Beneath the Lights of Love (在爱的灯火下)

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Zhan Hua Hua, the mistreated Fourth Daughter of the prominent Zhan family, is set up in an arranged marriage with the young cold General Zhou Jing Yi by her late mother a few nights prior to her untimely death, in secret...


Hua Hua was trying to avoid being found out by her ceaselessly harsh siblings as she maneuvers her way about her family's manor. The aquamarine silken hem of her brand new ceremoninal gown is held tightly in her grasps, because she was not used to such extravagant clothing within her everyday life. Despite this, she moves with clear ease and utter sophistication throughout her endless ducking and weaving.

Even going as far as to not pay attention to where or which direction she was actually walking in, until she mindlessly hits a brick wall. Or more like in to another person's chest in which felt like it was a brick wall. And with notion, she stumbles back before arms wrap themselves securely around her waist in order to keep her from falling to floor beneath their feet.

Warm brown eyes meets cold dark ones in turn. They lock on to one another as the world fades away in to the background, leaving them to their devices. All before the magic of the moment is completely ruined by the crude callousness of the man standing right in front of her first utterance of actual words to her,

"Are you always so openly absent minded like this, dear Lady Baiyue?"

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