Chain Reaction

Say You'll Be There
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A/N; *Immediately starts my note annoyed because I should've saved the Love Rollercoaster title for this chapter, but I was dumb and didn't bother to think about it.* 


So, this is what the ending of the previous chapter was going to be, but I wanted to edit it before I posted it since it felt very unfinished to me. It's not a huge chapter, but yeah. With that said, there are only 3 chapters left in the story. *pretends to be shocked* (Let's hope I don't split any more chapters up, lol.)


You're probably thinking, "SonnyShotz, you've done nothing in terms of explaining, well, anything."


And to that, I say, "Well, you can expect the last three chapters to be quite long because Jessica is a liar. Plus, it's weird Taecyeon has been listed in the character section since day one of the story but hasn't appeared yet..."


I'm not going to tease anything since I gotta keep everyone interested, but I've been analyzing these last few chapters a lot. I want to make sure everything makes sense and is cohesive, so my next update will be a while since I have crap going on in person, but I want to give the next update my full attention. I hope there are no hard feelings. :( 


As usual, I give you my neverending thanks and love.

"Seoul Land will be closing in the next thirty minutes. Please make your final purchases and reroute your course to the front of the park for existing. Once again, Seoul Land will be closing in the next thirty minutes. We hope you enjoyed your stay and anticipate seeing you again!"


Both Americans, who were now walking, gradually slowed down and eventually came to a stop. Both shot each other a glance. 


"You thinking what I'm thinking?" Jessica asked.


Tiffany raised an eyebrow. "Probably not, but please enlighten me."


"Wanna ride the rollercoaster before we leave?" 


Tiffany gulped nervously, pointing in the distance towards the main steel attraction situated in the middle of the park. "That one?"


"Exactly. We went on a majority of rides except for that one."


There had been no immediate answer, leaving Jessica to believe the younger woman didn't want to ride it. "Unless you're scared?" she wiggled her eyebrows.


"I'm not scared, Jung. I've been on multiple 'thriller' rollercoasters. How is this one any different?"


"Because it has multiple loops. Not to mention it's the fastest one in South Korea. Well, they claim in the advertisements I've seen."


Tiffany puckered her lips, debating if she wanted to go for a ride. She knew she'd most likely get sick but wasn't about to let Jessica win the argument that she was a chicken.


After much internal debate, she agreed.


In due course, both women found themselves standing outside the entrance to the ride. Jessica turned her head and read off the sign that indicated how long the line would be, "Wait time - twenty minutes."


She pivoted her body to face the latter, placing a hand on her hip. "What do you think? I know the park won't kick us out immediately, but if we leave now, we might surpass the traffic leaving before it gets backed up."


Tiffany shook her head, ensuring that this was what she wanted. "Twenty minutes isn't bad. Let's do it."


"You're not scared, right?"


"No, I'm not!" she slapped the former's shoulder.


"Alrighty, then. If you have an urge to throw up at any point, turn your head away from me or something because I'll be pissed if you get anything on me." 


"I'll be sure to lean over your lap, then."


"That's disgusting, Tiffany. Why would you mention throwing up? Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?" Jessica trudged past the entrance and followed the signs indicating where the line started, leaving the latter behind.


"What the hell, Jessica!? That's not fair! You're the one who brought it up! Why is it okay for you to mention it, but I can't?" Tiffany's mouth went agape before she shut it and pouted, trailing after the brunette.


Upon walking further in, they got stuck behind a group of young rowdy teenage boys. Occasionally the line moved forward, and they inched closer to their destination. The twenty minutes seemed to be moving slower than dirt, Tiffany thought. She also grew irritated each time one of the boys in front of them bumped into her. It didn't help that Jessica wasn't talking much. She'd prefer talking to the former than listening to the boy's holler and roughhouse. 


Leaning her back against the rail, she observed her friend. Tiffany slithered her arms over Jessica's shoulders and clasped her hands behind the brunette's nape. "What are you up to, Jessi?"


Caught off guard, the former glanced up from her phone. "Oh, n-nothing." 


"It occurred to me, but I don't have your phone number. Mind if I get it?"


"You're already planning our second date, huh? Yesterday didn't count since I didn't have much of an option to leave you. Maybe I'll give it to you if you can survive the ride," Jessica teased, hoping to divert the attention from the fact that Tiffany was causing her heart to race from the proximity they stood.


Tiffany glanced up towards the sky momentarily before focusing on the older girl. "For as much as you drive me crazy and relentlessly tease me, I like you. You're not that horrible of a person. You're a little rough on the edges, but I think you're sweet. I feel like I've known you longer than I have."


Jessica awkwardly encircled her slender arms around the raven's torso, disoriented and mildly panicking at where she should be placing her hands. Despite the cool temperature, her palms were sweaty. "Are you sure that's not because you've been stalking my whole life?"


Sensing hesitation from Jessica, Tiffany unclasped her hands before taking the brunettes, surprised they were hot and clammy, and led them. She placed Jessica's hands on her waist. "I have told you this a thousand times, and now again, I'm not a stalker. It's just a weird coincidence we're from the same country."


"Don't forget the same state, in the same city, and probably from the same hospital."


Tiffany grazed her tongue across her top teeth before smacking her lips. "I doubt the last one because that would definitely confirm we're soulmates, but I promise I'm not stalking you, nor have I ever done anything creepy."


Jessica squinted her eyes, honing in on the latter. "If you've never done anything creepy, how do you explain knowing my grades? Not once have you bothered to explain that."


"Shush." Tiffany placed her index finger over Jessica's lips. "The line is moving."


For once, the former was at a loss for words.


After their little exchange, the line began moving much more quickly, and before either knew it, the line divided into two lines, indicating they were closing in on the loading platform. Jessica being more enthusiastic, suggested they get into the left line. Tiffany didn't offer much resistance - she was too preoccupied with being fearful.


Jessica noticed Tiffany fidgeting and consistently rubbing her palms together, so she decided to speak up, "You feeling okay?"


Tiffany bit her lower lip, reluctant to confess the truth. "Honestly, no. I'm actually a little scared. I know I agreed to this, and we went on some of the more intense rides earlier, but I had no idea this was the fastest ride in South Korea. Since we're getting closer, I'm starting to fret."


"Hey, look at me," Jessica instructed, her entire demeanor changing.


The latter obeyed and observed Jessica's eyes, hoping to find some comfort in those brown eyes she grew to adore.


Truthfully, Jessica wanted to cup Tiffany's face but lacked the courage to do so, so instead, she clutched the younger woman's shoulders and gave her a reassuring squeeze.

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