thank everyone who stuck with me! Thank you guys I hope you'll enjoy and this update will be enough to sustain my long absence. 


Seulgi hates how things are going right now, the fact that she can only stare from afar while Seungwan is living a happy life makes her feel sick in her stomach. She knows that she needs to be there with Seungwan, she needs to drag Seungwan to her and keep her to herself. The director was grinning as she watch how Seungwan was walking inside their subdivision, the pregnant lady was talking to someone on her phone. She slowly follows her. "I told you to sleep. It's already 12 midnight there." Seungwan's voice was sweet as she continues to walk while holding a small plastic containing some fruits in her hand. The blonde even laughed as she stopped for a while. "Bae Joohyun come on... you need to meet Jessica eonnie early tomorrow. Stop being a hard-headed mommy. Yerim is listening to you." Seulgi wants to throw a fit, but all she can do right now is stare at her. Her eyes were filled with anger as she watch how Seungwan is smiling brightly. "Hmm... Yes honey I'll see you soon probably in Seoul too. I love you. Come on I won't hang up until you fall asleep."  Seungwan smiles before she resumes walking her way home. Seulgi continues to follow her. 

After seeing an empty road, the director immediately approached the blonde. "Long time no see Seungwan." the blonde was so surprised to see the director.  She immediately took some steps away from her. That made Seulgi so fuming mad.  "Why are you running away from me?!" Seungwan gulps the lump in , the fear is slowly creeping into her heart. 

"Seungwan is there something wrong?" she heard Joohyun's voice from the other line. Seulgi immediately snatches her phone before she smirks. "Seungwan?!!" Seungwan tries to shout but Seulgi bets her into it by covering as she starts dragging her to her car. The blonde was struggling as she continues to let out a muffled cry for help. 

Seulgi makes sure that Seungwan fell asleep, she locked the door of her car and smiles upon seeing her asleep in the backseat of her car. " you, Irene for taking her away from me. Now you can't have her back." Seulgi then ends the call before she starts to drive away with a smirk on her face. "Seungwan we will start our own family." and Seulgi swears that she's willing to do everything just to keep Seungwan with her. 


Joohyun stood up from her bed, her hands were shaking as she dials the number of Seungwan's mom. Her anxiety and fear for the sake of her girlfriend and their child are so high, that there were also tears that were beaming from her eyes. "Joohyun...." she didn't let her future mother-in-law finish her statement. 

"Mom, Seulgi abducted Seungwan! Please do something!" Joohyun cries as she runs her hand into her hair. The older lady gasped as she immediately stood up from the chair that she was currently sitting in. "Mom... please... please..." the actress can only cry, her hand gripping tightly on her hair, feeling so frustrated and blaming herself for what is currently happening. 

"Joohyun I'll go to the police station to report it now! I'll try my best to contact Seulgi too. I don't know what happened to her. I'll give you a call." Seungwan's mom tries her best to remain calm, but all of the unnecessary thoughts are now running into her mind, and she knows that Joohyun is feeling the same. "I'll make sure to find her as soon as possible." Seungwan's mom knows what Joohyun is feeling right now and it hurts her heart knowing that the actress is alone right now and will probably drown herself with her thoughts again. 

The actress puts her phone down, her eyes went towards the wall clock, it's midnight and all she can think to do right now is to face the person that made her life miserable. Joohyun went inside her room, connecting it to the secret room, the actress opens the safe and immediately retrieves the gun that she's been hiding for so long. "Appa, I'm sorry that I have to reach this point," Joohyun whispered before she went out and immediately went inside her car. Placing the gun inside the glove compartment, Joohyun speeds up. Her anger is fuming as she felt all the unnecessary emotions, all of her anger from all the treatments that she received from her mom from the start of her career down to this day. From all the things that her mom did to their family, from killing her father and now her mom reached the point of risking the life of her girlfriend and her child. 

The actress speeds up on the empty highway, all she can feel right now is the anger in her heart. The tears were beaming in her eyes, the thought of knowing that Seungwan and her child are in danger at the hands of Seulgi makes her feel so frustrated, scared, and defeated, Seungwan needs her right now but she's miles away. The actress hits her steering wheel and shouts. Joohyun's thoughts halted when she heard her phone ringing, it was a call from Jessica. "Joohyun where are you?" the actress can only cry as she continues driving, the manager was so worried. 

"I'm about to end someone's life eonnie." Jessica's eyes widens as she immediately hopped into her car and tracked Joohyun. All she can hear was the cry of the actress. "I need to end her evilness now." Jessica breathes out before she tries her best to communicate with Joohyun. She grew up and known the kid ever since she was in high school, ever since she started her career and she understands every single thing that Joohyun is feeling. 

"Hyun... meet me, let me go there with you." the actress stopped her car, her hands were shaking as she leaned her head into her steering wheel. Her mind is a complete mess right now and she doesn't even know what to do anymore. The tears continue to flow from her eyes. "I'll be there. Stop the car for a while. I'm with Sooyoung right now. Joohyun this mess will end soon. Just trust me." Joohyun can only hum before she closed her eyes lowkey hoping for the best. 


Seungwan woke up feeling her whole body sore, her eyes roaming around the unfamiliar area. The memories of what happened hours ago went back to her soul. A groan was heard from her. "Joohyun... I'm scared." tears fell from her eyes as she muttered those words. The blonde feels so scared and helpless right now. Her hands were tightly wrapped in a rope including her feet. "Somebody help me!" Seungwan tries to shout but she knows that it won't do anything. The tears continue to fall from her eyes. She's helpless, she doesn't know what to do, where to go, or what.

"Oh, my love you're finally awake." Seungwan feels so disgusted to hear those words. Her eyes were filled with anger as she tries to remove the ropes wrapped around her hand and feet. "Stop doing that you're gonna hurt yourself, my love." Seulgi's voice was soft while she was holding a tray of food. Seulgi was about to touch her face but she flinched, the director clenched her jaw and she felt her anger rising. "Why are you doing this Seungwan? Look I'm here for you. I'm the one that you need." Seungwan chuckles as she meets Seulgi's eyes. This is no longer the friend that she knew for years. This is not Seulgi anymore. "Don't you remember the times we grew together? We did almost all of our firsts together. We went to a lot of places together. We created memories Seungwan! And we can create more together! Together with your baby! Away from Joohyun! Away from that person who took you away from me!!" Seulgi's desperation was seen and Seungwan can only look at her with no emotions at all. After everything that happened throughout the months, with the way Seulgi treated Joohyun she lost all of her trust and care towards the person she once called her friend.

"Who do you think you are to say that you're the one that I need? Seulgi I'm trying to be as civil to you and just trying to forgive you for everything that you did to Joohyun. From hurting her physically, from saying words, and even calling me selfish for wanting to build this family with the person that I love! I was trying to understand you but reaching the point of risking my life, making everyone around me anxious, worried, and scared is something that I will never accept. Do you think I didn't know that you were the one who leaked my relationship with Joohyun to dispatch? You worked with Joohyun's mom Seulgi, you worked with a devil. You worked with someone who killed someone else due to greed! You worked with someone who broke her own fa

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