The Daegu Vacation and The WenJoy Ship

A Tease for A Tease
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“Hello Daegu!” Seungwan stretched and took in a big deep breath of the cold winter as soon as she was out of the bus.

“Hello our second villa!” Seulgi said next, spinning around in front of the almost frozen beach house, its sand now covered in snow, chilly wind from the cold ocean’s waves hitting their body.

“Yah Kang Seulgi, it’s not yours—but haaaaah~! Home sweet home!” Joohyun inhaled the cold air as well after following Seulgi off the vehicle.

“It’s all white!” Yerim squealed as she marveled at the rest house, which to no surprise, Sooyoung family owns.

“The other bus is headed first to Joohyun-unnie’s house, says that they have to go get some secret ingredients for food later.” Sooyoung casually said as she too stood behind her four members.

Seungwan looked up to her and clung to her arm. “Thanks for this holiday getaway, babe.”

Sooyoung flinched and blushed while Yerim, Seulgi and Joohyun looked at them with a smirk.

“Aww, greasy Wan on the attack again!” Seulgi snickered, giggling at a flustered Sooyoung who was still obviously not used to their new status.

“Oh my god babe! I’m so glad we joined them!” Yongsun squeaked out from behind them, Moonbyul was close behind her marveling at the place they’re about to spend the holidays in.

“Babe! Oh my god just look at this!” Jennie said next, shaking Lalisa’s arm in excitement.

Seungwan smiled smugly at her bandmates as she shrugged. “Everyone’s doing it, why can’t I?”

“Because you’ll end up killing Sooyoung-ah if you continue.” Seulgi shrugged and smirked further at observing Sooyoung who’s redder than a tomato.

Joohyun sighed at that as Yerim giggled then snatched Sooyoung away from Seungwan, while latter was dragged away by Seulgi; the maknae line headed to the rest house ahead. Joohyun followed the two pairs chuckling in amusement.

All of them decided to all have their holidays spent at Sooyoung’s villa at Daegu. Since Joohyun’s family always spend the holidays there, Sooyoung suggested to have them all there, which everyone excitedly agreed upon.

Sooyoung and Seungwan opted to spend it there instead of overseas. Seulgi’s family is finally spending it other than their house—making their first vacation extra special since they’ll be spending at Joohyun’s hometown. Joohyun was excited with the idea, since this is going to be the first holiday since she’s with Seulgi and they’ll be able to spend it together. Yerim was ecstatic to be able to spend it with her band mates and family. Sooyoung generously invited all their families, along with the other two couples—Jennie, Lalisa, Moonbyul and Yongsun.

The villa is a traditional yet exquisite bathhouse, spa and hot spring rest house, overlooking the white beach almost frozen by the winter.

“Joy-unnie, how do we go about the rooms?” Yerim asked excitedly as she treaded with Sooyoung on the villa’s wooden hallway.

Sooyoung hummed. “We have four rooms upstairs, enough for five people so I think we five can room together and the others can decide where they want to?”

Yerim beamed. “Sounds great Joy-unnie!” She said, already looking forward to their weekend getaway.

“Let me help you with your baggage, babe!”

Sooyoung flinched when Seungwan suddenly mushroomed beside her and tried to snatch her bag away. She moved her hand away in surprise reflex, blushing as she shook her head to reject the offer. “I-It’s okay Seungwannie. I can manage.” She said as she paced faster towards the staircase, Yerim beside her was looking over her shoulder looking at Seulgi and Seungwan with knowing gazes. She saw Seungwan pouted while Seulgi snickered beside her, Joohyun soon delivered a chop on the latter's head for being such a tease. She glanced at Sooyoung sideways and noted the mad blushing of her face. She internally giggled but then sighed in worry.

When the five of them reached their big room with five single beds each, an overlooking veranda, a small TV with a couch across and its own bathroom, they all gasped in amazement, except Sooyoung who hurriedly took the corner bed while tugging Yerim with her to occupy the bed next to her.

Yerim side glanced at Seungwan who only sighed, the other couple tapped her back in silent encouragement before they settled on their own adjacent beds.

