Clueless Sehunnie

First love
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Kim Kai is the most popular and sought after boy in the school. He knew this. And everyone in his school knew this. There was nothing Kai wanted and he couldn’t get it. If he could not get it himself, everyone would throw themselves at his feet and ask to get it for him. Well, except one thing...or more person. 

“Kai!” There it was, the apple of Kai’s eyes, Oh Sehun.

Kai slowed down his steps to wait for his best friend who was trying to catch his breath. Sehun was not athletic, but he was sadly ignorant of that. Kai could not count the times he had to accompany Sehun to the nurses office because he used up all this energy in PE class. Sehun just didn’t know when to stop. 

“Easy, Sehun. You don’t want to go to the school’s nurse for the third time this week.” Kai reprimanded his friend. 

Sehun smiled brightly at him. His eyes turned into beautiful crescents and his cheeks puffed up. Kai forgot to breathe for a moment. 

Yes, Kai was heads over heels with his best friends. And if that was not a problem, then Sehun’s cluelessness would surely be the problem. No, Sehun was not just clueless. Even worse, his perception of love was that of a 5-year-old. As mentioned earlier, Kai could get everything he wanted. But regardless of how many times he tried to give signs, Sehun had no idea. Kai also tried every method he knew, even going so far as dating girls and boys here and there to make Sehun jealous. But Sehun never changed expressions much to Kai’s dismay. 

So Kai had long given up on the idea of letting Sehun know about his love, and just settled for being by his best friend’s side day and night. It was not a really big sacrifice, he still got to be with Sehun and received attention from Sehun, just not being able to kiss and hug his dearest treasure in the world. 

Sehun beamed at him, grabbing Kai’s hands and tugging him along. “Let’s go to the library. There’s this book I really want to read for our Literature class. It’s a real classic Kai. I can’t wait.” 

Kai sighed and smiled inwardly at his friend’s enthusiasm. Yes, Sehun loves books. He can’t live without books. In a way Sehun can be considered a nerd. A pretty and adorable nerd.

Sehun is the top student at their school. He excels in every subject, well, except for PE of course. Sehun was smart and diligent. A perfect example of a model student. He was adored by the whole school not just by his look but also because of his personality and intelligence. If only he was not that ignorant of love or romantic concepts. 

Kai was the opposite of Sehun. He was popular of course but mostly because of his talent in sports and irresistible charms. Kai knew he was handsome and charming and he knew how to use it to make people swoon and do anything he wanted, not that he needed anything from them. Kai was not as enthusiastic as Sehun about books and school work, but he was second in school in terms of grades thanks to Sehun. He made Kai read a lot and do homework with him. He made Kai study diligently before every exam and review lessons with him in the library after school. Kai loathed studying at first but Sehun made him fall in love with knowledge and now Kai was better at academics than sports (no one still beats him at sports of course). 

“You are extremely intelligent Kai

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So how are you all doing? I updated three new chapters because I was high on Sekai's cuteness. I never want to stop writing this fic. Maybe I should just keep writing until they get married 🤔😅
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