Separation and Broken Hearts - The confession

First love
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Sehun grimly looked at the grey sky and the curtain of rain outside the classroom windows. It’d been raining non-stop since Monday, dampening his mood further. He gnawed at the head of the pencil he was using and let out a heavy sigh. 


The classroom was nearly empty save for himself and a few others who were taking advantage of the self-study period to sleep. Most of his classmates had escaped from the stuffy classroom to hang out with their friends in the cafeteria or gather in the sports hall.

Kai had probably gone to play basketball or something too. He didn't tell Sehun where he went anymore. He frowned. Is he having fun without Sehun? 


He scanned the classroom and noticed he was the only one with a book in front of him. Wow Sehun truly is a nerd….. 


But Kai used to call him a cute nerd! Sehun argued with himself. He dropped the pencil in his hand and bit his lips. He wanted to find Kai. He stood from his seat and walked out of the classroom. He guessed Kai was playing basketball so he headed to the sports hall. Only when he stepped out of the main building did Sehun realise he should've just called Kai and asked where he went. But he didn't bring his phone with him now so he would have to find Kai on his own.


He ran across the grass-covered path to reach the next building, heavy droplets of rain patting his shoulders. Sehun turned around to look at the rain shower and couldn't help a small smile on his lips. 


The rain reminded Sehun of the first time he met Kai. 

Sehun curled up on himself as he felt more droplets of rain manage to reach his arms and shoulders. He tucked himself more under the slide when the rain got heavier. He was shivering from the cold, his arms curling around his legs to keep himself warm. His eyes were bloodshot and his nose was running because of the cold and crying.


His parents dropped him off at this playground to play while they went to buy some stuff from the supermarket not far from here. Sehun wanted to go with them but they had told Sehun to be a good boy and waited for them here. The supermarket was crowded at the weekend so they were afraid Sehun would get lost. 


Sehun had reluctantly nodded as he scanned the playground timidly. A few children were playing with their parents and siblings so he wouldn't be totally alone here. Little did he know the storm was coming and 15 minutes after his parents dropped him off, the rain started pouring down. 


Sehun was playing with the swing when it drizzled. Everyone hurried to get home except for Sehun who frantically looked for a sight of his parents. The rain got heavier and Sehun had to run and hide under the slide until the rain stopped. 


But the sky had gotten dark and the rain still didn't stop. Sehun was so scared that his parents wouldn't come back. He had been sitting here for about an hour and his parents were nowhere to be seen. Droplets of tears rolled down his red cheeks. The rainwater had managed to seep into his socks and the hems of his sleeves, making him shiver from the cold. His shoes were dirty from the mud. The skin on his palm wrinkled from being wet for too long. 


A loud thunder rumbled from the sky and Sehun wailed and cried harder. His small hands fisted his wet pants and his eyes closed shut as he tried to block the scary surroundings. 


“Hey...are you alright?” A gentle voice asked him.


Sehun slowly lifted his head that was tucked between his knees to look at the owner of the voice. It was a boy around Sehun's age. He had big brown eyes, tan skin and dark hair. He was clutching a small yellow umbrella in one hand and a plastic bag in the other. His eyes were soft as he looked at Sehun in worry. 


Sehun gnawed his bottom lips as he stared at the boy. Before he could open his mouth to answer, a strike of lightning split the sky into two followed by a thundering noise. Sehun recoiled in fear and tried to scoot further into his shelter. 


He felt a hand on his shoulder. “'s okay. It's just the thunder.” The boy said in a comforting voice, crouching down next to a wailing Sehun.


“Are you scared of thunder? I'm not. Don't worry, I'll protect you.” The boy said. One of his arms circled around Sehun's shoulders while the other rubbed his pink knees soothingly.


The rain kept pattering on the slide over their head and the lightning strikes routinely splitted the dark sky into broken pieces but the two boys sat in comfortable silence. Small sniffling sounds could be heard from the smaller boy every time the thunder rumbled, but stopped when his companion hugged him tightly and shielded his body from the scary sight outside. 


Sehun was no longer scared and crying. The boy kept assuring him that there was nothing to fear and that he would protect Sehun. He was now sitting beside Sehun and used his umbrella to shield both of them from the raindrops that could splash onto them.


Sehun peered at the boy and saw him smiling back at Sehun. He blushed and lowered his head. 


“My name’s Kai. What's your name?” The boy - Kai asked him with a curious voice.


“S-sehun..” Sehun replied timidly while wetting his bottom lip with his tongue.


“Sehun? What a beautiful name! And you're really cute, too. Do you want to be friends?” Kai beamed brightly at Sehun.


Sehun's cheeks turned pink when Kai called him cute. He peered at the other through his bang and gave a shy nod. He had no second thought when he agreed to be Kai's friend. Kai made the rainy day less lonely and the thunder less scary. Sehun smiled as he leaned onto Kai's shoulders and thanked God that he found his protector.

Sehun’s smile widened as he approached the sports hall. He could hear the cheering from inside already. Sehun opened the door slightly and stepped a foot inside the hall.


“Come on, do it Kai!” A small crowd was gathering around Kai, giving him cheering and encouragement. Sehun looked down at the crowd in the court and wondered what they were doing. 


“Ka…” Sehun called when he spotted Kai. But then Kai's name stuckt in his throat when he saw Kai stride forward and grab a boy's head before kissing him on his lips. 


Sehun's ears rang and his heartbeat quickened as watched the scene before him roll in slow motion. He no longer heard the erupted cheering from the onlookers or the heavy rain outside. Time seemed to stand still and the only thing he saw was the kiss between Kai and the other boy. 


A heavy lump rose to his throat, and Sehun could no longer feel himself breathing. His heart seemed to explode in his chest as it raced against his chest at a lightning speed. His legs were shaking and unable to move from their spot on the threshold. 


Sehun blinked as he saw Kai beamed brightly among the crowd. For a second, Sehun thought that he wasn't the same person who rarely cracked a smile the past few weeks. As if struck by lightning, Sehun fumbled for the door handle and bolted out of the room as fast as he could. The door banged behind him as it shut.


Sehun strode out of the building and into the school campus, not minding the way fat raindrops were hitting him on his face it almost hurt or the way his uniform was sticking to his body. 


He didn't know what was wrong with him, but something ugly was forming in his chest, asking him to vent out or he would explode. Sehun was walking aimlessly around the campus. He didn't really have a destination in mind. His vision was blurry either from the rainwater getting into his eyes or something else. But the only thing he saw was Kai's bright smile just now. The smile that was no longer directed at him.


Then it started to hurt. His stomach twisted uncomfortably and his blood ran cold. Something hot rolled down his cheeks. Wasn't the rain supposed to be cold? He his lips and it tasted salty and hot on his tongue too. It wasn't the rainwater. Then Sehun realised he had bitten his lips so hard that it drew blood. 

Kai opened the door to their classroom and Sehun was nowhere to be seen. A book was open on his table, and his pencil was laying on the floor near his chair. Kai picked up the pencil and put it back on the table. Where was Sehun?


Kai had had a bad feeling from the moment he heard the heavy shut of the door to the sportshall. He wasn't sure if it was Sehun or not but he ran back anyway. But the fact that Sehun wasn't in the class put Kai in trepidation. There was a gnawing feeling in his gut that told him Sehun was in danger.


He looked for him in the library but Sehun wasn't there. He ran around the school building, pulling open empty classrooms and off

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