slytherins do it better

The warmth of the sun through the curtains is what wakes up Jennie at saturday morning. The Slytherin lets out a soft growl and steps away from the light to welcome the sleep once more.

Like most mornings, the Slytherin stretches out on the other side of her bed in search of the warm body that usually sleeps next to her. However, when her hands meet nothing but the sheets on her mattress, Jennie's eyes finally open in confusion.

When she finds the surroundings of her room instead of her dorm, Jennie quickly remembers her girlfriend's location in one of the many vacant rooms in the Kim's house. The pair had arrived at Jennie's house late in the afternoon the day before, as Rosie was eager to leave Hogwarts after her encounter with Joy.

After a casual dinner and catching up with Jennie's parents, it was clear that the short getaway had been a good idea. Within three hours of leaving Hogwarts, Rosie's smile already seemed more genuine than in recent weeks. Although, staying under the roof of Jennie's parents, there were also rules that Jennie wasn't so thankful for.

These included the door remaining open while the young couple were alone in one bedroom, as well as the strict rule that Rosie slept in another bedroom.
Jennie had tried to protest the rules, but had soon given up under her father's firm gaze. The Slytherin figured that arguing that she and Rosie often shared a bed at school probably wouldn't help the situation.

Now lying in bed without Rosie wrapped around her, Jennie realizes how used she has been to her girlfriend's warmth for the past two weeks.
Jennie only stays a few moments before she gets out of bed and crawls through the hallways of her house, hoping to at least sneak into Rosie's room for a little while and snuggle up to her before they are forced to prepare for the day ahead them.

She makes it to the room Rosie is staying in, but just as Jennie's hand turns the doorknob, a loud "pop" sounds next to her and her eyes flick to where Hooky is, suddenly at her side.

"Miss Kim!" The elf exclaims, arms crossed in front of him as he stared at Jennie. "What do you think you're doing?"

Jennie rolls her eyes, "What do you think? Now, lower your voice."

"Your parents have forbidden you to enter Miss Rosie's room."

"Really? It's morning, I can go in."

"No, you can't. Your parents must know first."

"Ugh, forget it," the younger Kim says. "Can't you go? I'm sure you have things to do now."

Jennie goes to open the door again, only to find Hooky jumping up and grabbing her hand, leading her away from the room.

"Hey! Let me go!" Jennie screams.

"I'm sorry, Miss Kim. The Masters of Hooky are your parents."

Jennie frowns when Hooky drags her to the kitchen, where she finds Rosie and her parents sitting at the table and talking.

"Madame Mary!" Hooky says, stopping at the entrance of the room.

Mary turns around, arching an eyebrow when her eyes finds a very grumpy Jennie. Rosie lets out an amused smile when she sees the woman's expression, noticing the similarities with her girlfriend's expressions.

"Yes?" Mary says, looking at Hooky.

"I found Miss Jennie trying to get into Miss Rosie's bedroom."

Rosie's eyes widen in surprise, blushing when Jennie's father looks at her.

"Merlin, let me go." Jennie says letting go of Hooky's grasps. "You clearly knew she was here, anyway," she says poiting at Rosie. "Stupid elf."

"Jennie, don't say that to Hooky, he was just doing what we asked." Jennie's mom says.

"I wasn't trying to sneak in," the younger Kim replies. "I just wanted to say good morning."

"You know the rules," her father says, looking at her. "If you're going to be alone in a room, the door needs to be open. I'm sure Roseanne's parents have similar rules."

Rosie is too busy huddling in her seat to confirm the assumption, clumsily stuffing a grape into .

"Okay. I'm sorry, it won't happen again." Jennie says, rolling her eyes.

Jennie's mom smiles. "Good." She says, accepting the apology. "Now we are going to have breakfast."

The Slytherin obeys her mother, sending Hooky one last look before entering the room. She sits next to Rosie, pressing a quick kiss to her girlfriend's still pink cheek.

"I'm sorry," she whispears. "I tried to be subtle but that ing elf have eyes everywhere."

"Don't worry," Rosie smiles. "How's your shoulder?"

"Good." The Slytherins shrugs, looking at a piece of toast at her plate confused. "Where's the-"

A jar of Nutella appears in front of her, shushing Jennie and cheering the girl on.

She looks over to where Hooky is standing proudly, "Is this what Miss Jennie wishes for?"

