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It was a little late over midnight, a day after Irene's 28th birthday. They had a mini celebration with her family, some close relatives, and few of her closest friends.


"Unnie?" Seulgi, her longest friend stood outside her bedroom door.


"Oh? I thought you'll stay the night?" She stepped out to entertain her friend, and she was welcomed with the sight of a drunk Wendy, holding on to Seulgi's body, mumbling about something.


Irene glanced at the slightly conscious Wendy, and looked at Seulgi again, waiting for an answer.


"Well, Joy and I needs to go to their place because her parents will go out of town later today. We'll babysit her sisters," 


"Okay... Wendy's going with you?"


"That's what I'm about to ask..." Seulgi gulped, "Can she stay here? We need her sober in Park's residence. She can join us once she's completely fine."


Irene's breath hitched. A drunk Wendy in her bedroom. Sounds like trouble.


Seulgi wobbled as Wendy moved and accidentally put her whole weight on her friend. 


"Hot," Wendy grunted, flailing her arms all over Seulgi.


"I'm gonna smack your head really hard later in the morning, you ." Seulgi mumbled, shaking her head to not meet Wendy's palms. She felt the weight lighten as Irene leaned in, grabbed Wendy, and secured her position by hugging her waist.


"I'll take her from here. You sure you can drive?" Irene addressed Seulgi.


"Yes, I wasn't

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