Dance in the Dark

Say You'll Be There
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A/N; *immediately starts laughing as I type this* I feel like it's been forever since I've updated. Well, I had covid last month, then someone was diagnosed with something precancerous. Yeah, I guess you could say I really didn't want to think about writing after all that. But it's cool now because everything is under control, and I just dropped personal information on everyone. So, like, yeah, we're back in business. Lmao.


I hope everybody has been fine. I'm gonna be upfront, but I decided to update on an impulse. My original plan was to give you two updates; this chapter and the last. (I know - I've been saying every chapter is the last. Talk to my compulsive behavior.) I kept thinking, "20k+ words is too much for a chapter. It's going to be a super messy cluster. All the words crammed together will sound like gibberish." So, in short, I decided to break things down again. Which you should know by now - that's kinda my signature thing. 


Istg, the next chapter will be the last. Like, it has to be. I don't think I can beat this dead horse any further. Lmao.


The next chapter is wonky because I skipped around to speed things up, which never goes well for me. For that reason, please keep your expectations low. Keep them subterranean. Lulz. I tell you repeatedly that I'm horrible at writing, despite my obsessive behavior with it. A year later, I still don't understand how anybody can tolerate it. Ngl, but it concerns me. I might need to check on everyone's well-being for that reason alone. Lmao. In the end, I think my manic said everything that needed to be said. This note was all over the place, but you should never expect anything less from me. 


I also appreciate all the lovely comments from last time when I mentioned my motivation was down. My friend is convinced I'm in love with everybody, which I find hilarious, but it really did cheer me up. If you're the moon, then I'm eclipsed.


As always, you have my gratitude and love. 


I'll see everybody in the last chapter. 👀


As the couple stepped outside the room, they bumped into a familiar male who nearly dumped the red cup he held. After tumbling for a few seconds, he regained his composure and caught sight of the two women. 


"Tiffany?" he asked, surprised.




There was a long pause before Tiffany continued, her brain scrambling to convert into Korean, "Sorry, I didn't see you there." 


"No, you're good! It's great to see that you made it!"


He smiled before glancing at the other American. "Jessica, right? Did I remember it?"


Jessica nodded, awkwardly smiling in return.


Chansung peeked behind the couple, awing in silence as he realized the pair emerged from the empty room. He quickly put two and two together. He gave Tiffany a wink before offering a thumbs-up. 


Tiffany, now embarrassed, shrugged as she was at a loss for words. 


'Jessica and her stupid comment about being intimate.'


"I'm glad we bumped into each other again. I didn't think you would be here, all things considered."


"Well, as long as there's free food," she chuckled. 


Their companion lifted his cup in agreement. "It seems you two have been here a while." 


Tiffany lied, nodding.


"Did Seohyun come?" 


"Yeah, she did, actually. Unfortunately, I don't know where she adventured off to. She left before we parked."


Chansung nodded, slightly disappointed in her response. "She's an incredible woman, Tiffany. Intelligent, kind-hearted, gorgeous. I'm surprised she doesn't have a significant other."


Tiffany glimpsed over at Jessica, who gave an amused expression based on his newfound interest in their friend.


"Are you intoxicated, Chansung?" Tiffany queried. 


Again, he broke into a smile. "Between us three, yes, I am."


"How much have you had to drink?"


"Oh, not much. Just six shots and three beers."


The two women laughed at his honest and blunt demeanor. 


"There's a cooler in the kitchen filled with cold beers and other refreshments if you're thirsty. I'm sure you've noticed the other alcohol bottles laying around, though." 


"Oh yeah, of course. You might want to cut some of that alcohol intake, though. I wouldn't be surprised if we found you unconscious later," Tiffany teased.


Chansung waved his hand and brushed off the comment before he bobbed his head along to the rhythm of the music, making one last statement, "I'm going to head to the dance floor, but I'll be there if you two need anything. And Jessica..."




"I expect to see you out there - showing us some of those moves."


Chansung backed away and slowly disappeared into one of the many crowds of people, ultimately leading their conversation to an end. Tiffany couldn't help but laugh at the last statement he made once the gentleman was out of sight.


