Trip to Canada

Don't Say You Love Me
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Joohyun's eyes opens when she felt a pat from her shoulder, the pat was soft and it was a familiar hand that tapped her. "Joohyun, break time is over let's return to shooting." she heard Jessica's voice, her long time manager, there was a soft smile which was present on the older girl's face before she reaches for Joohyun's blanket. The actress internally sighed as she felt the tiredness running into her whole senses after a whole week of shooting for the last three episode of her drama. "After today you will be given a three week break, do you want me to schedule you something?"  the eyes of the brunette wanders around the set, before she settled her gaze towards her kind and considerate manager. 

"Can you book me a stay in Canada for the whole three weeks?" Joohyun's manager gave the girl a confused look before reaching for her phone to take note of it. "And don't tell eomma about it Jessica eonnie please. I want to take a break from everything for awhile. I'm so tired of the consecutive projects that I did. I want to travel alone this time."  the kind and considerate manager nods her head, she knows how hard it was for Joohyun to be under her mom's command, from doing all of the projects she wants to do, from handling her savings and money. Jessica witnessed everything, she's been working with Joohyun for sixteen years she was a deaf witness to every single thing Joohyun's mom did to control her. "Thank you Jessica eonnie."  the brunette gave her a soft smile before she proceeds to shoot the next scene. 

Jessica smiles as she scrolls on her phone, booking the earliest flight for Joohyun. "You deserve this break Hyun-ah." Jessica whispers before she slipped her phone back on her pocket. Staring over the actress, she can't help to smile as she witness the eagerness of her artist to finish her job early and properly while still minimizing the errors. That is one of Joohyun's trait, the girl is very hardworking that it makes the PD's from all station to snatch any single opportunity to work with Joohyun. After a few more takes, Joohyun finally returns inside the break room, the shoot finally ended and it's a wrap for Joohyun's last project for this year. December is coming and Jessica knows how much Joohyun hates the holiday season. "I already booked you a flight at 5AM, that's the earliest flight that you can get, plus less chances for paparazzi to see you." Joohyun's smile blossomed into her lips, finally after working for eleven months straight, she can finally do her own thing and visit a country alone without her manager and even her mom.

"Thank you Jessica eonnie will you drive me to the airport? You can sleep at my home."  Jessica will always have a soft spot for Joohyun, she just can't say no to any of her offers and her requests. The manager nods her head before she starts packing Joohyun's things. The tired actress breathes out as she felt all of the tiredness run into her senses. She immediately hops inside her van and flopped herself on one of the seat. Her hand went to retrieved her phone inside the pocket of her jeans. 

"Should we grab a quick dinner before heading home?" Joohyun's eyes drifted from her phone to meet her manager's eyes, the older lady was now sitting on the driver seat. Shaking her head as a response Joohyun returns to scrolling on the article that she saw about herself. "You seen the articles already?"  Joohyun nods her head before she chuckles softly, she turns her phone off before staring over her manager through the rear view mirror of the van. "Is it true?" Joohyun's laugh was heard inside the van, the brunette's eyes were locked with her manager who also ended up laughing. 

"Do you think I would date a man eonnie? You know about my ual orientation, you also know about my condition eonnie." Jessica nods in understanding, knowing what the girl was talking about, Joohyun was born with both parts. At first Joohyun finds it weird but as the time passed by she just learned how to accept the reality. "Hope the articles will subside, did the company denied it already?" Jessica shook her head after parking the van inside the parking lot of Joohyun's home. The actress can only sighed as she saw her manager's response. 

"I'll let them know about it tomorrow morning don't worry. Go and pack then head to bed. I'll wake you up later." Joohyun just gave a faint smile before she went inside her home, it was just filled with her awards and her photos, the brunette drags herself inside her bedroom and started packing her things, a three week stay in Canada, she needs a lot or maybe a few, she might be buying lots of stuff there. 

After packing her things, Joohyun took a quick shower before she dives into her bed, her eyes drifted to the small clock on her bedside table. It's almost twelve in the evening, she can still get a few hours of nap before she heads to the airport and finally find the freedom that she's craving for. 

Joohyun finds herself standing inside the airport, she was already waiting for boarding. She chuckles upon remembering her manager's words. "Be careful Hyun-ah okay? Don't do something that you will regret. You might bring home a blonde canadian here."  shaking her head as she remembers about it again, the actress reached for her airpods and waited for the first call. 

As she boards the plane Joohyun looks forward to having the vacation that she deserves, a three week away from spotlight, away from her mom and the pressure the world is giving her. Joohyun deserves this, she knows she does. 


Her day started with a loud bang from her door, the confused blonde chemistry major stood up while her eyes were practically closed. Who

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