Dancing With Our Hands Tied: The Series

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Meet the captain of the swimming team and the university's vice-president of the student council through this crazy whirlwind that I call a story.


Inspired by Taylor Swift's song, Dancing With Our Hands Tied. But keep in mind that I didn't took the song too literally :)

That's a wrap! Thank you for taking time to read this one. As always proofreading whenever I feel like it. Feel free to comment down below or pass by my twitter account @ohsheisjk for thoughts and recommendations. Thank you for reading :)


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likeastar 0 points #1
I miss you. ☹️
Aeri_chan #2
Chapter 38: *Sniff T~T
emotaeyeon #3
Chapter 38: so gooddddd this fic thank you for writing
Chapter 38: Jimin, please think that swimming for overcome fear of water, saving life & hv fun for the love one, healthy activity, train how swim, make people proud at competition, etc
Make your brother proud, when u see him after life
Minjeongie career is enough to provide comfort, more than one family and also your parents "home" :)
Just enjoy life with Minjeongie keep her tamed :) :)
Chapter 35: Yeyy, Goodluck for your promises girls
Keep it
Chapter 33: Good Minjeongie
Business is an important thing but not emergency,
a manageable one
Chapter 29: Good Minjeongie, proud of u :)
Healthy life needs happy soul,
wealthiness is an adjustable support part
Chapter 26: Oh my,
nice Jimin, cudos & lovely :)
goodluck Minjeongie :)
Chapter 25: Goodluck girls :)
Be strong, Minjeongie
Maybe u can convince ur father first?
Chapter 21: Oh no, is it Minjeongie and Yijun?