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Author's Note This forth gift is for slodkamorela! She wanted something with Baekhyun as a kitten. I hope that I managed to write something you would like! Also I really hope that everyone who loves Baek Pink Kitten like it and how fluffy he is!
Thank you for wanting me to write you this! I had a lot of fun and loved it so much! ❤

Trigger Warnings

Annoying little girl


Hello Kitten



Chanyeol has been living on his own for a few months now. He had finally moved out of his parent’s house and rented a small apartment close to the university that he was in. It wasn’t easy to juggle between his part-time jobs and schoolwork, but it was much better than living with his parents.



All of his friends were in relationships and he wasn’t. They made fun of him all the time that he would become an old cat lady if he didn’t live a little while he could.



Them making fun of him only gave him the idea to get a pet so his apartment wouldn’t be so empty at night. He was a dog person and he was looking for a dog, at least that was the idea…



As Chanyeol walked into a shelter that he had read online about, which happened to be just a block away from his apartment and on the same street that he walked on for university every day, he noticed there wasn’t anyone there.



The reception counter was empty, the computer working on its own. “Hello?” Chanyeol asked, looking around and over the counter, but there really wasn’t anyone.



Chanyeol walked around it and headed towards the back room that he could hear barks and meowing coming from. There was a small hallway that led to a larger room, where he was met by many cages, all filled with different aged puppies and kittens.



“Oh! Hello sir!” He was greeted by a young woman, bowing to him. “How can I help you?” She asked while she was handing a small kitten to a girl with his mother.



“No, I can wait.” Chanyeol nodded reassuring the girl. He wasn’t even sure what he was looking for yet, anyway. He wanted to have time to look around.



“I’ll be right back with you.” The girl smiled politely as he turned to the previous adapters.



Chanyeol walked past a few cages, taking a peek at each one, but he didn’t like any of the puppies there. He knew that he was looking for one to form a connection with and have a bond with because he intended to keep it.



That’s when he was about to go to the other side of the room, to the other set of cages when he heard the smallest ‘meow’. He realized that it came from the last cage in the row.



Chanyeol walked to it and leaned down to look inside. To his surprise, the little cat was in an unordinary color, bright baby pink. His whole fur was pink, only his tummy was white. Chanyeol chuckled because it reminded him of a strawberry ice cream.



“Hello, Kitten.” He chuckled, even more, when the small cat walked closer to the cage looking at him with its, bright blue eyes. “Sorry little guy, I’m looking for a puppy.” Chanyeol mumbled as he tapped over the cage, which made the cat hug his finger, meowing even more.



“Mom! I want it!!” Chanyeol heard the young girl saying and pointing at the cage that Chaneyol was looking in. “I want it!” Her voice echoed loudly in the room.



“Okay okay,” Her mother smiled apologetically towards the girl that was already preparing a cage for the puppy that they had chosen to adopt. “Can we please have that one?”



Chanyeol looked back at the little cat and patted its paw “See you, Kitten.” And pulled away while the cat only started meowing, even more, trying to reach out through the cage.



The little girl ran to the cage and jumped excitedly. “I want it!” The girl that was coming with the keys in her hand, had an annoyed expression on her face. Chanyeol wondered how long have they been there and this girl tortured them with wanting di

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