"Did you hear that, Jessi? You have your work cut out for you."


Jessica hastily shook her head, brushing the comment off. "Certainly not happening."


"Why? Because you can't dance, or you don't want to?"




"Let's head towards the kitchen, Ice Princess," she snickered.


Tiffany grasped Jessica's hand and led them to another part of the fraternity, except with a location in mind this time.


Immediately, stepping through the archway, they found themselves in the kitchen. As expected, this room had been packed with people as well. Taking a glance around the room, Tiffany spotted the red cooler. 


"Let's see what's inside."


Jessica offered to open the ice chest since Tiffany didn't support the most flexible or discreet attire.


"Very selective. What do you want?" Jessica asked, staring over the several bottles of alcoholic beverages floating amongst the ice. A few cans of soda and other drinks were available but shunned from view.


"I think Chansung made an understatement. There's mostly alcohol," Tiffany said. "Hand me that lemonade."


"Do you think it's possible to receive alcohol poisoning by looking at this?" Jessica mused, grabbing water for herself before handing a lemonade to the latter. 


"I honestly wouldn't be surprised. Promise me you won't drink - you're our designated driver."


"Didn't I already promise you on the way here?" 


It was a rhetorical question, but both knew the answer. If the circumstances were different, Jessica most likely would've whined and complained about the situation. However, she felt responsible for the other two, considering she was the oldest.


Tiffany grabbed the can from the blonde and strolled a few feet away to the counter. She grabbed one of the many red cups provided and began fixating on making a cocktail. 


In the meantime, Jessica took an interest in the snacks and cuisine presented throughout the kitchen. Upon noticing a particular fruit, she stopped in her tracks. The former released one of her high-pitched dolphin squeals, long after her delayed reaction, before realizing the attraction garnered. She clamped both hands over , looking around as the nearby student stopped to inspect what occurred.


She panicked. 


"Cockroach! There's a cockroach on the platter of fruit!" she lied.


Within seconds, the other party-goers made haste to leave the room. Some of them were squealing themselves as they exited under the archway. Even Tiffany started to panic, dropping the alcohol glass she held. Thankfully, it didn't break on impact. 


"Bug! Bug! Bug!" Tiffany started chanting, skittish as she leaped towards the blonde. Despite wearing heels, she kept her balance. "Oh, my god! That's disgusting!"


"Wait, Tiff, stop!"


"What!? Why!?"


"There's no bug!"


"Then what did you see!?"


"Well, first, promise me you won't get angry?"


"Tell me what you saw! I don't even want this goddamn drink now! That is so unhygienic!"


"I need you to take your concern down a few notches, but it was a cucumber."


For a moment, Tiffany's mouth hung open in disbelief. Her tense muscles then began to relax upon hearing the confession. 


"A cucumber?" she harshly whispered, stomping closer towards the blonde until their faces were inches away.


"Did I stutter? Yeah, a cucumber," Jessica stated like it was the most obvious thing in the world. "That was probably the scariest thing I've seen since Nichkhun's photo, which honestly set the bar rather high."


The latter held her temple for a moment, attempting to collect her thoughts. "What in the actual hell is wrong with you? I can't believe all that commotion because you saw a piece of fruit!"


The former ignored the comment and took the opportunity to change the topic. She peeked into the red cup Tiffany held and recognized the smell.


"Moving on. I have an idea, and I think you'll find it fun. It involves these cucumbers and drunk people."


There was a long silence as Tiffany stared at Jessica. Against her better judgment, she'd ignore the situation at hand. Unfortunately, that wouldn't prove to do much.


"Let's head to the dance floor before we manage to do something dumb. I don't even want to know what you're planning with the cucumbers. We haven't been here long, and I'm worried you'll somehow manage to burn the fraternity down. It's bad enough with a certain item you brought."


"You don't know my intentions with it, Hwang. Give me credit for at least trying to protect you. I'll cut a if needed."


"Uh-huh, okay, like somebody isn't going to have common sense and start something when hundreds of people are present."


Without any more complaints, the two were off. Little did Tiffany realize that Jessica proceeded to snatch the platter of fruit and drag it with them, hoping to execute her idea. 


