slytherins do it better

"Do you really have to go?" Jennie pouts as she sits up against the head of the bed, watching her girlfriend as she walks around the room. "You shouldn't even walk the halls this late."

"Because it is so dangerous." Rosie smiles, fiddling with her dress and perching on the bed once more, trying to force the creases of the fabric. "Joy will notice if I'm not on my bed when she comes back to our room."

Jennie lets out a sigh, inspecting her nails with a grimace. "I can't wait until you can stay longer without having to escape before sunrise. It can hurt the ego of a girl being dropped like that."

"Excuse me?" Rosie says, a funny laugh falling from her lips. "Are you forgetting the part where I'm back in your arms the next night?" She says.

A wicked smile trails Jennie's lips for that. She laughs. "But still. It ."

"I know." Rosie mutters in agreement. Deciding she can't be bothered by putting the dress back,  the Gryffindor moves to Jennie's dresser by opening a drawer. She pulls off training pants and a sweater, sliding them over her .

"Of course you pick my favorite sweater." Jennie smiles as Rosie turns around. "Shall I say goodbye to her now?"

Rosie looks at the item, recognizing the symbol stamped on the front as the one that belongs to some Quidditch team she has no idea. She smiles happily, shrugging. "Maybe."

Jennie laughs, slipping to the edge of the bed as Rosie walks to stand between her legs. "You know, I have a Slytherin shirt that I'd be happy to lend you." She smiles, fingers playing with the hem of her shirt.

"It's like you want me to be avoided by Gryffindors." Rosie smiles.

"I'm sure Slytherin would be happy to have you if that happens."

The younger girl laughs. "Hmm well, believe it or not," she says, fingers dancing over Jennie's collarbone. "I actually like being in my house."

"Merlin, this is tragic."

Rosie rolls her eyes, pushin Jennie back to bed. "Idiot."

Jennie laughed, sitting back and grabbing Rosie's wrist as the Gryffindor left, "I'm kidding." She smiled, pulling her girlfriend back to her. Rosie doesn't fight when her girlfriend leans back, pulling her until the younger girl falls on her.

"How about you wear my Gryffindor shirt?" Rosie teases, letting out a deep sigh as she puts her arms on either side of Jennie's head. "See how good the idea is."

The Slytherin arches an eyebrow. "Is that a challenge?"

"No," Rosie smiles, incredibly close to her, her eyes running to where Jennie's tongue runs along her bottom lip. "You wouldn't be caught dead in Gryffindor's clothes."

Jennie smiles, tilting her head to catch Rosie's lips in a kiss. "Well..." she murmurs as she pulls away. "I think I'll let you wear my sweater."

Jennie's fingers run through Rosie's hair as she deepens the kiss, tongue tracing the Gryffindor lip begging for access that is granted almost immediately. The sweater begins to warm up against Rosie's skin as her desire for the girl underneath her grows once more and when she feels Jennie's hand under the item to find her bare back, the Gryffindor pulls away. Jennie's lips moved to Rosie's neck once her fingers traced the waistband of her girlfriend's sweatpants.

"I need to go." Rosie moans reluctantly, leaning into Jennie's lips.

"You need to stay."

"Jen." Rosie moans. "I'm serious."

"Me too."

It takes all of Rosie's power to pull away, pushing herself up onto the bed and away from her girlfriend's lips. Jennie sighs defeated, sitting and pouting for Rosie when the girl moves to the mirror to correct her appearance.

"That's not fair."

Rosie laughs, moving to the door. "I'll see you at breakfast."

"Yeah..." Jennie sighs dramatically. "I love you."

A smile traces Rosie's lips, "I love you too, babe."


Rosie goes to the Gryffindor Tower wearing the same smile as Jennie, and even the Fat Lady's critical look can't ruin her mood as she enters the passageway. Although, what could ruin her mood and wipe the smile off her face, was the sight she received when she entered the common room: Joy sitting in one of the armchairs, looking at Rosie with anger in her eyes that the younger girl has never seen before in her best friend. Of course she didn't sleep and Rosie's stomach dropped as she realized the girl had waited for her to return.

"... hey," Rosie greets quietly, cautiously stepping into the room. "What are you doing up? Did-did- did something happen to Jackson?"

"No. He's in bed."

"... oh."

"Where have you been?"

"I-I was with, uhm, Jaehyun."

"Huh. Weird," Joy murmured. "I thought I saw Jaehyun an hour ago. But then again, maybe we shouldn't truste my eyes." she laughs bitterly. "I mean, I could have sworn I saw you and Jennie kissing earlier, but I mean... I must have figured that out, right?"

Rosie's mouth stays open. Her brain stopping as Joy looks at her.

"My best friend wouldn't do this to me, would you?"

"Joy, I-I I can explain..."