Seungwan huffed, not wanting to give up as she went near Sooyoung who was arranging some things. “Hey babe, don’t you want to sleep beside me?” She smirked as she hovered behind the taller girl.

They all watched how Sooyoung flinched like she heard something and Seulgi was reminded of that night long ago when Sooyoung suddenly got sleepy when they subtly talked about their hidden crushes and she walked out, during their first vacation, with her ending up having to talk to Joohyun later—which she thinks was part of her schemes all along.

“I’ll just help the others in settling in.”

Sooyoung said without looking, referring to the other bus arriving that she mentioned a while ago, then went out of the room, leaving the four speechless.

Seungwan finally released a disappointed sigh she held for who knows how long. “I know this is our plan to have Sooyoung avoid us but this is too much.” She said disappointedly as she dropped herself on the bed in the middle.

Seulgi slumped herself with a bounce beside their drummer. “You’re just too greasy to a fault, Wan.” She commented as she patted her back.

Yerim followed Seulgi’s gesture. “It’s Joy-unnie’s first relationship, Wendy-unnie. Be gentle with her.”

“Yah, it’s my first relationship too!” Seungwan retorted, whipping her head to their maknae, glaring. She sighed again as she buried her face on a pillow.

It’s been months since they’ve started going out, just like SeulRene but their relationship wasn’t as smooth sailing as the former two. They’ve been all awkward—well, Sooyoung is. She had been subtly ignoring all Seungwan’s flirty attempts, date invites or any try at having the two of them alone. Sometimes, she thinks that Sooyoung wasn’t really serious at being in love with her but of course the three strongly denied the accusation—they’ve been front row witness of Sooyoung’s affection for her, after all. So the four of them were all puzzled at Sooyoung’s reactions.

“Maybe Sooyoung-ah doesn’t really remember confessing so she’s being all awkward and unconvinced about it.”

Joohyun butted in as she arranges her and Seulgi’s clothes, which resulted for the 94 liners to look at each other, both brains brewing something inside their heads. The leader looked at them when she didn’t hear any responses but only Yerim was there on the bed, shrugging; the other two seemingly planning something at the closed veranda, whispering at each other. Joohyun can only sigh.


When the four of them went down, they saw Sooyoung helping in the kitchen with Joohyun’s, Yerim’s and Seulgi’s mother in cooking, even though she clearly has no idea what she’s doing. The mothers happily guided her though and it was a nice sight to see—Sooyoung doesn’t get that much bonding with her mom (or dad) after all.

Joohyun nodded to the three then went to join the kitchen in preparation for their lunch. Seungwan and Seulgi followed too; Sooyoung was about to leave but the duo only grabbed some sandwiches then went out the villa. Yerim went to play with her twin brothers and Seohyun in the living room, Yongsun and Jennie are playing with the kids too. Seulgi’s father and brother, together with Joohyun’s father, Moonbyul and Lalisa were setting up their camp outside, complete with tents, grilling area and bonfires.

“So what’s the plan???” Seungwan inquired as she took a big bite off the sandwich in her hand. They were walking by the cold seashore.

Seulgi gulped hard, swallowing the chunks of sandwich she hurriedly chewed. “Remember what I did to you when you forgot about Sooyoung-ah?”

Seungwan squinted her eyes then remembered. “Oh! Yes!” Her eyes widening in excitement but then going back to frowning. “But, how can we do that??? Count me out; I’m already on Sooyoungie’s bad side, I can’t just go near her.”

Seulgi only smirked evilly. “Hyunnie will snap her out of it, don’t worry Wan. I have a plan. And it’s foolproof.” She nodded confidently with chest puffed.

Seungwan can’t help but raise a suspicious brow at her overly enthusiastic friend but then let out a defeated sigh, letting Seulgi handle it. She felt her bump her shoulders to her in assurance.

“Hey Wan, don’t worry too much. Sooyoung-ah loves you.” Seulgi said encouragingly. “How can she not, when we’re all here because of your sweet plan, you smooth, you.” She playfully side-hugged her and ruffled her hair.

