The Falling out

First love
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His lungs were trying to protest but Kai didn’t care. He couldn’t stop until he could see Sehun. Kai skidded to a stop when he spotted Sehun walking to the school gate with a girl - Mina. They were talking and there was a strange expression on Sehun that Kai couldn’t quite put a finger on. He waited for the girl to say goodbye to Sehun before slowly approaching him, hands in his pants pockets to keep calm. Sehun stood there looking down while biting his lips. He looked...guilty. And Kai suddenly didn’t want to find out why. 


“Sehun…” Kai whispered, trying to read Sehun’s demeanor.


Sehun jumped a little, looking like a deer caught in the headlight. 


“K-Kai…what are you doing here? D-Don’t you celebrate with your team?” Why was Sehun stuttering? Kai asked in his head. 


“No, I don’t. Where were you? I couldn’t find you after the match.” Kai tried to not let his voice tremble. 


Sehun avoided Kai’s eyes. “I-I was out talking with a friend.” Sehun looked troubled and Kai was impatient to know the reason. 


“Were you talking with Mina?” Kai’s tongue felt bitter just saying her name. 


Sehun gulped, widening his eyes at Kai. “Y-you know?”


Kai wanted to stop. He no longer wanted to hear the answer he was looking for. Throughout the conversation, Sehun just showed more and more signs of guilt and fear. Was that fear of Kai knowing the truth? or fear of Kai asking for the truth? 


“Was it true? A-About the kiss?” Kai cursed himself for stuttering. Dread filled him like waves of raging storm waiting for a chance to drown him. Please tell me it’s not true, Sehun. Or just lie and I will believe you. 


Sehun was silent. His face turned red from embarrassment. His lips almost bleeded from how strong he gnawed on them. He fidgeted his fingers in nervousness. He looked like he just wanted to run away from there...from Kai. 


Anger boiled in Kai at Sehun’s lack of answer. 


“Answer me, Sehun!” Kai yelled with his nearly broken voice. 


Tell me it’s not true. Just say something. Don’t keep silent as if you couldn’t find any good answer other than admitting.  


Sehun flinched at Kai’s volume. He looked at Kai briefly before looking down.


“I-I didn’t want you to find out. I-It was embarrassing.” Sehun’s teeth gnawed at his angry red lips. The lips that gave their first kiss for another person other than Kai. If it even was Sehun’s first kiss. He couldn’t know how long had Sehun been hiding the fact that he knew what kissing meant. 


“I can’t believe you, Sehun.” That was all Kai could muster before he turned around quickly to walk away from there. The second he turned away, tears spilled out from the corners of his eyes and rolled down his crumbling face. 


“Wait, Kai!” He heard Sehun's weak voice calling him but he didn’t look back. He wanted to get away from the boy he loved more than anything in the world - the one who broke his trust and his heart on the same day. 


Kai ran out of the school gate, not really knowing where to go when his eyes caught the sign of the bubble tea shop where he often bought Sehun his favourite bubble tea. His stomach clenched. His heart felt a stabbing pain. His face constricted trying not to let himself crumble to the ground. He ran away while letting the cold wind dry his silent tears. 


During the dinner, Kai refused to meet Sehun’s eyes although the other kept trying to make eye contact. A tense atmosphere filled the dining room as the two of them kept their silence. Kai tried to keep a straight face as his parents and

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