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After yelling at Seulgi, Irene went up to the room and stayed there until the sun went down.  And by the time she's stuck and the only thing her doing is sleeping.  After going upstairs, she was angry with Seulgi and the world ordered her to stay in bed.


 When she wakes up Irene is hungry, so she goes downstairs to find Jennie watching something on television.


 "I'm hungry.." Irene said grimacing at Jennie while rubbing her flat stomach.


 Jennie looked away from the TV and looked at the cat Hybrida with a swollen face from sleeping too long.


 "What do you want to eat kitten?"  Jennie asked, clapping her hands on the sofa next to her.


 Irene sat limply.
 "Anything," she replied unenthusiastically.


 Jennie left the room and went to the kitchen and after a while she came back with two sandwiches for Omega.


 Irene smiled.
 "Thank you, Nini," she said as her devoured the sandwich.


 Jennie then went back to watching television while the cat ate quietly.


 Irene noticed something.


 Seulgi may not be home.


 Because if she didn't, the younger one would make Irene angry all the time.


 Irene hates that.


 And she was very happy to know Seulgi who stayed away from her.


 And she didn't want to know where Seulgi was at all!  Hahaha..


 "Oh Nini?"  call Irene.


 Jennie watched.


 "Are we alone in this house?"  Irene asked, carefully.


 But she doesn't seem to care where Seulgi is.


 "Yeah, Lisa is on business with a company partner and Seulgi went out with some friends and I think her new girlfriend."  Jennie said with a shrug.




 Seulgi didn't say Sohee was her girlfriend.




 But if it's true...


 Irene didn't care.


 Not a bit.


 "Ah yes," the Omega replied to its owner.


 After eating everything, Irene went to Lisa and Jennie's backyard.  There is a swing they both made for their kitten when they were little.


 Irene sat on the swing and sighed, starting to tap her fee
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