The Proposal

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  "He turned me, looming over me with a secret promise in his eyes. Oh Sweet Heavens." Amanda Littrell.


In which you have been dating your best friend for almost five years, and now you have started wondering when he's going to propose to you-- or if he's even planning to propose to you in the first place.





"I feel like he will never propose to me," you told your friend over the phone when you were applying your makeup. "I mean, we've been dating for five years and we've known each other for almost fourteen years... ans he's just..." your voice trailed off as you sighed.

Hyunri rolled her eyes. "What do you mean? Everyone knows that Sehun wants to spend the rest of his life with you," she said in attempt to shake your insecurities thoughts off. "It's obvious!"

You grimaced. "I know but why he's not proposing yet?"

"Maybe because he's not ready?" Hyunri almost shouted at you from the other end. "Just give him more time."

You shook your head, staring at your reflection in the mirror. "I feel like he grew tired of me. Maybe he even lost interest ages ago and I'm just forcing my way into his-"

"Are you freaking kidding me now?"

You gulped. "Well, we don't go on dates like we used to do before!"

"Kimi, you're dating a freaking CEO. Of course he will get busy sometime."

That seemed to shut you up for a good minute before you huffed. "I don't know what to think anymore," you admitted helplessly. "Do you think it will be a good idea if I just let him know about this? I mean... I'm thinking of asking him when-"

"Are you going to ask him if he's planning to propose to you? What the hell Kimi?" Hyunri yelled at you. "Oh Gosh, don't!"

"KIMI!" Your mother called your name from downstairs. "Sehun is here!"

You looked at the mirror with panic. "Oh my God, he's here!" You stood up, looking around for your red handbag in a hurry.

"Don't stress yourself by overthinking, okay? Just chill and enjoy your date night with him," your friend reminded you. "I'm sure everything is going to be okay. If you need my help with anything just text me!"

You smiled to yourself, taking a deep breath to calm your heartbeats. "Thank you, Hyunri. I will keep that in mind."

She bid you a quick goodbye before hanging up. You grabbed your handbag and heels before exiting your room, feeling your throat going dry. You could hear your mother's voice echoing from the kitchen, knowing fully that she was talking with Sehun.

Upon seeing you walk into the kitchen, the both of them went quiet before facing you. When your eyes met Sehun's, you smiled instantly. You knew that your night has just started.




This is my first attempt to write a oneshot maybe twoshot? Lol As promised, it's a gift for my reader (kimike) for being awesome and supportive! I'm mainly writing this because I promised her to! And because she guessed "something" right in Fatal Perfection ;)

I hope you enjoy reading this! For the first time in ages, I'm writing something with no angst, no blood, no violence... nothing but fluff XD

I hope you support this little baby, it's gonna be a fluffy ride with Oh Sehun ❤

Amazing poster and background by the talented Moon-Walker and JaeKnight thank you so much for the poster guys 🥺❤ kindly check Moon's shop out by clicking on the banner below! She makes awesome posters.

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