Don't Say You Love Me
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Joohyun slowly opens her eyes when she heard her alarm, it's been three weeks since Seungwan went back to Canada with Hyoyeon. Ever since that day, Joohyun went back to staying inside her penthouse.  The actress groans as she felt a rush of pain on her head, it was her day off today and she decided to drink last night to help her fall asleep. "Damn this , my head hurts," Joohyun whispers before she reached for her phone, her eyes closed as the bright light from her phone was seen, another groan was heard from her. A soft smile was seen upon seeing a message from Seungwan. 

[8:30 AM] Seungwan my love: Call me once you wake up hmm? I missed you, enjoy your day off today love. 

Joohyun immediately sits up on her bed and pressed the video call button, it was a daily thing to do for Seungwan and Joohyun to have face time as soon as Joohyun wakes up. After a few seconds Seungwan finally picks up the call while waving her hand, there was a soft smile on her face while she's lying down on her bed. "You looked so worn out, was the whole week so tiring for you?" Seungwan asked after she sets aside the book that she's reading, Joohyun feels her heart race just by seeing Seungwan lying down on the bed with a smile on her face. She looks so pretty with her fluffy cheeks. "Yerimie is quite active up to now, I guess she's waiting for her mommy's call."  Joohyun's soft chuckle was heard before she looks at the view from her penthouse, the morning sun and the sight of the Han River welcomed her. 

"Yerimie, why don't you let mama rest, aigoo you're being active." Joohyun's soft smile was seen as she watched how Seungwan was now lying down properly, her face was still bright despite the time in Canada. "How was your day Seungwan?" the pregnant lady pouts her lips lightly before her eyes go towards the door of her bedroom. Joohyun was left confused. 

"Eomma and Hyoyeon eonnie doesn't even let me move that much, I'm just lying down doing some light exercises and eating. Oh, eomma is here!" Joohyun immediately waves her hand towards the older lady who can only smile at her and wave her hands as well. "Eomma it's still early come on... I'm still talking with Joohyun." the actress can only chuckle upon hearing Seungwan's whine. The blonde was pouting her lips as she continues to stare at her mom. 

"Joohyun, Seungwanie is not allowed to stay up that late, I can only give you two a few minutes to spare before I let her sleep." Joohyun nods her head and raised her thumbs, her eyes went towards Seungwan who is now glaring at her mom. 

"Seungwan, you need to sleep, we can talk when it's morning there." Seungwan immediately shook her head while there's a slight pout on her lips, even her mom was cooing as she continues to stare right into the screen. "Don't be naughty Seungwan, I can call you later when you wake up, for now, sleep. I'll watch you sleep, love." Seungwan was pouting, she even glares over her mom who's now laughing, Hyoyeon also peeked through the door upon hearing the commotion. 

"Joohyun, Seungwan is being naughty, I think you should reschedule your visit again." the actress laughs softly upon hearing those from the mother of her girlfriend, she saw Seungwan immediately scuffed and laid down on her bed properly. 

"I'll sleep now! Don't postpone your visit next week!" Seungwan even rolls her eyes which made Joohyun laugh harder, the pregnant lady placed her phone on the stand, after making sure that she's still visible she closed her eyes and breathes out softly. "Good morning mommy Joohyun, Yerim and I will now head to bed so we can meet each other sooner."  there was a skipped of beat on Joohyun's heart as she heard what Seungwan just said, she can only flash a soft smile as she watched how Seungwan's breathing became heavy as she finally drifted to sleep. Joohyun is always thankful for Seungwan's existence in her life. Even if they're living miles apart from each other, despite the huge time difference, the blonde will always make Joohyun feel accompanied at all times. 

"I missed you, I can't wait to see you soon. Just a few more love." Joohyun whispers before she laid back on her bed to watch how Seungwan sleeps soundly. Slowly counting the remaining few days before she can personally fly to Canada to be with Seungwan once again. 


Seungwan slowly opens her eyes upon feeling her stomach growling, the pregnant lady can only growl as she glanced over her nightstand where she placed her phone earlier. There was a soft smile which was seen on her face when she saw Joohyun cooking inside the kitchen while Jessica was briefing her with her schedules for tomorrow. "Oh! Seungwan is finally awake." Jessica's voice was heard after her attention was diverted towards the phone on the nightstand. Joohyun's eyes shined as she placed the glass of fruit juice that she's having. 

"Good morning Seungwanie, how's your sleep?" Joohyun asked after she smiles upon seeing Seungwan's messy hair and soft yawn, Seungwan might just be fresh from her bed and just woke up, but to Joohyun she's the most beautiful girl that her eyes ever laid at. 

"It was a good sleep, where you watching me the whole time, or did you do something productive?"  Seungwan hops off from the bed and proceeds to wear her slippers as she head inside the bathroom, the pregnant lady was smiling upon seeing how she looked brighter today than yesterday. She was sulking the whole day yesterday because Joohyun was busy shooting for a magazine and also for her latest drama to the point that she didn't have any time to talk with her. 

"Jessica eonnie visited me today to discuss some things, I was cleaning and preparing the things that you'll probably want so I can bring them as soon as I visit you." Seungwan nods her head before she proceeds to wash her face, Joohyun then went back to cooking her meal while Jessica watches her with a proud smile. Since when did Joohyun grow to be this mature. 

"I should just call you back later before you sleep so you can eat well. I also need to eat love." Joohyun's eyes went towards the screen of her phone before she nods her head, Seungwan was waving her hand with a bright smile on her face. Seeing Joohyun is really one of the things which makes her very happy. "I love youuuuuuu." Seungwan chuckles upon seeing how Joohyun's ear became red with the reminder and her confession of her love towards the actress. 

"I... I love you too Seungwan." Joohyun was trying her best not to smile but she's failing, the sight is so new for Jessica and it made her chuckle upon seeing how red and how Joohyun is breathing. 

Seungwan waves her hand for the last time before she finally ended the call, the pregnant lady chuckles softly before she heads out of her room. She was welcomed with the smell of breakfast and with the sight of Hyoyeon and her mom talking. "Good morning Eomma! Good morning Hyoyeon eonnie." Seungwan greeted them with her bright voice before she made her way near them. Hyoyeon flashed a soft smile before she proceeds on making breakfast. 

"Seungwan-ah come here with me for a while."  Seungwan nods her head before she immediately follows her mom who went to their pool area, the cold breeze of the winter wind was felt, Seungwan immediately remembers how much Joohyun hates this season, she knows how Joohyun can easily feel cold. "Seungwan, Seulgi went here earlier. Are you two on good terms again?" Seungwan's mom was looking at her with confusion, as far as she remembers, the last time that Seulgi was with them was during that heated confrontation which resulted in Seungwan's hospitalization.

"Come again eomma?" Seungwan's eyebrows twitched upon hearing her mom. The pregnant lady was staring at her mom full of confusion. It's been a while since she last heard from Seulgi and hearing that she's here in Canada made Seungwan stunned. 

"I was so surprised to see her

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