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hi. the name's vicky and it's been a long time since i've last opened a shop as well as made a portfolio. anyways, i've debated on opening a shop or not as things are different here on AFF now compare to previous years, but giving this a shot and hence the title of this shop being the way it is and the fact that i've been listening to hikki again hehe. anyways, taking the first three requests to ease myself back into graphic making before taking on more. also there's no need for KP since that wasn't a thing earlier back then and so won't be now, and i hardly reject (but of course things varies and i'll let y'all know) so take your shot. (if you want me to promote your shop or story or whatever, i can do that too)

be nice. be patient. comment/DM/WP when picking up. upload to own host. i don't do gifs or trailers. please and thank yous.

graphic type: []
subtext: [n/a if none]
extra info: [like colors, theme, horizontal/vertical size, etc]

HollowEchoes GRAPHICS. Swirly Teacup's Graphic Shop. Picturesque Clubhouse. Jinseiร—Boku=GRAPHICS!. iloveyou3.

~Me Faltas Tu~. สš( 1000 Words )ษž. lovedimplecutie@DA.

BC4 Trailer & Graphic โ„ข Studios - closed.


(i've spelt that wrong, yes, but too lazy to fix lol)

oo1. username. graphic. status.
oo2. username. graphic. status.
oo3. username. graphic. status.

oo1. JasminWesson99. POS&BG. ch.04!
oo2. revekingdom. POS. ch.06!
oo3. DeeDee101. POS. ch.11!
oo4. DGNA_Forever. POS&BG. ch.14!
oo5. -Eiru-. POS&BG. ch.26!
oo6. deannarslvtt. POS&BG. ch.28!
oo7. deannarslvtt. POS&BG. ch.29!
oo8. CafeWriter. POS&BG. ch.47!
oo9. CafeWriter. POS&BG. ch.52!
o1o. username. graphic. chap!
o11. username. graphic. chap!
o12. username. graphic. chap!
o13. username. graphic. chap!

S&C.: CafeWriter, ready for a 2nd pickup!
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