Cutlass Drabbles

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A collection of Cutlass/XMTS drabbles that I never published.  


Featuring: Baekhyun/Hei, Jongdae/Jinqiong, Baekhyun + the rest of his crew 



Basically: I don't want to keep updating Cutlass/XMTS with bonus chapters, especially because most of these are quite short. Some of them will probably be (inevitably) BaekHei fluff, probably some JinDae, and some scenes of how Baekhyun met various members of the crew. And other things. 


I'm open to requests! 

I can't guarantee I'll write it, but if there are ideas you have/scenes you wanted to see (eg. how Jongin and Baekhyun met in the Sileion bathhouses lol), please drop a comment and let me know! I might be able to get to it :) Please don't request , though. I'm not comfortable writing that.


As always, feedback is appreciated! Expect sporadic updates when I do post them, since I'm just doing some of these from the top of my head. Each chapter will jump around the timeline, so I'll make sure that I indicate when it's set.


X Marks the Spot (Sequel) 

Prodigy (Prequel)

Serendipitous (Spinoff AU) 

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