I live so I love


Namjoon can't help it - he puts his entire heart and soul into his music. Normally, this would be fine. It makes for some pretty genuine songs on topics and themes that Namjoon wants to express.

It's not so helpful when you're writing platonic, best of pals, bff songs for your friend that you're oh-so hopelessly in love with.


Hi! NamJin update! Yay!

This work is a continuation of the first fic in this series, Take Notes (and study hard). You don't have to read that one before this one, but a lot of things won't make sense without it...think of this one as the second instalment in the trilogy, loosely in the shape of a sequel.

twitter version, if that's more your speed: https://twitter.com/nerdsmol1/status/1397930602981068806


just as with Take Notes, here's the warnings:

please note, this fic is very image heavy - on slow internet connections or over mobile data, this might cause problems! Consider reading on twitter for better accessibility. This particular work is far heavier on the written side of things, though (like, 5x the word count)

timestamps are relevant. this fic takes place after Take Notes.

this work uses a custom skin to make sure the images are resized appropriately for mobile - I coded it myself, so please let me know if there's something going wrong and I can fix it, because lord knows my coding knowledge is lacking at best


this work is finished and ready to upload, just needs formatting - I'm hoping to release updates every 3-5 days.

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