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June 19, 3019



 Irene and Seulgi arrived at school together like every other day.


 Lately Seulgi's behavior has been strange, glaring at another Alpha who was watching Irene as she passed.


 At first it annoyed Irene, but now she didn't even care much.


 It's even funny to see how jealous the other Omegas are.


 "Hey Seulgi," Joy greeted as soon as Irene arrived at her classroom door.


 "Hey Kitty," Seulgi responded by hugging Joy.


 Since when did Seulgi and Joy get close to each other?




 "Since when are you guys friends?"  Irene asked half curiously.


 Joy laughed.


 "Hi to you too, Rene."  Joy said and Irene rolled her eyes.


 Seulgi hugged Irene from behind.  "No need to be a jealous kitten, I only have eyes for you."  Alpha whispered with pressed against Omega's ear.


 Irene got out of Seulgi's grip and turned to face her.  "Go now," she said and gently pushed Seulgi's chest.


 Seulgi laughed and gripped Irene's waist again, giving her a kiss on the lips.


 "See you at break," Seulgi said and disappeared through the corridor.


 Irene sighed.


 Seulgi sometimes makes her speechless.


 When she turned around, Joy had a meaningful smile on her face.


 "Stop it Joy!"  Irene pouted her back to her friend and entered the classroom.


 "Are you dating her?"


 Irene turned to Joy and growled.  "NO!"


 And Joy noticed the frustration in Omega's voice.


 Because she knows that Irene really wants to be Seulgi's girlfriend officially.




 When the two lessons were over, Irene and Joy left the classroom and found Alpha waiting for her at the door.


 "Hey," said two Omegas approaching.


 "Oh hey, are you done?"  Seulgi replied smiling.


 The trio started walking on their way to the cafeteria, until Joy complained that she was sick and ran to the toilet leaving Irene and Seulgi waiting for her.


 Bored, Irene leaned her back against the wall and pulled her tail forward starting to brush it with her fingers.


 Seulgi came closer and started Omega's cat ears.


 "Your hair is a mess," Seulgi muttered.


 Irene looked at her. "You too."


 Seulgi smiled slightly surprised.  "Eh, do you like it?"  She asked as Irene started snoring.


 The Omega shrugged.  "Anything for me."


 And Irene doesn't even care
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