A Messy Movie Night

First love
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That evening, Kai was determined to carry on with his and Baekhyun’s plan. The older boy suggested that he show Sehun what “love” looked like. If he can’t even recognize the signs of love, then they might be forced to take more drastic measures.

Kai just hoped they would make a little progress at the end of this. The almost ‘kiss’ in the afternoon fueled Kai with new motivation and determination. Sehun praising him could be seen as a big step toward his goal. Maybe Sehun wasn't that hopeless, he might just need a little push in the right direction. He was really impatient right now to see Sehun’s reactions to kisses on screen. 


Yesterday, his devil hyung gave him a suspicious movie tape while winking suggestively. Baekhyun told him to watch the movie with Sehun and asked him occasionally about what was showing on the screen. Kai didn't have a good feeling about it, especially with the way Baekhyun looked at Sehun with an evil grin. He decided to see what was in it first while Sehun was showering. 


To Kai's horror, the tape was showing “Fifty shades of grey”, a highly movie which involved a lot of ual scenes. Kai’s face paled when the male protagonist started to whip the girl. 


“Are we going to watch a movie?” Sehun chose that moment to step out of the bathroom and sauntered toward Kai. 


Kai scrambled to turn off the TV and hastily took out the video tape.


“Oh...y-yeah. But I p-put in the wrong one. L-let’s see. Where is it?” Kai pretended to find a new tape while sneakily hid the previous tape under his bag. Sehun tilted his head at Kai's weird behaviours but then he just shrugged. Kai was always weird with him anyway.


It’s not like Kai'd never seen before, but the thought of watching this with Sehun removed all of his sanity. No! He can’t go further with that thought. 


Gosh, thankfully he had the foresight to watch it first before suggesting to watch it with Sehun. This thing could chase his friend out of the room faster than cockroaches! It would be hilarious to watch Sehun's reactions, but nooo, Kai had to learn to put his childishness aside for a greater purpose. 

And really, Kai didn’t want Sehun to ever be tainted by those kinds of things. His Sehun was too innocent and pure. 


And Kai had thought he could trust Baekhyun. That wicked evil bastard! 


In the end, he opted for a Disney movie. This seemed more like what Sehun often watched. He watched his friend excitedly make himself comfortable on the sofa, legs pulled toward his chest and rested below his chin.


“Oh! Tangled! I heard this movie is really good.” Sehun exclaimed happily. 

Kai smiled back, hoping the kissing scene may come up so he could gauge Sehun’s reaction. 


The night went smoothly with Kai becoming more bored every second and Sehun giggling every now and then. He laughed carefreely when a funny scene came up and teared up at a particularly emotional one, nuzzling his head on Kai’s shoulder and his shirt. 


To be honest, Sehun looked more like a kid than a highschooler. The way he laughed, he cried and thought was that of a total schoolchild. Kai had never once heard him talk about dating or liking anyone other than his beloved Pinku Pinku. And, as embarrassing as it sounded for Kai to even think about it, Kai doubted Sehun even knew how ‘ion’ spelled. 


Kai was really curious about how Sehun seemed to never be affected by hormones like any other teenager of his age, Kai included. Maybe there really was something wrong with Sehun’s body. No Kai! Don’t think

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