Violence Is The Question and The Answer Is Yes


juric au in which star baseball player eric sohn befriends the shy and queit dance major juyeon who gets constantly ridiculed for something that eric doesn't know. eric, being the amazing friend he is, threatens people with his baseball bat. juyeon is forced to tell eric the reason he's ridiculed which only fuels eric's need for violence


pronouns !!

eric (he/him)
juyeon (he/him)
sunwoo (sun/he)
changmin (fang/he)
haknyeon (he/him)
hyunjae (he/they)
sangyeon (he/him)
jacob (cub/he)
kevin (bun/he)
younghoon (koi/he)
chanhee (doll/he)


i'm sorry this isn't the best of my works but i hope you enjoyed !! thank you for reading

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