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Say You'll Be There
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Hey, everyone. lol. I hope you are well. I apologize there is no update, but I wanted some thoughts before I post the next chapter. It's the reason why there is no update, even though there should be one.


This is kind of long, but yeah. *sad finger guns.* I don't know if you'll actually read this, but I feel like I'm disconnected from you guys. Either that or I'm overthinking - or both. I've been kind of wondering, but like, you guys do want to see more JeTi content, right? Because since I've been updating more, I feel like there's this silence? Emptiness? I can't describe it, but I feel like something is dividing us.

I'm going to be honest; I've had the urge, several times now, to take down previous stories because I feel like it's not good enough and it's stuff you guys don't like. I've had several stories I've written within the last few weeks, but I've scrapped a lot, and they're sitting in my files because I feel like that's not what you want to see. I could even post a screenshot of all the stories that are finished but are just sitting there, untouched.

I've told everyone a billion times that I'm very shy. Like, if you're too shy to say anything to me - know I'm much more frightened to respond to you. I've literally never shown or presented my writings to anyone, minus, like, two other people. I've always written for myself. Lmao. I will nitpick my stories apart until there is nothing left because I don't think it's good e

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Update! We finally made it to the end! Please keep expectations low. Lmao. Lower than low.

Do I continue to write about JeTi?

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