Marry Me (even if you don't love me)

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Jennie Kim is living the dream  — she's the next CEO in line of a Fortune 500 company, she's in a long term relationship with a handsome boyfriend, and she's surrounded by loved ones who care about her. But all of these came crashing down when the news of her father's scandal broke out in public. Now, she can either do nothing and let everything go downhill — or, she can save everything by marrying her platonic best friend.


"Rosie, my life is a complete mess right now. I don't even know what to do anymore" Jennie cried to her best friend

Chaeyoung hugged the older girl tighter and rubbed soothing circles across her back

"Don't worry Jen, we will fix this." After a few minutes, Chaeyoung finally broke the silence

"I know what to do" she said with determination in her eyes

"What?" Jennie responded in between sniffs






"Marry me"

Alternatively, a fake-relationship AU in which Chaeyoung marries her platonic best friend that she may or may not have been in love for years.


This has been in my draft for the longest time and the word count just kept on increasing. So i figured I might as well reveal the first part.

Thank you for waiting and for all of your comments. Your words motivate me a lot!
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