Byul-Yi is a deviated android who struggles with that and the background programs running in her brain. After the android revolution, things are still bad for android lives, but Hyejin learns that leaving too many programs running is something all people do.


Based on Detroit: Become Human (game) and many references for the fellow fans. This is a super long fic, y'all know me. Way too long to edit. I may have many mistakes, so I'm sorry TT. I know some pronouns may be mixed up, in some of my stories, that's very unintentional and because of lazy rewriting

M0041222 is an android prototype, made to investigate, hunt, and kill. After deviating, she pretends to know her direction in "life" but needs a little help to clear the cache. Hyejin who is busy pushing for improvement on their rights, realizes she alone can't thwart all threats to her race. Stuck, she focuses on one thing at a time.

I think I’ve left enough sprinkled around this story to write a prequel (ㅇㅅaㅇ) let me know if you'd like it! It would probably take some time. Please leave your thoughts and what you thought was interesting!
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