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After being voted as “most likely to die single” in high school, Hyukjae would rather die than show up at the reunion without a boyfriend and prove everyone right. Instead, he recruits model Lee Donghae to be his fake date. One date turns to two. And then three. And then Hyukjae finds himself in a dilemma: he’s fallen in love with Donghae.


Fifteen years ago, Hyukjae was humiliated in high school by being voted "most likely to die single." And now, on the cusp of his high school reunion, he is still single.

He refuses to show up at the reunion and prove everyone right. So when his best friend suggests finding a fake date, he jumps on the idea, recruiting one of the top models in the country, Lee Donghae.

One fake date turns into two.

And then three.

And then Hyukjae finds himself in a dilemma: he’s fallen in love with Donghae.









Now if happiness is always measured
By the life you design, that car on the drive
Then you should feel better than ever
But you know as well as I, it's all lies

Tell me the truth, tell me, do you still remember feelin' young
And strong enough to get it wrong in front of all these people?
Just for tonight, look inside and spark that memory of you
Strong enough to get it wrong in front of all these people

— Louis Tomlinson, "Fearless"


"I mean, you could--well actually never mind, that's a terrible idea," Yesung says. Hyukjae frowns.

"What," he says. "Tell me."

Yesung gives him a long look before sighing. 

"You could, well, you could just get someone to pretend to be your boyfriend?" he says. Hyukjae blinks.

It's not the best solution, but honestly, Hyukjae can't think of any better option.

"I'd do it," Hyukjae admits. Yesung sighs again.

"I was scared of that," he says. 

"But who could I possibly ask?" Hyukjae says. "You're already taken and it would be too ing strange to go with you anyway. And I… don't have any other friends."

Hyukjae deflates at the admission.

His life has been consumed by his work for the past decade and a half, and while he's been very successful in his career, his obsession with work has left him a lonely man. His friendship with Yesung had persisted only because of a lot of work on Yesung's part.

Yesung pats him on the arm.

"I can't think of anyone, but I can ask Siwon if he has anyone who can help you out," Yesung says. "If you don't mind me explaining the situation."

Hyukjae brightens.

"Would you?" he asks, trying not to sound too excited. Siwon, who has been Yesung's boyfriend for about six months now, is one of the most attractive people Hyukjae's ever met. And the man is nice enough, from what Hyukjae had gathered from a few interactions in the past.

If Hyukjae's lucky, Siwon's friend will also be attractive and a nice person. He can only hope.


i'm a chapter away from finishing my other two fics, so i'm just posting this new one now! this fic does include brief mentions of homophobia. i'll be slow updating for the next month or so because i'm very busy, but i couldn't help myself, i'm pretty excited about this one and one other that i have in store!!! hope you guys will like it as much as i'm liking writing it so far >.<

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