8 July 2021. Non-AU & Discord-Based. 20+ SFW.
welcome to funspot, player one! sit down, stay a while. we have plenty of games for everyone, don't be shy to give us a try. we'll remain open for however long our little gamers wish to stay, meaning we may close after a week, two weeks.. who knows! so come play with us while you still have a chance!
001. this is a closed, 20+, nonau roleplay. you must be 20+ to apply and your fc should also be 20+.
002. general is sfw, so please keep your out of our arcade lobby and leave it all in your console at home. let’s also try not to flood chat with specific topics, as we don’t want anyone to feel left out! message an admin and we can add extra channels for that!
003. keep ooc talk in the ooc channel! we've created a list of ooc topics on our carrd, so please check that out.
004. please be welcoming to everyone. no facechasing, otp chasing, any other chasing! we understand that you won’t have the energy to talk to everyone, but please try to branch out. please inform us if you notice any cliques so we can hand out warnings. we want to create a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone!
005. we plan on holding activity checks every once in a while, and you will be asked to react to the message with a certain emoji. we expect you to react within a certain time limit, or else you will be kicked. dm an admin if you wish to leave.
006. since we are temporarily on discord and plan on moving back to twitter as soon as the blue bird calms down, you don’t need to keep your profile picture as your reserved faceclaim. we do ask that you change your nickname to your faceclaim or ask an admin to help you out.
007. max length for hiatus will be 1 week, and for semi-hiatus it will be 2 weeks. if you do request a semi-hiatus, we expect to see you hop online every once in a while. before you request another semi/hiatus you must wait 4 days, unless you have an emergency!! we’ll be happy to accommodate you, we just don’t want anyone hogging face claims. dm an admin when you request a hiatus! please include your faceclaim’s birthdate in your application.
008. we accept anyone in the east asian entertainment industry, unless they have expressed that they would not like to be used for roleplay purposes, or those involved in current controversies. we are not accepting instagram models. your faceclaim must be born before june 31, 2001. please check out our carrd for more details. should you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us!
009. there won’t be any limit to temporary character changes and character changes, but let’s not go crazy and tcc every time we have a chance. tccs last for 48 hours and you must wait 3 days before you can tcc or cc again. for new members; you may cc upon arrival to a more comfortable faceclaim, but you must wait 24 hours if you want to tcc.
010. there is no dating ban, and move-in couples are welcome!! all ualities are welcomed.
011. we do not welcome any drama here!! no blocking, or subtweeting at all. should you have concerns with another member, bring it up with an admin and we will try to work things out with both parties. if you see anyone break the rules, give us a heads up. we don’t want any bullies here.
012. if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions for anything please dm an admin! we would love to work with you.
013. we just want to reiterate, while we are not technically a pop-up role-play, your activity is highly appreciated. we would like to make a home for everyone, but we will close as soon as it dies.
001. subscribing is a must, and if you enjoy, consider dropping an upvote!
002. you can reserve for you and a friend, but only one acc per person.
003. check the masterlist in case your faceclaim is taken, and check out our wishlist if you're having trouble deciding.
004. follow this format when applying:
ooc age
005. please wait for a reply on your comment before mentioning base.
006. your reservation lasts for 24 hours. if you can't make it, please let us know and we can extend your reservation by a day.
007. in order to join the server, you will be asked to read the rules once more before you are allowed to see all the channels. all you need to do is react to them so we know you've seen them.
009. remember that you do not need to keep your profile as your faceclaim but it is highly encouraged. whoever you reserve will be who you will join as once we move back to twitter!
aespa. giselle.
blackpink. jennie. jisoo. 
bts. jungkook. taehyung.
day6. dowoon.
loona. yves. 
nct. jaemin. yangyang.
red velvet. yeri.
sf9. taeyang.
soloist. han seungyeon. 
theboyz. changmin. chanhee. eric. hyunjae. jacob. juyeon. kevin. sunwoo.
twice. chaeyoung.
txt. yeonjun.
base. for you to come play with us.
sunwoo. tbz's haknyeon, victon's subin and sejun, astro's moonbin, and song kang.
juyeon. complete tbz.
seungyeon. more 2nd gen idols.
yeri. complete red velvet.
jisoo. complete blackpink & twice members.
taeyang. complete sf9, loona, fromis, ggs in general.
chanhee. tbz, ateez's mingi and i'll get on my knees and i'll beg, loona. 
giselle. aespa, itzy, loona, skz, cherry bullet, more girls!
jimin. a namjoon i can thirst over from a distance.
jungkook. a hoseok i can thirst over from a distance.
jennie. a taeyong for me to semi simp off of and mainly annoy and i'll be good.
yunho. twice members.
name & name. dating. 000000.
name & name. dating. 000000.
enter for a new line.
Although our base account and games account have been unsuspended, we will still be hiding on discord for the meantime since some of our member's accounts are still being suspended. We hope to see you running around our arcade lobby, and thank you for your patience!
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