The Poems and The Deal

A Tease for A Tease
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Joohyun, Seungwan and Sooyoung watched Seulgi in disgust as she removes the sock from her right foot and reached for the fallen ballpen of Joohyun’s. The leader was sitting by the table doing her assignment diligently, beside her was Sooyoung who was drinking her extra-large watermelon shake. Seungwan was sitting on her brand new cajon, gifted by Sooyoung as welcome gift for her and further reasoning that’s it’s a hassle for the Canadian to bring hers back and forth from the house. Seulgi gushed about how sugar mommy that gesture was to Seungwan which earned more head chops from Joohyun, of course, because it ends up, they got their gifts as well. Joohyun received a brand new high-end hard-shell bass guitar case which made her make some huge watermelon shake made especially for Sooyoung while Seulgi got an acoustic guitar. And speaking of the lead guitarist, she’s beside Seungwan Indian sitting on the floor, playing with her new acoustic guitar (already); they’re enjoying some acoustic jamming when Joohyun’s pen fell, and the latter asked Seulgi to get it for her since it rolled near them.

Seulgi being, well, Seulgi, decided to take the longer route by reaching the pen with her foot, internally reasoning that both her hands are already full.

“YAH KANG SEULGI! Just properly reach for it!” Joohyun groaned in impatience as Seulgi struggled to get a grip of the pen using her toes.

“But I’m too lazy to stand up Hyunnie!” Seulgi retorted and squinted her eyes more as her tongue started to tuck out of in concentration.

“You’re not lazy Seulgi, you’re crazy! UGH!” Joohyun stood up and stomped towards the pen and picked it up, stomped towards Seulgi and towered over her (oh, how it felt good to be taller than this meanie, she thought), then one-touched her head with her knuckles.

Seungwan laughed at their antics as Sooyoung shook her head in disbelief.

“You should’ve just listened to our leader, Seul.” Seungwan continued chuckling as she helped caress Seulgi’s head.

“Leader, right.” Seulgi scoffed and rolled her eyes. “What kind of leader doesn’t want her band to perform in front of an audience—AW!” Seulgi caressed her forehead after Joohyun’s pen went flying on her, perfectly landing again on its previous position afterwards. And so Seulgi reached for it again using her toes.

“And who told you guys to elect me as such? I said I don’t want it.” Joohyun said with a frown and annoyance, to mask the disappointed she had within herself for being such a bad leader already.

“I got it!” Seulgi shrieked as she lifted her foot towards Joohyun that successfully gripped her pen. Joohyun glared at her, but Seulgi can clearly see what its masking behind. She poked her unnie continuously when she refused to take the pen and looked away from her instead. “You need to take some serious trainings to boost your confidence in front of people Hyunnie! Take this pen so I can start training you!”

Joohyun shoved her foot away in disgust. “I don’t want that dirty pen anymore. And neither do I want to take some trainings from you Seulgi-yah. I might end up dead or something.”

Seulgi chuckled teasingly. “At least you’re going to be confident, which is the goal anyway.” She tried to write in the air using her foot with the now rejected pen.

Seungwan shook her head in amusement at Seulgi’s crazy antics. She stood up then placed a comforting hand on Joohyun’s shoulder. “But seriously unnie, Seul’s right. We should do something about it. We inevitably had to be on-stage soon, and you’d have to face your fears. The school festival is a month from now.”

“Argh!” Why does it sound so normal and unavoidable when it’s coming from Seungwan?

“I actually signed us up to perform at a festival on some remote town by the end of next week.” Sooyoung suddenly announced, sipping on her watermelon shake nonchalantly.

“What?!” Joohyun’s voice in horror, Seungwan’s in shock and Seulgi in excitement.

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