Over the next hour, the couple participated in several different activities. For starters, Tiffany finally gave in and abided Jessica's ridiculous request that they throw the tray of cucumbers at people. How did they end up in that position? She had no clue. The couple trekked up one of the staircases before situating their base of operation near one of the many windows that overlooked the backyard from the second floor. Jessica, continuing to hold the tray, peeked out the open window and started throwing the fruit at their unexpected victims below with little to no hesitation.


"If someone catches us, you can expect I'll be blaming you!"


The former laughed, tossing the tiny particles out the window. "I don't see you walking away, dearest. Besides, you worry too much. Have some fun with me, and see where it takes you. That's quite literally what we've been doing all week. Somehow, I've managed to win you over with that tactic."


Tiffany closed as she lacked a comeback. Instead, she placed her drink elsewhere, soon grabbing one of the cucumbers and soon found herself parking in Jessica's silly shenanigans.


"Don't forget you're into me, too. Maybe you're attracted to me because I appear to be the only sane person you've probably met. Even Seohyun can be a little weird at times. You did compare her to being a grandmother if I remember correctly."


"You know," Jessica began, "I'm not exactly attracted to the girl next door who's got everything together. I'm attracted to the girl who's just as weird as I am."


Once somebody spotted the two causing trouble, they quickly darted away from the area and found themselves giggling and running inside what appeared to be a study room where people were playing beer-pong. They stayed put and watched the game, hoping to blend in after their mischievous antics. 


Nobody, in particular, seemed too interested as they slipped in, so both sneaked towards the back where there appeared to be countless shelves containing books. Jessica managed to arrive first, so she browsed the selection of novels. She randomly selected one and began skimming the pages. Not long after, she felt a pair of hands clasp her shoulders.


"Find anything of interest while we wait?" 


Jessica whirled around and shook her head. "No, just browsing. Someday, I'll write a book, as I told you. I expect it to fill these shelves."


"Sounds a bit ambitious, don't you think?" Tiffany tittered, sweeping a few blonde locks behind Jessica's ear. "Let me guess; it's about your experience of pretending to be the girlfriend of some random woman who asked you solely for the reason of making her ex jealous."


"Bingo. I've already decided on a title - Dream Within a Dream."


"That sounds eerily familiar. Has that been used before?"


"! That's...not important!"


After both agreed it would be safe to leave, the couple headed back downstairs and ended up on the dance floor. From then on, that's where the duo stayed for the remainder. 


The two danced along to several songs from the past decade. On a few occasions, Tiffany playfully twirled Jessica around as she had when they attended the amusement park. This time around, the blonde didn't complain. She willingly allowed the latter to do as pleased. Even at some point, Tiffany teasingly started dirty dancing, which earned a playful slap in return. Otherwise, everything was going smoothly. That even consisted of when Tiffany was afraid Jessica would be picking a fight with the DJ after wanting to request a specific song.


"Calm down! It's not the end of the world, okay?" 


"DJ Hyo? More like DJ Ho cause she ing won't play what I want to hear!"


"Oh, my god, Jessica! Let it go, okay? I'm sure something else will come up that you like!" Tiffany yelled over the commotion as she engulfed the blonde in a firm back-hug, attempting to divert them away from the DJ booth.


Jessica continued to squirm in Tiffany's embrace while the two slowly slithered back into the crowd of people. 


"I know you heard me! By the way, your blonde hair looks like ! I wear it better than you!"


Once both disappeared, the DJ broke into an amused smile as she continued to mix and fiddle with the records, laughing at the mysterious woman's rant. She did, in fact, hear her request.


Most of their fellow peers ignored them. However, some shot strange glances when the couple became more affectionate after the little incident. Tiffany mostly ignored them since she seemed to be having genuine fun, whereas Jessica noticed them since she was self-conscious of their surroundings. She couldn't tell if they were staring at the younger woman's garb since it changed color a few times or because they were two women being quite intimate.


Tiffany clung to Jessica, her slender arms draped around the blonde's neck. She leaned into the older woman for support. Tiffany wasn't necessarily drunk or tipsy since she was coherent and aware of their surroundings, but she wanted an excuse to be closer and leave no space between the two. 


