Mad Cyclone: Utopia

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Here comes the MAD CYCLONE
Don’t look away
You got to be ready

Do you want to feel it? Try and feel it?
I’ll blow everything away, I’ll take charge of everything
I’ll give you everything, I’ll take away everything

No one can stop me anymore
I run through everything all furious
I’m pretty reckless
I’m what they call unpredictable

Nothing can beat my rolling, everything’s falling in my hands
There’s a slight turbulence
In and Out, Up and Down
Let me hear you scream
No matter how many times it takes? Come on
You don’t need to hold back


Park Chorong and Seo Joohyun had been together since their childhood. They grew up closer given by how close their parents were. They were the best of friends, apparently. And those friendships resulted in their daughters being friends and siblings at the same time. Chorong was slightly older than Joohyun as she was born in march while Joohyun was born in June. They shared the same traits that were not found in their parents. They were quiet, reserved, and calm most of the time. And it surprised the parents to see the children behaving so well when most would play with each other.


By the age of 8, both Chorong and Joohyun discovered their power together. But unexpectedly, rather than having only 1, both of them got 2 powers at once. While Chorong got water and air as her powers, Joohyun had fire and lightning as hers. Their parents were thrilled when they knew the powers their daughters possessed were compatible with each other. However, they also knew how dangerous it was to let their daughters wander alone in this big world without knowing how to control their powers.


In this world where mutants and non-mutants co-existed, having one power was already dangerous enough, and having two at once would definitely mean bad news for the government to know. Keeping the secrets to themselves, they made sure no one would know about this by not registering their daughter to the special facility for the mutants provided by the government and instead they trained their daughters alone in the facility they owned.


But eventually, the secret the Parks and the Seos had kept for a long time was leaked by some unknown people which resulted in the parents being assassinated by the same group. Both Chorong and Joohyun had been only 15 when that incident happened. It triggered the two of them to release their powers at the same time. A sudden cyclone happening which was unexpected since the weather forecast didn’t report that a cyclone would be happening on that day.


Ever since people from their neighborhood knew about the cause of the sudden weather change, they started to take care of Chorong and Joohyun and call the two of them Mad Cyclone. Especially the Kims, Jungs, and Hwangs who were the Parks and the Seos' most trusted friends.


As they grew up into beautiful and smart ladies, they started to seek justice for their parents and tried to find the truth. But what would happen if one day one of them would start to fall in love along the way? Would they find the answer they've been looking for?

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