One-shot #2: All pleasantries must conclude

Random Wenrene prompts cause ✨why not✨
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If someone ever asked you what’s your greatest fear, what would your answer be? Is it the death of someone you treasure? Mayhaps your parents' death, your best friend's death or maybe the death of your pet? Perhaps something more romance related like being rejected or breaking up with someone you've been with for years? Maybe your answer to the question is something along the lines of Thalassophobia, fear of deep water, or any kind of phobia. Perhaps you’re someone who more often than not tells a joke when someone asks you a serious question? Perhaps you’ll say North Korea? Whether that is a defense mechanism or you're just paranoid about a nuclear war, I can’t tell, only you know the answer to that. Maybe it's one of those fears that will surely put anyone into existential crisis like fear of the unknown, both literally and figuratively, or something more philosophical, more mindset related like that nagging fear that your best years are behind you and that you are forever cursed to feel hollow existence your entire life.


Had you asked the same question to Irene a few years ago she would’ve said something along the lines of fear of heights or her fear of animals, but now… Now if you ask Irene what her greatest fear is, she would answer that her greatest fear is looking Wendy straight in the eyes, for looking at Irene’s eyes reminds Irene of all the future opportunities and past memories that will be taken away cruelly and slowly by time from Wendy.


Some people think Irene’s answer and the reason for her answer are completely baffling, why would you be scared to look someone in the eyes? The eyes are the windows to a person’s soul after all, and it's one of the, if not, most beautiful and mesmerizing feature a person has. Some, the more pessimistic and realistic bunch, disagree with the whole “it’s not scary to look someone in the eyes” argument because it is. Yes, the eyes are the windows to the soul, but that’s exactly why it’s frightening. Because it shows you everything, even the part that you’re afraid to see or don’t wan

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