Rainy Season 장마

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Karina has been secretly crushing on her manager in the office for 2 years.

She thought her manager is still single so she still stand a chance.

But one day, she found out that her beloved manager Kim is actually already engaged to some other woman.

Her heart broke, shattered into pieces. 

But luckily, there's another Kim who's ready to put those pieces back together. 



WinRina - JiMinjeong is just too hard to not be ship tgt.

Their chemistry is just.. too strong. The bond is too beautiful :') my precious babies <3

(*ps : I always have this strong urge to punch a wall nearby whenever I see Winter. She stole my heart from the day 1. And I want Karina for her.)

They remind me of TaeNy and SeulRene.

Yeah, SM and their magical water indeed.

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