Abyss Is Where I Found You

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Jungkook x Jin went on a date at a romantic Cycladic island of Santorini, Greece ♡


Bon Voyage S5 shooting in Santorini has officially ended. Jungkook took this chance to bring Jin-hyung on a date around the island without Jin realizing that it was a date. Jungkook was determined to confess the feelings he had been harboring for the hyung he treasured. But of course, things didn't usually go his way. While overlooking the sunset of Fira, he thought to himself whether he wanted to miss this golden chance.


Will Jungkook be able to convey his sincere feelings at the end just like how he'd planned?
Or will he continue to hide his feelings as he was afraid it would cost him the relationship they nurtured all these years?


Head over to read more about how Jungkook tackled his feelings and how both of them spend their precious off-day discovering the charming hue of Santorini ♡




For Jeon Jungkook, the five years of age difference that they had was huge.


Jungkook locked his eyes with Jin-hyung, his palm reached for Jin’s hand and intertwined with his long fingers almost naturally. Jin, being a dork and stupidly oblivious like usual, just returned the glance, tweaking his gorgeous thick eyebrows, pursing his full lips and making hilarious expressions. Yeah, just the usual Kim Seokjin’s face. The face that was so endearing to Jeon Jungkook. He didn’t want to lose that smile even if he had to suffer in silence, having to hide his genuine feelings he harbored for Jin-hyung.


Jin-hyung, I, to you...


~From all the memories stored in my heart
I gather up the ones of you, link them together
Gazing at them projected across the room
I feel you with every burst of pain~


~Happy that we met each other
Now til’ the very end
The cold wind blows
I take your hand, I feel your breath
Once I close my eyes, we'll always be together~



Cover by Jinified92 @ Wattpad ❤️


Ah~! I've been wanting to write a Kookjin/Jinkook fluff since forever! Hope everyone will love Jinkook in Santorini AU! 🐰🐹 Don't forget to spazz your hearts out and love our precious Jinkook forever! 💙

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