I Hate That I love You.

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"I told you before, didn't I?"


"If you just kept looking at me like this, you might fall in love with me"

"Who even said I was looking at you?"

"My love, everyone can lie, you can lie, but those beautiful eyes of yours can never lie"

"Shut up, will you?"

"Make me"



You will be stuck in the whirlpool of emotions. The goofy smiles when you are in love, the non-stop tears when you are suffering from a heartbreak. When you are alone and confused, your friends comes to rescue. There's no cure when you fall in love or guide for how to love, it's all natural and automatic. You have been cajoled into believing your fantasy, living up to your imagination. Everything is sweet and beautiful when you are in love, hidden from the ugly and bitter truth of world.

There's always a thin line between love and hate and you will never know when you crossed one, for good or bad.


Hello (stream), welcome  to the story of Wenrene, let's join them on The Road (stream it) of their peculiar love story. To see the colour of love (stream) more clearly with the Bloom-(stream)-ing romance between two hard headed girls.  



I'll add more characters as per stories demand, anyone from K-pop or world can pop up in my story.




Hello, lovely people. Just tell me how you like the prologue and maybe you can share some of ur ideas with me. My Dm is always open for great ideas. I need good prompts. Fluffy only
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