Jennie's eyes narrow a little, but she mutters a "thank you" to the elf before moving to scoop Nutella on her toast.

Rosie smiles at the large amount of Nutella Jennie sprinkles on the bread, "I created a monster."

A smile is placed on Jennie's lips. "Yup. We have like five of these in the kitchen now. '

"I've never seen Jennie enjoy a chocolate product so much," Jennie's father says, his eyes scanning the Daily Prophet newspaper in his hands.

"It's not chocolate. It's hazelnuts cream." Jennie corrects him, sticking her tongue out at her father when he rolls his eyes.

"Anyway, while you were sleeping I found something that might interest you." Her father slides a magazine over to Jennie, before turning his attention back to the newspaper.

Jennie holds up a new issue of 'Which Broom?' and her eyebrows are raised with curiosity. "Thank you." She mutters, placing the magazine on the table and opening it to a random page.

"They evaluated brooms from this year," her father says, "You should go see if you can pick something decent at Diagon Alley today. I'm sure you don't want to use the school's broom."

The younger Kim nods excitedly, turning to Rosie. "You don't mind? I doubt that store is interesting to you."

"No, it's okay." Rosie smiles. "I have to look up some things, anyway."

"Great!" Jennie smiles, looking at her mother. "Do you want to go with us?"

Her mother shakes her head, "Don't worry about us, dear."

"You two should go now." Her father says, "If you want to come back home to get ready for tonight."

Jennie frowns, "Tonight?"

"A date." Rosie says, smiling at her girlfriend. "I have plans for us tonight."

The Slytherin arches an eyebrow. "Oh? Really?" she laughs, "What are we doing?"

"It's a surprise."


After breakfast, the pair went to Diagon Alley, Jennie apparating just in front of 'Quality Quidditch Supplies', she is about to enter the store when Rosie stops her.

"Go without me," she says "I'll meet you outside in forty minutes."

The Slytherin frowns. "Okay..." she smiles, "What? Are you so afraid of flying that you're afraid of Quidditch supplies now?"

"No." Rosie rolls her eyes. "I just need to do something." She wraps her arms around her girlfriend's waist, giving her a peck. "See you later, okay?"

"Okay." Jennie smiles, letting Rosie go. "Don't be late."

"You'll see me outside. Happy broom shopping."

"Yeah, yeah." Jennie laughs.

After a long time deciding which broom to choose, Jennie finally chooses one, a bright smile set on her lips in anticipation of the arrival of her newest purchase. She leaves the store to find Rosie waiting for her frowning, her eyes glued to the phone in front of her.

"Careful," Jennie smiles, getting her girlfriend's attention. "One might think you are a lost Muggle."

Rosie rolls her eyes, "Ha. Ha." She scoffs, putting the phone in her pocket, taking Jennie's hand and starting down the hall.

Jennie looks at the Gryffindor curiously, noticing the happy vibe Rosie gives off.

"Aren't we going gome?"

"Not yet," Rosie answers simply. "Did you find a broom?"

"Yup. They will send to the school as soon as we arrive there." Jennie smiles. "What do you need to do?"

A smile appears at Rosie's face. "A secret."

"Another secret?"


Jennie lets out a sigh, shaking her head. "You know I'm not good with surprises."

"You will survive." The Gryffindor mutters, speaking to Jennie with a little bit of urgency.

"Are you okay? You sound weird." Jennie laughs.

Rosie looks at Jennie, "I-um... maybe I did something extremely sponteneous."

Jennie frowns, "Okay... what did you do?"

"Well ... I mean- I was going to meet you and then I walked past the Magical Menagerie and-" Rosie stops in front of said store looking at the number of cat-like animals in front of her. "...I may have bought a Kneazle."

Jennie looks at the Magical Menagerie, her brow furrowing when Rosie pulls her inside.

The woman at the counter smiles when she sees the pair approaching, "All ready?"

"Yes." Rosie nods, while her girlfriends stans behind her with a confused face.

The store assistant smiles and disappears into the back of the store.

"You bought a Kneazle." Jennie says once again.


"Rosie, babe, why did you bought a Kneazle?"

The younger girl shrugs. "I don't know... she's so cute, Jen. And she was sitting there and I feel so lonely at the Gryffindor Tower. I would have a better time there with a little company."

"Couldn't you buy a Pygmy Puff? Or a real cat? Kneazles are horrible."

"Of course not, my Kneazle is adorable."

