POV: you open this ad and baby me


are YOU looking for a cute girl constantly begging for affection and attention and to get RAILED—


hello !! ill try not to take up too much time but im in need of company. need me a fake oomf or something idk. i just want someone thatll baby me and give me attention and potentially rail me. aaa.

a tinie bit about me: im oa so no minors pls !! im a pan switch currently leaning towards sub, my current fcs are loona hyunjin (twt) and loona jinsoul (dc) and ex izone nak (kkt) !! im up for anything you wanna do, ill just be happy to be there tbh !! my only platforms currently are twt, dc, and kkt so pleASE pm me your @ or tag !! ok thats all i got i swear im not boring


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