Dancing With Our Hands Tied: The Series

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Meet the captain of the swimming team and the university's vice-president of the student council through this crazy whirlwind that I call a story.


Inspired by Taylor Swift's song, Dancing With Our Hands Tied. But keep in mind that I didn't took the song too literally :)

That's a wrap! Thank you for taking time to read this one. As always proofreading whenever I feel like it. Feel free to comment down below or pass by my twitter account @ohsheisjk for thoughts and recommendations. Thank you for reading :)


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Chapter 38: I really like your works. It feels so light to read for me. It's amazing.
199 streak #2
Chapter 38: That ending was perfect, I finally got to finish this masterpiece. Them and their love for each other is more than beautiful. I’m so happy everything worked out, so glad Ningselle got their happy ending as well
jin9885 #3
The story was beautifully written, thank you for your hard work, author! Hope you are doing well and looking forward to your next masterpiece!
katar1na #4
Chapter 38: this is just written way more perfect the way i expected it to be. thank you for this, author! i would love to re-read this over and over again.
venus101 #5
Chapter 38: This was beautifully written. Thank you.
Ang ganda😭
Chapter 38: this is written so well. i love the characters. in love with the whole story, thank you for writing this story:)
likeastar #8
I miss you. ☹️
Aeri_chan 14 streak #9
Chapter 38: *Sniff T~T
emotaeyeon #10
Chapter 38: so gooddddd this fic thank you for writing