"Explain?" Joy gets up. "How can you 'explain' the fact that you're having with Jennie ing Kim?"

Rosie shivers with her best friend's words. "It's not- It's not like that."

"Oh, really?" The girl growls. "Whose clothes are you wearing?"

Rosie gives up, knowing there's no point any more. Her eyes move to the floor, unable to meet Joy's furious gaze. "Jennie." She whispears.

"Oh, okay. And I'm guessing you're just wearing it because you're just good friends, right?" She says. "What about this hickey? Who gave you this?"

Rosie's hand goes up to her neck, her face burning red with shame. "I-I..." she swallows. "Joy, just-"

"Jennie." Joy answers for her and a laugh of disbelief falls from her lips. "But yeah, you'e totally not sleeping with her..."

"She's my girlfriend, okay?" Rosie says and she hates the fact that she already wants to cry. "We're not just- it's more than just ."

"Your girlfriend?"


Joy laughs, shaking her head. "How the hell did you get that?" She says, "Jennie Kim don't do relationships."

"You don't know anything about her!" Rosie argues now, frustrated tears threatening to fall. "She's nothing like this terrible person you just decided she is."

", are you stupid like that, Chaeyoung? She's never been anything but a ! She lives around thinking that she is better than everyone else and has everything she wants just given to her. Apparently, now including my best friend!" Joy boils. "I hope you're happy being just another thing she can brag about."

"I'm not a trophy, Joy. I am a person."

"I bet Jennie doesn't see it that way." The taller girl mocks, "Hell, she's probably laughing about it with all the Slytherin now."

"She's nothing like that!" Rosie exclaims, "Can't you just hear me? You know me, Joy. I wouldn't be dating anyone if I didn't think they were a good person. Why can't you just accept that maybe your judgments about her are wrong?"

"Because they aren't!" Joy raises her frustrated hand through her hair. "You're right, I know YOU, Chaeyoung. And I know you trust everyone easily. Jennie is just using you. "

"For what?"

"Uh, I don't know, maybe to piss me off? To caress her ego? You're my best friend, I can't believe you of all people are buying her bull."

"It's not all about you!" Rosie screams.

"How come this isn't about me?! You're dating the only person in this whole ing castle that I can't spend more than two seconds around!" Joy's voice rises. "You can date anyone, Rosie! You know how I feel about her, you always knew. How the hell can you expect me to be okay with it?"

"You're my best friend..."

"And you're mine! Best friends don't sneak behind each other's backs and date their rivals."

"Joy, I never wanted to... I-I didn't plan any of it... it just happened."

"How did this just happened..."

"I'm in love with her!" Rosie looks at Joy with tears in her eyes. "I love her, Joy."

Joy's anger dissipates with her friend's confession. She's looking at Rosie as if she pitied the girl and Rosie's lips tremble at the prospect of her broken friendship.

"She's going to break your heart." Joy says, with a conviction that terrifies the other Gryffindor. "And you're being the naive girl that's going to let her do so." Joy didn't give Rosie another chance to respond, turning her back and going up the stairs, leaving Rosie with the crackling of the fire.


Jennie was asleep when the sound of her door opening woke her, the girl releasing a lament of annoyance on her pillow with the disturbance.

It can't be morning already, can it?

"I will not train today, Nayeon!" she mutters, assuming her best friend had decided on an impromptu Quidditch practice session (it was annoying how common these are). "Let me sleep."

"It's not Nayeon."

Jennie frowns at the sound of her girlfriend's low voice, the Slytherin rolls and just watching Rosie in the moonlight. "Babe?" She murmurs, wondering now if she's just having a strange true dream. Rosie's face is hidden by her hair and as she approaches, Jennie moves more in bed to make room, the mattress eventually sinks as the Gryffindor slides under the covers next to her.

"What are you doing here?" Jennie asks quietly.

Arms wrap around Jennie, Rosie sliding closer until she is pressed against her girlfriend and resting her head on the older girl's chest. It is then that Jennie feels warm tears against her skin, and the Slytherin's concern increasing with the silence of Rosie.

"Hey, what's going on?" She insists, she tries to pull away and look at the girl but it was useless, Rosie was clinging to her. Jennie is answered with sobs against her chest, Rosie holding tighter in her as she falls into Jennie's arms. "Baby?" Jennie whispers, fingers running the younger girl's hair, voice filled with concern. "Hey, is everything okay?"

Rosie's sobs only increase with Jennie's words and Jennie's heart broke in two. She tightened her grip, nails running up and down Rosie's back comfortably as she allowed the younger girl to cry.

"She knows," Rosie finally breathes, lips trembling as she speaks. "Joy..." her voice failing. "Joy knows."


