Echoing Laughs


You didn’t care for boys that could be labeled as the “class clown”. Their type of jokes made you roll your eyes. Though you enjoyed a fun time yourself, you preferred the more subdued type, a Darcy over a Bingley. So why couldn’t you get the most obnoxious boy you’d ever met out of your head?


Part Eleven of the Untamed Universe.

Part One: Fighting Instinct - Jongdae

Part Two: White Out - Kyungsoo

Part Three: Sculpted Raven - Chanyeol

Part Four: Memories Past - Kris

Part Five: Charming Instruction - Junmyeon

Part Six: Lies Untold - Luhan

Part Seven: Innocent Intentions - Tao

Part Eight: Midnight Hours - Sehun


Part Nine: Catching Rain - Minseok

Part Ten: Healing Touch - Yixing

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