"I won't help you taking care of it," The Slytherin says. "The last time I was around one it almost killed me."

"It was other Kneazle. You can't judge them all just because one did something bad to you."

"Uh, I can. My aunt has one and it's horrible too."

"Well, I'll train mine. She will be lovely."

"You do know they're magic creatures, right? They're too smart to be trained. They just do what they want to."

Rosie pouts, "C'mon Jen. I'm so excited for this."

Jennie stares at her girlfriend stubbornly, eventually letting out a defeated sigh. "Okay, it's your decision. But don't expect me to like that thing."

Rosie smiles, kissing her lips softly. "You will like her, you'll see."

The woman came back, placing the cage with the animal inside in front of them. "Now you need to sign this," the woman says, handing Rosie a piece of paper and an inked pen. "And then she'll be all yours."

As Rosie reads the papers, Jennie looks at the creature inside the cage with a frown. It is true that it is a rather attractive looking Kneazle; It has a glossy white fur filled with black spots that make it look like a kind of leopard. Its slightly oversized ears and long lion's tail are the most notable differences between the creature and a normal cat.

Her dark eyes almost intimidate Jennie when the Kneazle looks at her, perched gracefully in her cage and looking bored as ever.
Jennie decides she doesn't like that thing already.


"So what should I wear to our mystery date?" Jennie says while looking at her closet, her hair is still wet and wrapped in a white towel.

"Something hot." Rosie says from her spot on Jennie's bed, the Kneazle sitting on top of her purring happily. "Casual clothes are fine."

"Okay," Jennie murmurs, looking at her girlfriend. "If Hooky sees this thing on my bed, he will go crazy."

"Stop calling her 'thing'." The Gryffindor says, smiling at her new pet. "She has feelings too."

"She's leaving her hair everywhere."

"Good that you have magic to clean it." Rosie responds, receiving a hard glare from the other girl in response.

Jennie lets out a sigh. "Will we take the nameless Kneazle to our date?"

"No, your mother said she would take care of her."

"You need to give it a name."

"Any suggestion?"

A smirk appears on Jennie's lips. "They all would offend you."

Rosie rolls her eyes. "Don't make me hesitate about taking you to this date."

"Hey, I was here first. I'm not required to like the evil ball you decided to buy."

"Look at her!" Rosie looks at her pet. "She wouldn't hurt a fly."

Jennie looks at the Kneazle suspiciously "Just wait, she'll show her true self soon."

"Shut up and finish getting ready." The Gryffindor says laying down on the bed.

Jennie laughs, walking over to the girl. "You know I'm just teasing you." She smiles. "Well, something like that. I really hate Kneazles."

Rosie glares at her girlfriend, receiving a laugh back.

"I'm sure I can learn to tolerate this one," the Slytherin says. "If I must."

"You have to do it."

"Hmm..." Jennie smiles, kissing her girlfriend's lips softly.

The kiss only lasts for a few moments before a furry head comes between them, Jennie pulling away from the Kneazle with a groan.

"Really? If doing this becomes a habit, I will forbid this thing to enter my room."

The creature is oblivious to the daggers being thrown at her through a glance, leaping off the bed to Jennie's leg.

"Aww, she likes you."

"Well," Jennie says, getting away from the magic creature who now started to follow her around her room. "I don't like her."

With one last attempt to dodge the creature, Jennie enters the bathroom to finish changing, her girlfriend laughing at her drama. The Kneazle stares at the closed door firmly, eventually laying down in front of her, looking at Rosie.

"Don't worry, she will get used to you."


"You know? Just tell me where we're going, I can apparate us there." Jennie says, while she and Rosie walk hand in hand through the forest near the city, looking for a Portkey that Merlin knows where.

"It's a surprise," Rosie says, rolling her eyes. "I won't ruin it."

"Babe, at the rate we're going, we'll never find the damn Portkey."

"Of course we will find it. I swear your father told me it was here."

"Did he tell you what object is it?"

"An old wheel."

"Charming." Jennie says. "And now I remember why I was so desperate to pass my apparition exam."

"Well, they can't make Portkeys pretty." The youngest girl says. "Or else, there will be Muggles teleporting around."

"They can make them look a little better at least." Jennie wrinkles her nose. "I saw one once that was a dog chew toy."

"Okay, I'll admit it, even for a Portkey, that's kinda gross."

"Yes." Jennie laughs. "Well, can I least have a clue to where we're going?"