Rosie didn't speak again for a while, simply taking comfort in her girlfriend's arms as she waited for the tears to stop coming. When she finally calmed down, she elaborates, telling Jennie about the fight between her and Joy in more detail. Her voice is weak as she speaks, hoarse with tears and lack of sleep. Jennie's anger toward Joy increases with every word that comes out of Rosie's mouth and she wants nothing more than to send the most unpleasant spell she knows right to the girl. They were silent for a while, wrapped to each other and Jennie's fingers running softly up and down the back of her girlfriend, when Rosie spoke again.



"This is real, right?" Rosie asks and the way her voice breaks makes Jennie's heart ache. "You and I?" She says quietly. "It was- It was always real, right?"

The older girl looks at her. "What do you mean?"

"Joy thinks you're using me..." she murmurs. "And I-I know it's stupid. I promise, I know. I'm just scared."

"Rosie, she doesn't know anything," Jennie sighs, looking at Rosie's eyes. "This was always about you and me. Nobody and nothing else. I've never been so genuinely sure of anything before as I am about my feelings for you."

Rosie bites her lower lip, nodding. "I love you."

Jennie smiles sadly because of Rosie's red and puffy eyes. "I would never do anything to hurt you, I promise." she murmured, pressing a kiss to the top of her head.

"I love you."


A week later and Rosie is waking up in Jennie's bed for the third day in a row. She tried to sleep in her dorm with Joy, but eventually the cold silence of her best friend was too much and Rosie decided to give the girl her space. Joy hasn't spoken a word to her since the fight and Rosie now eats breakfast with Jaehyun and a few other friendly faces, while the taller girl stays with her usual group of Gryffindor friends. Everyone knows about her relationship with Jennie now and Rosie can feel her ears burning every time she walks into the Gryffindor common room. She wasn't sure how the news spread so quickly, but she was not surprised.

Hogwarts has always loved gossip.

Among the bad, however, Jennie has proven to be one of the few good things about Rosie's days. The Slytherin has kept a solid shoulder for Rosie to lean on and her icy gaze proves useful when they are walking down the aisles together. Despite Jennie's eagerness to take some action against Joy, the girl abstained, respecting Rosie's request to keep her distance.

The Gryffindor continues to tell herself that she only needs to give Joy time to cool off, things will eventually get better. But as the days continue to pass with nothing but betrayed looks and silence, her hopes of forgiveness are fading. She and Jennie have spent a lot of time by the lake, engulfing themselves in their own world far from the theater inside the castle walls. Sometimes Nayeon, Momo and Taehyung joined them and Rosie was getting closer and closer to the Slytherins. Which is good, since it seems that her friendships with those in her own house are getting weaker every day.

Jaehyun also makes an effort to talk to Rosie whenever he can and she is surprised by the friendship the boy formed with her girlfriend. Although she has a feeling it is simply for the sake of her well-being. It's a Saturday and Jennie's head is resting on Rosie's lap as she reads scrawled texts with a grimace, her girlfriend busy with a novel. It's peaceful, and Rosie wished she could stay there forever, hating the reality waiting for them inside the castle walls. Her fingers brushed Jennie's hair absently as she read, getting a relaxed sigh from her girlfriend.

"Never stop doing that." Jennie mutters, lowering her texts to the grass.

Rosie smiles fondly when Jennie suddenly pulls the book out of her hands.

"What?" She laughs, meeting the eyes that lurk at her.

"Nothing." Jennie says. "I just like to see you smile."

The younger girl's smile widens, Rosie bending over to press a kiss on the lips of her girlfriend. Jennie's hand went to the back of Rosie's head, pulling the Gryffindor closer to the kiss. When they break the kiss, Jennie is wearing a happy expression, looking at Rosie with satisfied eyes

"What was that?"

"You being you."

The Slytherin smiles. "I should be me more often."

Rosie laughs, eventually letting out a sigh, "I wish I could stay here forever," She says, "Just thinking about going to Gryffindor Tower now makes me feel sick."

"You shouldn't feel uncomfortable in your own house," Jennie mutters unhappily, playing with Rosie's fingers, "It's bull. I understand that many Gryffindors don't date Slytherins but it happens."

"I don't think it's just about that. If you were a random Slytherin, I'm sure they would have left me alone. But everyone knows that you and Joy don't like each other. They've all made up their minds about you simply based on Joy's opinion."

Jennie smiles. "So, I'm the big bad wolf."

Rosie laughs softly. "Something like that."

The Slytherin smiles sympathetically, "I can threaten to beat them, if they say anything?" She offers, "It worked with the members of my house."

Rosie smiles. "I knew there was some dirty game there."

"They are Slytherin. They weren't going to stay out of our business without some threats. "

"Well, thanks for the offer, but I think having my girlfriend threatening my housemates will not help my case."

