The Scooters and The Bowl of Popcorn

A Tease for A Tease
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“Small your height, Sooyoung. This isn’t small at all!” Joohyun exasperatedly exclaimed as they arrived at their destination.

It was a huge and grand vacation house in front of a secluded white beach. Seulgi stood there in amazement, mirroring Joohyun’s expression. Seungwan looked around and saw the beach area complete with the net for beach volley, grilling area, sunbathing area and some jet skis by the water. She scanned the area until she glanced at Sooyoung’s way who was still talking to two men-in-black. The couple with her noticed and looked too.

“We are very sorry Ms. Sooyoung, this is the only place we were able to secure with your short notice. But rest assured that we have prepared everything you requested. We are also preparing the paragliding equipments and setting up the zip lines, the banana boat is already on its way—”

“Stop! I told you, this is more than enough. Can you please tell my dad to calm his down?”

“U-Uh—but Ms. Sooyoung we can’t—”

Sooyoung sighed madly. “Fine I get it you can’t say the word to him. But we’ll be fine here. I’ll just call you if ever we still need anything, which I highly doubt.” She turned back to walk towards her bandmates as the two men bowed in respect to her. As soon as she’s walking ahead of them, she murmured, “I hate it how they overreacted when I told them I’ll be bringing some friends with me. Gosh my parents know how to exaggerate.”

Joohyun and Seulgi just looked at each other in complete understanding that yep, their hypothesis, that Sooyoung is filthy rich, is true.

They settled then on the cozy living room overlooking an inside pool and jacuzzi on the side separated with sliding glass doors.  They decided to rest first after their two-hour journey—almost on an artist van but Sooyoung quickly called to have it replaced by a regular seven-seater SUV (much to Seulgi’s disappointment)—before they proceed to their rooms.

Sooyoung slumped at the loveseat beside the couch where the three was currently sitting. “This villa has only two rooms, one here at the first floor—“ She pointed to the corner room past the kitchen. “–and the other one is upstairs, so we have to split into two for the rooms. Sorry.”

Seulgi stood up abruptly and went to take a look at the corner room Sooyoung pointed then run upstairs to check out the other room then went back down, shouting that the other room has a veranda overlooking the beach while running. “What are you apologizing for Sooyoung-ah? The rooms are gigantic! Even my whole family will fit in there!” She exclaimed.

“The rooms only have two beds each Seulgi-unnie.” Sooyoung explained.

“Yeah, big elephant-sized!” She gestured her hand to demonstrate how big it is then jumped to sit between Seungwan and Joohyun, making the two bounce on their seat.


“I am excited!” Seulgi exclaimed.

Seungwan chuckled at her childish antics. “So, how do we go about splitting the rooms?”

Sooyoung shrugged. “Just pick wherever you like.”

“On the count of three?” Joohyun asked, scooting on the edge of the couch to start.

“I’ll count. I can settle wherever’s free.” Sooyoung suggested.

“Okay.” Seulgi said and Joohyun and Seungwan nodded.

“1… 2… 3!”

“Upstairs!” Seulgi.

“Downstairs.” Joohyun.

“Downstairs.” Seungwan.

Seulgi and Joohyun looked at each other briefly in surprise while the other two started gathering their things to settle it in their respective rooms.

Seulgi thought for sure that Joohyun would pick the room upstairs because it had the overlooking beach and veranda which Joohyun loves so much. She shrugged and smiled at Joohyun who replied to the smile as well as she picked her things up and proceeded to go upstairs in tow of Sooyoung.

Joohyun followed Seungwan after gathering her things as she wondered why Seulgi chose the room upstairs when she knew the younger girl hates bright rooms that faced the sunlight when she woke up and is too lazy to go up and down the stairs to check out the refrigerator for food. But this is good. At least she’s got to spend some time with Sooyoung and maybe Seulgi would change her impression of hers as a Seungwan-obsessed psycho.


After they settled, Sooyoung told them that their next stop is at a restaurant that, surprise, they own. There were no further instructions after that, so they went outside the villa using the other entrance which faced the roadside instead of the beach. The three of them were surprised upon founding four Honda Scoopy in colors yellow, green, blue and pink waiting for them.

“That’s our ride.” Sooyoung simply said then wore the green aviator motorcycle helmet.

“I-I can’t ride that!” Joohyun exclaimed, overwhelmed at the vehicle in front of her.

“Don’t worry Hyunnie! It’s automatic, it’s like riding a bike but with less pedaling.” Seulgi said as she wore her helmet excitedly and comfortably sat on the scooter.

“N-no! Are you crazy?!” Joohyun exclaimed.

“You can’t ride a bik

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Chapter 41: STOPPP I CANNOT TAKE THIS. I'm so in love with the characters and their personalities! I know their based on the actual Red Velvet members but it still feels like a separate persona. I admire the group's dynamic and I love how we got a look into how they stayed together despite the separation. I can't believe I reached the end of this already. It feels like only yesterday I started reading this (I probably did but it still ended so fast). I honestly feel inspired to truly take on my dream of being a musician as I have started. Something about this story makes me want to be more adventurous and explore my life. I have a habit of growing attached to stories because of all the emotions they manage to make me feel. So I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such an incredible writer and having a way with your words. Until next time! :)
Chapter 40: I JUST CRIED???? This is the one of the best stories I've ever read and the plot is so unique! I love how the songs fit the emotions of the characters and I can tell you spent a lot of time on this. I love every second I read this :,) Sad that it's ending, but I'll manage. Thank you for creating such a wonderful story. :)))
Chapter 5: LMAO The uptown funk reference in the authors note is so good
Chapter 41: when I realized it was the last chapter, my brain and heart were already preparing to write 2 or 3 full paragraphs of review. I mean, gosh, this is so well written! honestly, I've never read a long story with just my fluff playlist playing instead of a tearful mellow playlist. But hey, I still cry! Usually I cry when I read the sad parts and only sigh with relief when the main characters are finally happy. However, while reading this story, I found myself crying tears of joy. Friends into Lover is quite a cliche trope, but you write it sincerely. Nothing is forced so that all emotions can be conveyed properly.

I'm not too sorry to leave this story in the library for a long time. Because in the end, I'm reading this in the last week of vacation and next Monday I have to start my real life. I believe this story will give me positive energy to start a new semester. I remember well all the sweet things in this story. I even imagined a tv series with this simple plot and I think other people will like it too!

As I also said before, I'm always amazed by the way you gather Red Velvet members in one story. It's smooth and sweet. You are one of the Seulrene authors that I love the most!! this story deserves more attention! I also write even though I'm still an amateur, so I feel I appreciate your writing more than before I started writing. I'm also actually quite jealous of your head that can contain these brilliant story ideas and your hands that execute everything so well! okay, at this point I could probably make a book to express how much I love your writing!!! I fall in love! You are cool! please keep writing because your writing makes my day more colorful!
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