Not Alone

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As a leader of his team, Seungcheol realised since day one that it’s not going to be easy. But he does it anyway. He believes that if he keeps adapting, he’ll be fine. But it doesn’t get easier. It gets heavier and heavier it drags him down.

Everyone thinks everything is alright. He never shows it. He tries his damn best not to show it. What if it becomes too much and explodes?


People only see on the outside and ask if I’m alright

They just asked that and walked away

Why ask if you’re gonna forget anyways?

One thing after another with the busy world where even breathing is hard

What if I said they were why we become distant?

Feels like I’m making it up, so I have no faults.

These days where I also think of bad things

I’m barely breathing, feels like I’m forgetting how to do it

The hardest thing for me is to be lenient to myself

I slowly sink

Anyone is fine so save me from here, or at least you come inside please?

  • - Choi Seungcheol -


This comes from my wildest imagination. None of this is true, not even the timeline. I just got inspired by a lot of things.

This will be an angsty story with Seventeen’s OT13 strong bond friendship behind the cameras, behind what they show to the world.

This is an idol-au, so I will alternate using their real name and their stage name, except for Seungcheol. I might use S.Coups or Coups in their conversation, but I will stick to Seungcheol in writing. Please bear with me as I bring you guys through the whole story!

I hope you’ll enjoy!


P/S: I’m going to be in university soon! Maybe in two months. So, if the story started getting slower in updates, you guys know why. Hehe.



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