Jessica, in opposition, held the latter within her arms as she supported Tiffany's weight while they swayed along to the music. She did do most of the dancing, in all honesty. It didn't come as a surprise when Tiffany started petering out from the activity, but more importantly, Jessica was surprised by how much stamina she had.


Even though music continuously blared from the speakers and it was nearly impossible to hear any conversation, Jessica could feel the vibration from the raven humming along to the song.


She glanced down at the woman resting on her shoulder. She felt her heart fluttering once it registered in her mind she was holding Tiffany. While she had gotten used to holding her hand, she still felt giddy about kissing the other woman and having the chance to embrace her. 


Jessica always thought these things came naturally to Tiffany as she had been more open about being affectionate, and it scared her, but simultaneously, it excited her. An opportunity to be more intimate presented itself. 


It took until now for the former to realize what it all meant. Just how much Tiffany meant to her and how she had taken everything for granted. 


Years. That's how long she waited for this moment, or any moment, to be honest. Yesterday, Tiffany confessed those feelings of attraction were mutual, but that didn't necessarily mean it registered in Jessica's mind. She understood what it meant, but the realization only hit her now.


She hated the thought, and at the same time, it had been far too long. 


Jessica held Tiffany tighter within her arms, clutching the woman, afraid she'd disappear if she let go. She buried her nose against the crown of the ebony-haired American and closed her eyes, cherishing the moment. A mixture of lilac perfume and coconut hair wash overcame and filled Jessica's nostrils. 


"God. I'm crazy for you."


Glancing up, Tiffany gave a puzzled expression as she stared at the former. The music was too loud to understand what she said. "What did you say!?" 


Jessica nervously laughed, unsure if Tiffany heard her correctly. She also couldn't believe the near mistake she almost caused, blurting those words without thinking.


Playing it safe, she stuttered and settled on another phrase, "I-I said I adore you!" she shouted. 


With their faces nothing shorter than a few inches apart, Tiffany grasped Jessica's cheek. A playful yet coy smile formed on her lips. "I adore you, too, Jessi!" 


The older woman continued to laugh, the melodic noise drowning underneath the music. Tiffany, in addition, giggled along. 


Jessica propped her forehead against the younger woman's before her sight quickly shifted. "Did I mention earlier how beautiful I think you look?" 


Tiffany sluggishly traced her thumb across Jessica's cheekbone, faintly her skin. She thought of that morning when she did the same. "Took you long enough to notice," she teased.


"I've always noticed, Tiff. You've never been anything less than beautiful to me."


"Then why haven't you ever said anything? You only recently told me that yesterday."


"I don't know, to be honest."


"I think you know why."


"That's a very bold claim, my darling."


"You refuse to tell me anything until after the party."


"Some things are left better as a surprise, you know. What do you expect when I've even been scared to tell you how much I genuinely like you? I only worked up the courage yesterday."


"Have you always been this scared?"


Jessica paused before answering, "Yes."

"I still don't understand why. We've shared some intimate and awkward moments since we met. I know you love pushing my buttons, but I think we're comfortable enough now that you should know I wouldn't judge you - if that's what you're scared of. I told you yesterday that I'll still be around after all this."


"It's a little complicated for me to explain."


"How so?"


"You've had me wrapped around your finger from the start. From the first moment I saw you, I fell. The second time I saw you, I fell. In every incident since then, I've fallen each time. I've memorized your smile, the sound of your voice, and so many other things," Jessica chuckled. She feebly caressed her fingertips across Tiffany's forearm, admiring her smooth and porcelain skin, until she reached the woman's shoulder. 




"I'm a fool for you, Tiffany Hwang. I don't want to share you with anybody else. I know this is awful timing to suddenly confess this, but that's kind of how our relationship works. If I had the words to put these thoughts into a cohesive sentence, I would sweep you off your feet and much more."


Something about hearing those words was sensual. It sent Tiffany's feelings in another entirely different direction. Yesterday, when Jessica praised her, she strived to ignore the heat and appetitive feeling growing in the pit of her stomach and the newfound emotions that came with it.


