Sodor — Anime Roleplay. Open and Accepting, Join Us for Fun Times With Thomas!


anime roleplay
0803. We are now taking pre-reservations.
0804. Officially open!

scroll up.
1. sodor is a closed, non-au, 10 day pop up anime roleplay. do not interact with outsiders, that includes people who have been unverified.  2. one account per nose. subscribing is a must, upvotes are appreciated.  3. we accept humanoid faceclaims of various anime, manga, and games of age fifteen and above. there's a cap of maximum 10 characters per series (and 12 characters cap for tcc members) as to not overcrowd a particular series.  4. plotting is not a must, any literacy or crackheadery are welcome. strictly no ooc drama, keep ic drama to a minimum.  5. reach 69 tweets within 24 hours of arrival. kickouts will be done after 48 hours of inactivity.  6. #lovewins, as long as both parties have reached 420 tweets. include a a white name that begins with your aff username's first letter in your reservation.  7. tcc lasts 24 hours and has a 24 hours interval from one tcc to another. cc is unlimited, with 3 days interval. do not abuse your cc attempts. no hiatus/semi-hiatus as it is a pop-up rp.  8. keep the timeline pg-16. meaning no explicit ual content, triggering or sensitive topics. avoid mentioning spoilers and tag them accordingly if you do.  9. strictly no selective replies or any kinds of chasing. talk to everyone regardless of whether or not they're from your series, be inclusive. inform base through dms if in a relationship, leaving, or tcc/cc-ing. consult the admins should a problem arises.  10. have fun. :gay:
how to join
1. read the rules carefully and check the masterlist as well as the wishlist. subscribe to the aff thread. 2. comment your reservation with the following format: character name, series name, timezone and password. you're only allowed to reserve for yourself and maximum 1 friend. 3. wait for your reservation to be accepted. make your account within 24 hours. make sure to clean your account thoroughly if reusing an old account and it's recommended to secure a phone number in to avoid restrictions if using a new account. the username format is sdr(name) or (name)sdr, no numbers and underscores, all lowercase. 4. follow every member of the rp before mentioning base for verification. if you aren't verified within 10 minutes, feel free to interact. 5. have fun!
taken reserved

(1/10) attack on titan. reiner. mikasa.
(1/10) banana fish. eiji.
(4/10) chainsaw man. angel devil. reze. aki. power.
(2/10) d4dj. noa. tsubaki.

(1/10) demon slayer.
shinobu. kanao.
(2/10) free.. rin. kisumi.
(8/10) genshin impact. gorou. childe. yoimiya. thoma. venti. ganyu. xiaoaether.
(7/10) haikyuu. osamu. sugawara. bokuto. atsumu. ushijima. akaashi. hinata.
(1/10)  jjba. jolyne.
(5/10) jujutsu kaisen. toji. maki. yuuta. geto. gojo.
(1/10) kaguya-sama:. kaguya.
(1/10) mdzs. weiying.
(1/10) my hero academia. izuku. dabi.
(2/10) sk8. cherry. langa. reki.
(1/10) solo leveling. jinwoo.
(4/10) tokyo revengers. yuzuha. mikey. mitsuya. baji
(1/10) under the greenlight. jin.
(1/10) wotakoi. hirotaka.
rin. hxh's tonpa, pouf, jjk's jogo, hanami.
noa. cute girls. :heart:
cherry. hayase nagatoro and jjk's utahime.
angel devil. jjk's mai. csm's makima & quanxi. mha's hawks. more game characters.
tsubaki. d4dj's miyake aoi.
mikey. tokyo revengers, all of toman and senju. bsd's dazai, chuuya and akutagawa.
yoimiya. lumine and aether, call it reunion.
natsuya. one punch man's fubuki, kny's rengoku, shinobu and mitsuri. more tank engines..
yuzuha. sir topham hatt.
thoma. jogo, hanami, ayaka.
xiao. gintama characters.
hutao. ons' shinya. aot's eren & mikasa, fruba's kureno & hatori.
hirotaka. wotakoi's taro to punch.
osamu x thoma
aki x power
thomas x percy
♂ 27 ♀ 09
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