First love

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In which Kai is secretly in love with his best friend who is oblivious to his friend's crush or the whole concept of love for that matter. Actually, Sehun's perception of love is that of a five-year-old. Kai doesn't know whether he should laugh or cry.


This story is about how Kai taught Sehun about the concept of love. Kai is deeply in love with Sehun and Sehun is completely clueless about romantic concepts. Kai has nearly given up when Baekhyun decides to step in to help. 

Would Kai be successful in being Sehun's first love?

"Kai was not too worried about Sehun agreeing to date with them. Sehun had no idea what people meant by 'I really like you' or 'Can you be my boyfriend?'. From Sehun’s understanding, people said they liked him because he was smart and a human being, not in romantic terms. And when they asked to be his boyfriend, Sehun thought they really wanted to be friends with him. So Sehun always smiled at them and accepted their gifts without much thought. If Kai was those people and knew what Sehun actually thought about their confession, he wouldn’t know whether he should laugh or cry. They should be glad because Sehun didn’t reject them, but they would cry in despair if they found out friends were all they could be to Sehun."

So how are you all doing? I updated three new chapters because I was high on Sekai's cuteness. I never want to stop writing this fic. Maybe I should just keep writing until they get married 🤔😅
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