"Is it something related to food?"

"I won't tell you."

"Is it something related to my interests?"

Rosie laughs, shaking her head. "I won't tell you nothing."

Jennie lets out a dramatic sigh, stopping in front of Rosie.

"Can I persuade you?" she asks, placing a kiss on Rosie's neck.

The Gryffindors rolls her eyes, stepping away from Jennie. "We just need to find the Portkey."

Jennie laughs, "If we find it."

"We will find it." Rosie says with determination. "Stop trying to ruin my surprise."

Eventually, Rosie finds the portkey, the old wheel set in a small clearing in the woods. After failing to get a response from Rosie in order to appear there, Jennie reluctantly takes the item with her girlfriend. The pair begin to spin, twisting through times and distances until they finally reach their destination.

When they arrive Jennie immediately lets go of the wheel, her face paler than usual, focusing on staying on her feet as she recovers from the ride. Rosie's hand is placed on her girlfriend's lower back, looking at her worriedly.

"Baby, are you okay?"

"Yes," Jennie mutters, bending over to the ground. "Just... give me a second."

"Maybe we should've apparate it here."

"No, it's alright- I'm fine."

Rosie smiles, "I'm sorry."

"It's fine, I'm good."

Jennie straightens up, finally looking at her surroundings and immediately records where they are.

They are standing in a large field, crowded by witches and wizards wearing the respective colors of two Quidditch teams. Anticipation vibrates through the crowd, the music of the instruments of a group of buskers and the smell of various foods wafting through the air.

Later, Jennie sees the Quidditch pitch. A large banner stands over the entrance to the field, announcing the game.

Semifinal EURO Cup 2021
Caerphilly Catapults vs Montrose Magpies

"Holy ..." The Slytherins mumbles, looking at Rosie. "How did you..."

"Jaehyhun was talking about this all week. He kept arguing with his friend about who would win the game. The Magpies are your team, right? I recognized the name from your sweater."

Jennie smiles at her girlfriend, "Are you talking about the sweater you stole from me?"

"...I don't know what you're talking about."

A melodious laugh comes from Jennie's lips, the Slytherin hugging Rosie around the waist, "Have I told you before that you're the kindest person I've ever met?"

The smile on Rosie's lips grows, putting her hands around Jennie's neck. "So... do you like it?"

The Slytherin nods firmly, kissing Rosie softly. "Are you sure you don't mind watching a complete game of Quidditch?"

"I will survive."

"I will hold your hand throughout the match." Jennie says, kissing her girl one more time.

The younger girl smiles between the kiss. "Let's go." Taking Jennie's hand and guiding the girl to the stalls. "If I'm going to support a team, I'll do it the right way."
Rosie sees a stall selling merchandise and the Gryffindor buys a scarf and sweater, while Jennie buys her own scarf and a new sweater (to replace the one Rosie stole from her.) The couple then line up to paint their faces in team colors, and Jennie thinks Rosie has never look cuter than now.

Rosie and Jennie buzz with excitement for the game to come, and when they finally climb to their seats, they find themselves joining in the shouts of support directed at Magpies.

Even if Rosie wasn't interested in the game, the delight that shines in Jennie's eyes when the game starts would make it worthwhile. She decides that she definitely enjoys Quidditch much more when she is not worrying about her girlfriend being injured.

Although, as the game continues to be significantly more violent than the school league's, Rosie does get a little bit worried that this is Jennie's dream career.

When the Magpies win, their fans erupt in applause and the celebrations don't stop even as the spectators begin their exit from the stadium. Jennie holds Rosie's hand in hers as they move with the crowd and head back to the street, which has been transformed into a huge party for the winning team. The two head to a huge tent dedicated to the Magpies, and are immediately greeted with loud music and dancing. Rosie isn't sure how much time they spend there, the time lost between dances and the Firewhisky that a particularly friendly couple gives the two girls.

School and the drama of the last few weeks being forgotten as she steal kisses from Jennie amid smiles and infectious laughter. And the Gryffindor decides that this is her favorite night with her girlfriend so far. Neither girl is drunk, but Rosie's cheeks feel hot from the alcohol, and her body vibrates a little more than normal every time Jennie's skin comes into contact with hers. So she wouldn't exactly consider herself "sober."

As a result, the girls decide not to rely on Jennie's ability to apparate them and decide to use the Floo Powder to rerturn back home.