Seungwan blushed and giggled at that and then, speaking of the devil, her phone rung which she immediately answered.

Seulgi watched her friend talk very politely to her phone, even bowing animatedly like she was speaking in front of that person she was talking to. She can’t help but laugh proudly at her smitten friend. And like how she was there for her, she’d do the same too, because doing so will help her first tall ally as well. She turned to the villa’s way and saw Yerim looking. She nodded, signaling the start of the plan.


After lunch, Seulgi decided to play a game even before anyone can stand up on their seats.

“Let’s play a game who’ll decide who’s going to wash all these dishes!”

Seungwan darted her eyes nervously at the announced the game. Foolproof, huh? She’s somehow having doubts.

Everyone of them huddled in a big circle except for the parents and their siblings who had to take their afternoon naps. Seulgi’s brother opted to join the men of the group for a can of beer.

“So, what are we going to play?” Lalisa asked excitedly.

Seulgi huffed. “I’m calling this game fast talk!” She said proudly as she beamed at each of them—from her right is Sooyoung, Yerim, Moonbyul, Yongsun, Jennie, Lalisa, Seungwan then lastly Joohyun on her right.

“What? You just invented the game—”

Seulgi cut Sooyoung off. “I will ask someone about someone and they have to answer something within three seconds. If your answer is right, you get to ask next, if you’re wrong, the person asked about gets to ask next. You lose the game if you can’t answer.”

Everyone has that puzzled and confused look at the game, even Seungwan who’s really having second thoughts if this is going to work.

Everybody shrugged and agreed to play even with the easy and yet confusing game; they wouldn’t want to do that many dishes anyway.

“Right!” Seulgi huffed again, preparing to start the game. “I’ll make it easy at first so you’ll get the gist.”

Everyone nodded and leaned closer.

Seulgi took a deep breath and started. “Yerimie, what is Wan’s English name?”

Yerim huffed proudly. “Wendy!” She paused and wandered her eyes quickly. “Jennie-unnie, what’s Moonbyul and Yongsun’s famous couple name?”

Jennie flinched at that, her eyes glancing at a snickering Lalisa beside her. “Yah!” She smacked her arm. “Yongsun-sunbaenim is so uptight during student council, we don’t get to talk personal—” Seulgi gestured for her to hurry with any answer so she blurted out, “—MoonSun??” She sighed in relief when Yerim nodded, confirming that her answer is correct.

Lalisa continued giggling. “This is easy—”

“Lalisa, what is my favorite food??” Jennie asked, an eyebrow raised as she crossed her arms.

“Hot bun!” Lalisa answered quickly.

“What the Lalisa, no!”

“You are what you eat!” Lalisa argued laughing which earned a hard smack from her girlfriend.

“What’s my favorite color???” Jennie was glaring now.

Lalisa snickered more. “Rainbow!”

“YAH LALISA!” Jennie smacked her arms again, harder now.

Everyone around them was watching them bicker in mixed emotions. Joohyun, Yerim and Yongsun has started to get worried for Lalisa and was hinting on a couple fight later. Seungwan and Sooyoung sighed—they just want to get this over with already. Seulgi and Moonbyul was enjoying the scene.

“YAH KIM JENNIE STOP!” Lalisa growled in faux irritation then turned to Seulgi. “When do I get to ask?”

“When you finally get a right answer you idiot!” Jennie answered as she pinched her ear. “Who’s the most charismatic dancer of the dance club?” She asked sarcastically, knowing too well that her smug girlfriend will answer herself, but she’s sure the answer is Moonbyul. To her horror, Lalisa just smirked more.

“Kim Jisoo.”

Joohyun’s and Jennie’s brow’s twitched. Lalisa nodded towards Moonbyul and both looked at her, the latter was nodding in confirmation to say that Kim Jisoo was really hailed as it in their club.

Lalisa chuckled victoriously at her glaring girlfriend. “Jennie-yah, who’s the president of the dance club?”

Jennie rolled her eyes and scoffed. “Moonbyul-sun

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