Chapter 1

A Place Called Home
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‘Come home. - Yoongs’

‘Come home. - Yoongs’

‘You know I can’t come home right now! I am about to see an injured lion who needs me. I’ll be home at the same time tonight. - (y/n)’

‘But I need you more. - Yoongs’

‘I’ll see you tonight, Yoongi. - (y/n)’

You chuckled as you locked your phone and placed it into your pocket, heading back to the office. Your hybrid wasn’t someone who expressed himself a lot but you two have grown comfortable enough that he could openly show how clingy he was. If it wasn’t obvious, he hates your job. 

“Doc, room 3.” The nurse said and you nodded, sanitising your hands at the door before entering. On the bed, there was a lion laying down. He was breathing hard but other than that, he made no movement whatsoever. 

“Hello, I’m Dr (y/l/n). I’ll be taking care of you.” With gloved hands, you gently the space between his ears. 

“The owner?” You looked up at the trembling girl. She nodded. 

“So what happened here?” 

“He was outside playing with my other hybrid. All of a sudden, I was called in and he was on the ground. He has trouble breathing, no energy and vomited thrice. Please, help him. I don’t know what’s wrong.” She buried her face in her hands as she sobbed. You noticed that the lion’s breathing has been getting more laboured. 

“Nurse, we’ll have to intubate.” You instructed and the nurse nodded, rushing to the medical cart. 

“Please move her outside.” You gestured to the lady who was starting to get hysterical. Immediately, you intubated the lion despite his soft whimpers and growls of discomfort. Once the tube was in, the nurse turned the oxygen on. 

“Any idea?” The nurse asked. 

“Well… The symptoms sound like a tick bite. Their animal side reacts faster to a tick bite compared to their human side.” You said. 

“Start searching for a tick or tick crater.” You told her and she nodded, wearing gloves to begin searching. 

“Doc, could this be it?” She called for you. Walking over, you saw a small red spot and hole at the back of the lion’s left ear. 

“It is a tick crater. I’ll search to see if the tick is still there but I’m worried that the bite is on his head. That could explain the fast effects of the venom. Get me the tick anti venom, 1 bag of feline blood and get me a standby atropine.” The nurse left quickly to get you what you needed. On your own, you searched the lion’s body but couldn’t find the tick that bit him anywhere. 

“Start an IV line for the blood.” You told her and injected the units of anti venom into the hybrid’s arm. 

“Tick bites usually cause tense muscles but from what I can see… that hasn’t started yet. Just keep the atropine in case he shows signs of strong muscle contraction.” You scribbled on the chart. 

“Doctor! What’s wrong with him?” His owner rushed to you the moment you came out with the nurse. 

“It’s a tick bite. I have given him the anti venom and a blood transfusion to try and get the tick venom out of his system. We’ll have to monitor him closely to see his reaction. He’s not out of the woods yet.” You explained and she wiped her tears, nodding her head as she understood your words.

“Thank you doctor.” She bowed.

“You may see him. If he starts showing any movement or reaction, let my nurse know immediately.” You said. She bowed again and ran into the room. 

After seeing a few more patients, it was finally time for you to head back. Before going to your office, you decided to go around the wards that you were in charge of for the week. 

“How’s our lion?” You checked the charts. 

“He’s breathing has stabilised and his fever is gone. His owner is staying with him.” The nurse informed. 

“Anything happens through the night, contact me immediately.” You signed the chart and closed it, giving it back to her. You hummed a song as you walked along the halls, peeking your head into the different rooms. They were mostly dark, signalling that the hybrids were all asleep, as they should. Except for some of the nocturnal hybrids that were used to staying awake at night.

“Time to go home.” You smiled in satisfaction and started the walk back to your office. 

“Clear the way! O.R. 2!” Turning around, you saw the emergency team heading towards your way. Just as they brushed past you, you looked at the figure on the gurney. The image sent you through a flashback and for a second, you couldn’t even breathe. 

It brought you back to that night. That night you met Yoongi. 

“Hey, nurse, who’s the attending to that?” You stopped one of the nurses passing by you. 

“Tonight’s emergency doctor is Dr Ki.” She informed. Dr Ki wasn’t even a surgeon and he was only a second year. Your feet started moving on their own and you ran after the team to Operation Room 2. 

“Dr Ki.” You said through the glass. As a junior, he turned around and immediately gave you a deep bow of respect. Taking a mask, you tied it around your face and entered the sterile room. Looking over at the table, you closed your eyes and took a deep breath, trying to calm yourself down from the scene before you. It was hard for you. 

“May I? You can assist.” You asked. 

“Of course, sunbae!” He nodded, gesturing for the nurse to get you your scrubs. 

“Get him hooked up. Look for the source of bleeding. Get ready the blood packs. From what I see, it’s a wolf so get me canine. As much as you can get me. I want a crash cart ready.” You commanded as the nurse put the gloves over your hands. 

“Yes, doc!” They all ran around the room. You walked over and looked at the extent of the wolf’s injuries. There were bullet wounds, bruises and a long jagged cut along his abdomen. 

“Dr Ki. We’ll start with the abdomen lesion followed by the bullet wounds.” You moved over to the bleeding wound and Dr Ki followed.

“We’re saving this wolf.” You said. 


With shaky legs, you entered the house, falling on the ground with your back pressed against the door. 

“Oh, so you’re finally home- (y/n)? What’s wrong?” Yoongi rushed over to you, seeing your state. The strong smell of animal blood and sadness filled his nose. Without another word, you let out loud sobs against his chest. You had tried to remain strong at the hospital but seeing Yoongi broke

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