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I’m still young and a bit scared

I still can’t be in this rain alone

Will it stop soon?

I don’t want to get wet from the rain and tremble from the cold

People say it’s just a downpour that will graze by

But right now, I’m just getting drenched

I don’t even have enough strength to open the umbrella

But I’ll lean on the rain, so that you can’t see my sad tears

Now that’s it’s time to say farewell…

Downpour – I.O.I

(Produced & Written by SVT Woozi)




Inspired by IOI - Downpour, written by Woozi, I decided to write this story.

This will be a 13 chapters story from each member's perspective with Seungcheol (S.Coups) as the centre of the story.

It will be an angsty story again, cause I'm a sadistic writer I guess, huhuhu. Enjoy!


P/S: None of these happened in real life. This is an alternate universe and a fanfiction. Hehe.







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