Jennie shrugs, "The offer still stands."

Rosie smiles, "When do you need to go out to play Quidditch?"

 "What time is it?"


Jennie sighs, "Nayeon wants us there at four. The game starts at five." she says. "Maybe I can skip?"

Rosie almost thinks she heard wrong. "Did Jennie Kim just considered skipping a Quidditch match?"

The girl shrugs. "They're fine without me."

"You're the best chaser, you can't miss the game."

"It's just a game, who cares?"

"You'll play against Gryffindor, so let me tell you: everyone cares," Rosie smiles. "How about we do not take the risk of your house hating us?"

"Nobody hates us." Jennie corrects. "But that's okay," She sighs, "I'm going to the game."


The Slytherin pouts, removing one of Rosie's rings and playing with the item, "Are you coming to watch?"

"Yes, of course." Rosie smiles, "I'm going with Wendy."

At least with Joy playing, Rosie doesn't have to worry about a strange encounter.


Jennie is the last Slytherin leaving the locker room before the game begins, having arrived late, stretching her time with Rosie as much as possible. The Slytherin feels guilty every time she leaves her girlfriend, knowing that Rosie's situation with her fellow Gryffindors is more than uncomfortable. She almost feels like it's her fault, knowing she wanted to be in public for so long. She always knew that exposing their relationship wouldn't be all hearts and butterflies, but still... Jennie wished she could somehow fix her girlfriend's mess.

Hell, she even wanted Rosie's friendship with Joy to return. Selfishly, she preferred the girl to leave her life forever... but unfortunately, that wouldn't make Rosie happy and, apparently, Jennie is the most whipped Slytherin in the world, because the happiness of her girlfriend had her well-known place at the top of Jennie's priority list. So she kept shut for the whole week, and had surprisingly managed to keep her wand in her robe every time Joy passed her. And yeah, that turned out to be a difficult mission. Jennie is running out of the locker room when she collides with a solid body, and she scowls when her eyes met with the exception of Joy looking at her. Because of course she can't bump into someone harmless.

"Watch where you're going." Joy spits out when she identifies Jennie.

The Slytherin grimaces, shaking her head and passing the taller girl. Take a deep breath, Jennie. She's not worth it.

"What?" Joy calls "Cat got your tongue?"

"I have more important things to do." Jennie growls, turning around. "Save it for the game."

Joy didn't follow Jennie's command, her voice preventing the Slytherin from moving away once more.

"I understand that you hate me, but don't you think using Chaeyoung is a bit too far?" She says "She's not a toy for you to play."

Jennie laughs in disbelief, "The thought that this has anything to do with you is ridiculous." She replies. "If I were dating Rosie to annoy you, I wouldn't have sneaked in for the last six months just to be sure you didn't find out about us."

Joy's jaw tightens. "Six months?"

"Yes. Six months." Jennie confirms ."​​That's a bit long for someone who just wants to "play" isn't it? "

"You don't deserve her."

"She seems to think differently."

Joy laughs ironically. "Keep saying that." She says. "You're clearly just a phase. She is using you for a cheap thrill; once it fits in with it she will give you a nice foot in the ."

Jennie's hands are gripped on the collar of Joy's robes before she even registered the movement, forcing the Gryffindor against the corridor wall. "You know the only reason I haven't beaten you is still because of Rosie." She boils. "I'd stop teasing me if I were you."

"Go ahead. Do it." Joy stares at Jennie. "It must be tiring to pretend you're not as bad as all the other Slytherins who came before you."

Jennie's hand tightens, and she's, oh, so close to Joy and withdrawing her wand, wanting nothing more than to shut the Gryffindor. "What the hell makes you think you know everything about me?" She whispers. "How dare you tell Rosie what my intentions are for my relationship with her?"

"I'm her best friend!" Joy says angrily. "It's my job to look out for her."

"Yeah? Well, good job." the Slytherin growls. "All you're doing is pushing her away from you."

"No, I'm not." Joy says and Jennie hates how she's so sure of herself. "At the end of the day, Rosie won't choose you over me. That's something you can't win."

"She's in love with me." the Slytherin smirks. "I've already won."


The Slytherin's head turned in the direction of Taehyung's voice, finding her friend standing at the end of the corridor with a stern look. "Come on!" the boy says, his eyes moving to Joy briefly. "Let's warm up."

Jennie shakes her head, throwing a look on Joy and retrieving her broom from the ground.

"I'd be careful, if I were you." Joy threatens and Jennie's only laughs ironically in response.

"See you outside." She tells the Gryffindor, sending her a final look before walking toward Taehyung.

And it's not much later, when Jennie finds herself in the middle of the game, a nagging pain in the shoulder and lying on the field, wishing she had stayed at the damn lake with Rosie.


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