Right now, though, it proved difficult with how Jessica kept talking. After being criticized and teased relentlessly, she couldn't help but find the flattery arousing. The blonde's tone proved she was being honest, more than she had ever been. If there was ever a moment for virtue, it had been in that moment.


Tiffany remained silent, allowing Jessica to collect her thoughts and express whatever she was attempting to convey. In the meantime, she gingerly the blonde's nape while listening. 


"You'll never know the gift you've given me," Jessica said. She bit the inside of her cheek, unsure what to do with herself. For once, since the start, she felt vulnerable. It scared her a little because she didn't know where this urge and desire for affection came from.


Always the more confident of the two, Tiffany solved the solution by pulling on Jessica's nape and bringing her into a passionate kiss when she noticed the blonde was at a loss for words. She could sense that Jessica wasn't prepared in the slightest since she fumbled, trying to find the rhythm while they kissed.


It didn't matter because both closed their eyes and momentarily forgot about whatever worries and insecurities swept through their thoughts. 


For Jessica, the ebony-haired woman tasted like gin and tonic, with the slightest hint of lemonade. Ironically, she found it intoxicating as she grazed her tongue across Tiffany's lower lip. Much to her surprise, the younger woman groaned in approval. 


"You captivate me in so many ways," Jessica abruptly said, breaking away from the kiss.


While they continued swaying alongside the masses, Tiffany narrowed her brows and commented, "These heels are killing my feet. Do you want to find somewhere private and talk about it?"


Timidly nodding, the former agreed. 


Tiffany pressed her lips against Jessica's ear for a quick kiss before pulling away and leading them somewhere away from everyone else. 


They didn't get very far before Chansung came up and stopped them. He wedged himself between the couple and whatever their destination would be.


"Wait, Tiffany!"


"What?" she asked, gawking at the gentleman who stepped in front of her. She was slightly agitated with his newfound appearance.


Unlike before, Chansung appeared sweaty and reeked of alcohol. It didn't take much effort to figure out he had been drinking while dancing. 


"Nichkhun is looking for you."


She blinked several times, wondering if she heard him correctly. "Could you repeat that?"


"Nichkhun is looking for you. He knows you're here."


Tiffany's eyelids continued to flutter as she remained speechless. Even Jessica's hand felt light while she started to disassociate. 


That was the last thing she anticipated.


She swiftly turned her head and peeked over her shoulder, noticing Jessica's expression notoriously shifted compared to a few minutes ago. That seemingly bashful and adoring look vanished. Now, though, it had been replaced with a more severe and vacant look.


When Jessica didn't mouth or say anything, Tiffany diverted her attention again to Chansung. "How come?"


He shrugged. "Nichkhun didn't say much other than he'd like to chat with you."


"Give me a moment, please."


Chansung nodded, complying. 


Tiffany turned to face Jessica a second time purposely so the gentleman couldn't hear their conversations. 


"Did you hear him?" she asked with a low voice.


"Of course I did, Tiff. He's standing like two feet away from us."


"Then? Thoughts?"


There was a silent understanding of what this situation would entail.


Jessica opened to speak, but the words died faster than she could've formulated a sentence. She shut and shook her head, lacking a response. There were a few thoughts, but she didn't have the confidence to address them. However, it was evident she increasingly became upset. She had hoped to have Tiffany alone, lacking the concern she needed to share the latter with another individual. She didn't actually think Nichkhun would come looking for the girl, plus a part of her hoped Tiffany forgot why they were even there.


Aware she was staring at Jessica for too long, Tiffany started to redirect her attention back to Chansung, but the expression the blonde gave didn't go unnoticed. She was hurt. Tiffany couldn't help but feel that it was her fault, and it caused her to feel guilty. 


There was that, but also, she felt like a hypocrite. While she was jealous about some girl named Steph, at the same time, she'd be totting Jessica around in front of Nichkhun like some trophy in hopes of making him envious. Only then did she realize how awful this situation sounded. She didn't consider how Jessica may have felt, especially since they liked each other.


Now, she started to wonder if coming tonight was a mistake. Maybe she shoul

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