Say You'll Be There [Rewritten]

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Tiffany schemes to be in a fake relationship, and Jessica is the complete opposite of everything she's searching for.


"What the hell is wrong with you?" she mumbled. "Do you really have to ruin this so you can get a rise out of me?" 

Jessica tried to push Tiffany's hand away from , but she kept it there firmly. She had a strong grasp, and Jessica found herself having no choice other than to listen to what the other woman was telling her. She hadn't exactly been trying to listen to it, mind you, but when it seemed like the raven didn't intend to let go of her anytime soon, she decided it'd be best not to argue.

After a few moments of silence, Tiffany slowly removed her palm from Jessica's lips. Her gaze never left the brunette, though, as if expecting some reaction. It made the former feel uneasy, and the feeling only intensified as she watched the other woman continue to glare at her. 

Jessica tried her hardest to focus on anything else, which ended up being an effort since the entire situation made her feel even more uncomfortable.

"I'm going to kill you," Tiffany eventually whispered, a little louder than intended. 

Jessica laughed quietly. She wasn't actually afraid of being hurt by the latter, but rather for her own sake.

Yay, first chapter. I tried keeping the same vibe as the original while trying to make it seem fresh. New scenes, or they were most likely redone. Unlike last time, Tiffany and Jessica don't meet in the first chapter since I cut it in half.
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