Rosie reaches Jennie's fireplace first and enters the large living room of the Kim house while waiting for her girlfriend. Jennie stumbles a bit as she comes out of the fireplace with her eyes staring at Rosie as the younger girl laughs at her dirty, covered in soot from the ride home.

"You don't look much better." Jennie says as she realizes the reason why Rosie is laughing.

Rosie nods her head, "Probably, but you do look cute anyways."

Jennie smiles. "Well of course I do." She responds amusingly, her hands grabbing Rosie's and pulling her up for a kiss. Rosie smiles against Jennie's lips, responding the kiss happily and enjoying the taste of the Firewhisky from the Slytherin's tongue.

Jennie sits on the couch with Rosie on top of her. The pair exploring their mouths in need. Jennie places her hands under Rosie's shirt, her fingers caressing her stomach and eliciting a soft sigh from the girl on top of her. When the Slytherin bites on Rosie's lower lip, the Gryffindor grabs Jennie by the shoulders and Jennie immediately pulls away from the pressure on her injured shoulder, releasing Rosie's lip with a sigh of pain.

"-" Rosie quickly pulls her hand out, guilt settling in her face. "I'm so sorry, babe."

"Don't worry, love." Jennie says, grabbing Rosie's hips and preventing the girl from moving. "I'm fine."

Rosie nods doubtfully, focusing on calming down. "We should stop."

Jennie looks like a little boy who had his toy stolen after hearing that.

"What? No, I'm fine."

Because, well, things haven't progressed much in recent days thanks to her shoulder.

Rosie smiles apologetically. "Two days." She says. "Then your shoulder will be fine and we can kiss all you want."

Jennie pouts, "Please?"

"No." Rosie laughs. "Do you want Hooky to catch us?"

"Not really."


The Slytherin lets out a sigh. "Okay." She mutters. "Are you staying in my room?"

"I can't."

"Just for a little... You can go back to your room before everyone wakes up."

Rosie doesn't have the will to say no, nor is she ready to say good night just yet. So with a gentle nod, the couple head to Jennie's bedroom. When Jennie opens the door, she immediately finds the black and white Kneazle at her feet, purring loudly as she greets her.

"And to think that my night was going very well." Jennie mutters, almost practicing gymnastics to avoid the Kneazle and dramatically laying down on her bed.

Rosie laughs at the show, picking up her new pet and moving to join her girlfriend on the bed. "How can you not love this cute face?" The Gryffindor whispers, the Kneazle and smiling when Jennie's eyes dart at her with a withering look.

"I invited you to my room to snuggle with me; not with that thing."

Rosie rolled her eyes, placing the Kneazle on the ground before moving to snuggle up with her girlfriend.

"We're still covered in the soot from the fireplace. Your bed will be ruined, love."

"I know." Jennie hugs Rosie and rests her head on the girl's neck, "I can't wait to see Hooky's face when he sees the mess."

Rosie smiles, shaking her head when she hears Jennie talking about the elf.

"I never thanked you," Jennie mutters a few moments later, yawning. "For today." She pulls away to catch Rosie's gaze. "I can't remember the last time I had fun like this."

The blonde girl smiles. "I'm glad you liked it. It was kind of thank you. For taking things with Joy so well lately."

"You don't need to thank me, love. I love you. I'll be there for you, always."

"I know." Rosie nods, reaching out to kiss Jennie lightly, resting her forehead on Jennie's. "You make me really happy, you know? I always have fun with you, no matter where we are or what we do."

"The feeling is mutual, babe." Jennie smiles, rolling her eyes when the Kneazles jumps onto the bed, playing with their feets. "Even if you bought this horrible thing."

"She's adorable."

Jennie sighs, snuggling even closer to Rosie. "Not exactly the word I would use to describe her, but whatever you say." She murmurs wearily, kissing Rosie's collarbone.

The couple don't try to fight sleep much longer and eventually fall asleep.

When Jennie's mother checks Jennie's room in the morning, Rosie is still in bed with the girl. The woman watches the couple still dressed in their clothes from the night before, their faces painted and covered in soot as they sleep in each other's arms, with Rosie's Kneazle nestled at their feet.
Jennie's mother doesn't have the heart to break the endearing image and instead silently retreats.

Suppose you can turn a blind eye from time to time.



I'm so sorry it took me so long to update but college is kicking my right now.

I hope you guys like this one.

Enjoy the romance while it last.






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