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This is where I will be posting all of my gifts for my lovely friends.




Author's Note
Hello everyone! Jenny here! <3 This is where I will be posting all of my gifts for my lovely friends. They wanted me to write them some pretty things when I offered that I will be doing gifts this July! If you like this idea maybe I will keep it and make it a tradition and write gifts every July! I really hope that everyone will love their gifts and that all of you that will read them will have fun as much as I did while writing all of these different babies! ❤

❤ Until Next Time 。◕‿◕。 - J.U.



The ideas, plots, and characters in this and every other story of mine are all fictional. If there are any similarities between one of mine and another person’s story, they are completely coincidental.

I will always be mentioning from where I get my inspiration of each story that I have written, let that be a movie, song, book, or any other thing that I’ve come across. If there are any friend's ideas, they will all be mentioned.

Every artist/author and just all people deserve credit and shoutout when they have amazing things in their minds! I wouldn’t want any misunderstandings and issues like plagiarizing.

DO NOT Plagiarize My Stories! Have some dignity and respect for the people that spend days and nights on working over thousands of K length stories for everyone to read and enjoy.

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Other Writings
At @candyfizzbyun

EXO X EXO Stories
Two Sides Of One Coin


Baekhyun knew his true purpose.

His key to revenge.

He didn’t expect to tangle himself into a deeper web.

Rated TW (mafia au, fighting, violence, weapons, , etc. etc. etc.)


I Don't Know If This Is Love


Chanyeol needs someone who cares, and Baekhyun needs somebody who stays.

Rated TW (angst, drama, family, fluff, hurt and comfort, love at first sight, abuse and violence)




Baekhyun is full of insecurities.

Chanyeol helps him through.

Rated M (a lot of angst, a bit of suggestive content)


Make Love To Me


Baekhyun wakes up to a different Chanyeol every few days.

Rated TW (angst, violence, mentions of )


Subway In Seoul


Baekhyun is a , rootless vampire and Chanyeol will actually manage to change that, or not exactly. Or with other words, Baekhyun just wants to be loved.

Rated M (blood, choking, mention of death of a loved one, mentions of murder, suggestive content)


Coffee At First Sight


Baekhyun just wanted his Strawberry smoothie.

Chanyeol just wanted to get through another long and annoying day.

They never expected to cross each other's paths that fateful Monday morning... or every other day after that.

Rated M (swearing, ual tension, etc.)


Baek The Cookie Monster


Baekhyun is biual and insanely in love with cookies.

He accidentally wiggles his into Chanyeol's face who is totally straight.

Then Baek offers Chanyeol a cookie to make the situation less awkward....

Rated TW (past relationship truma, angst.)


BBH X OC/You Stories
In Otter News


Who knew that one night at the cabin in the woods can change her life so drastically.

Rated PG 13-17 (heart fluttering fluff, swearing, etc.)


Unexpected Message


You saw yourself as the most boring person with the most boring life, but little did you know that one message from a stranger can turn your whole world upside down.

(mentions of OCD, heartbreak, drama, angst)


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