Separation and Broken Heart 1

First love
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Sehun stifled a giggle as he caught Kai hiding a long yawn behind his hands. They were on their last period and without fail, Kai was always on the verge of falling asleep. To Kai, studying was torture, and it took Sehun a lot of bribes and convincing for Kai to actually sit down and read book with him. Kai was so cute when he was sleepy. 


Kai suddenly caught Sehun looking and grinning foolishly at him. He was still for a second, eyes clouded before he smiled back at Sehun. Yup, Kai was the most adorable and handsome guy in this school. 


The school bell finally rang. The whole class erupted in cheering as they scrambled to clear their stuff as quickly as possible. Sehun was more impatient today as he hurried to stuff all the books into his bag. He planned to talk Kai into buying ice-cream for the both of them on their way home. Or he could buy Kai ice-cream. It didn't matter. He just wanted to eat ice-cream and spent time talking and laughing beside Kai. Stuffing the rest of the books into his locker at the end of the class, Sehun ran excitedly to Kai. 


“Kai, let's buy ice-cream on the way home! I was craving for some chocolate ice-cream. Or you could have chocolate ice-cream and I'll have the strawberry one. Come on!” He beamed at Kai while blabbering nonstop.


But Kai was not smiling back. He was silent and looked cold like he normally was with those who were not Sehun. “Sehun. I’m not going home with you today. I had so I'll have to go now.” 


Sehun’s mood went down instantly. He had been hoping to see Kai's cheerful expression when Sehun suggested they have ice-cream together. 


“A date? Are you sure you have to go? Please Kai, I really want to have ice-cream with you. You like the ice-cream of that stand near the park, don't you? Please…” Sehun tried to use his typical pouty expression, the one that he usually used on Kai when he really needed something from Kai. But Kai had to look at Sehun for it to work and he was looking everywhere but Sehun. 


Sehun grabbed Kai's arm and whined. “Kai...please have ice-cream with me.”

Kai loosened Sehun's grip on his arm and shook his head. “No, Sehun. I promise Hye-Jin I’ll watch a movie with her. We’ll have ice-cream some other time okay?” Then he went out of the class, leaving Sehun confused and disappointed.


Sehun's arms fell by his side as he watched Kai walk away helplessly. Sehun didn't know why but he suddenly felt so lonely. Kai had never left Sehun going home alone. They went everywhere together during school, after school and at weekends. Sehun pouted to himself and dragged his feet to the school gate. Stupid Kai. He dared letting Sehun go home alone. Then he would buy ice-cream and eat by himself. Kai would regret not going with Sehun. He thought grumpily. 


Sehun threw the rest of his half-eaten ice-cream into the trash can on the sidewalk. True to his words, he had walked to the park alone and bought his favourite ice-cream flavour. He was excited at first, but somehow, the ice-cream was not as good as it used to be when he went there with Kai. 


Sehun counted his steps as he walked. What was Kai doing? Did he miss Sehun? Sehun missed Kai a little bit. He missed Kai making fun of Sehun's lisp. He missed Kai scolding Sehun when he ran too fast without getting rest. Sehun sighed sadly, looking at a few happy children running past him. 


His feet suddenly caught by a protruding brick on the sidewalk and he stumbled forward. Sehun reached his hands out to catch hims

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So how are you all doing? I updated three new chapters because I was high on Sekai's cuteness. I never want to stop writing this fic. Maybe I should just keep writing until they get married 🤔😅
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