His Scarlet

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In a world Baekhyun calls tedious, the Scarlet jewel returns to intrude society and his life as a vampire. His desire for the forbidden gem suddenly traps him into a teenage life with no memory of the past. Now living as the notorious playboy, Baekhyun toys with an odd dreamer, Rubi, only for unpredictable events to take place.


Death is endless and unappeasable,
is most intense where most forbidden,
and is never far from despair.

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GENRES: action, romance, suspense, mystery, 
adventure, fantasy, drama, angst.
TAGS: #vampire!baekhyun #playboy!baekhyun
#highschoolau #mutualpining #slowburn
WARNINGS: profanity, violence, blood, suicide,
death, alcohol and drug usage.
INSPIRATIONS: Inuyasha, Nevertheless.
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UPDATED : 01.10.21
HELLO, BESTIES!!! this is aru, and i’ve brought a
new story with me!!! *cough* vampire, vampire supremacy, i’m here to bring a baekhyun cullen but IER... hopefully... i’m planning to start this when touch and go is near completion!! so if u don’t mind me asking for ur patience, that’d be amazing?!
but moving onto the story talk, CONSIDER THIS AS:
“TOUCH AND GO ON FIRE!!!!” — dinjin, 2021...
what u can expect is an baekhyun playing with feelings then he gets ed over by himself because karma... and u guys will be reading our new girlie, rubi, she’ll dream of strange things so see if u can find the correlation!!! prepare urself for lots of FLIRTING AND ADVENTUROUS !!! <3
[HIS SCARLET] first chapter ‘onset’ is out everyone!!! I’M LEGIT TREMBLING IN FEAR… please do leave thoughts!! <3
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