slytherins do it better

"You know, I think you should've let Rosie tell Sooyoung." Nayeon says as she checks her appearance in the mirror, adjusting her extravagant dress. "You should be able to go to the ball with your girlfriend."

Jennie sighs, lying in bed and selecting her jewelry for the night. "I wanted tonight to be fun and without drama." she shrugs. "I can handle the secret for one more night."

"Do you think you can handle watching your girlfriend dancing with another guy?"

Jennie shrugged, a smile appearing on her lips, "Well, at the end of the night it's me who will leave with her so..."

Nayeon rolls her eyes. "Okay, let's see how calm you'll be when you really see them, Miss Confident."

When the girls got ready, they made their way to the Slytherin common room where their dates were waiting for them. Taehyung and Momo stopped talking, wearing expensive clothes as well. When they noticed the girls approaching, Taehyung turned to face them. An impressed whistle leaves his lips as he examines Jennie.

"You didn't have to look all that pretty for me, Ms Kim."

Jennie rolls her eyes, pushing the guy lightly as she reaches him.

"Don't worry, it's not for you."

"Heart-breaking." Taehyung smiles, offering his arm to his friend. "Well, let's get you to the lucky Gryff then."


"Remember, Sooyoung can't find out that I'm dating Rosie." Jennie says as they make their way to where it was arranged to meet the rest of the group.

"Yes yes. We know. Secret romance bla bla bla..." Momo says. " I doubt we'll even talk to Gryffindors like that, so you're safe."

"Please try to talk to them." Jennie says. "It will make the night less strange."

Taehyung laughs. "You put us on a group meeting with Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs." He smiles. "This is going to be weird anyway."

As they were approaching the staircase down to the Common Room, they stopped, looking for the place crowded by the other half of the group.

Momo met them first and sneered, "Ugh, you didn't told me that Park Sooyoung's date was the Gryffindor Seeker."

Jennie followed Momo's gaze until she found the group of Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs waiting for them. Her eyes looking for Rosie and finding her girlfriend in a red jaw-dropping dress and wearing the mask she had bought at Hogsmeade. It was at that moment that Jennie was certain that she had died and gone to paradise.

"Merlin, he's an ," Momo continued, scanning the boy next to Joy, "I knocked him off the broom once and the whiner got me suspended for a month."

Taehyung laughs. "This was certainly his brightest moment."

Jennie is too busy looking at Rosie to listen to her friends' conversation, barely noticing when Nayeon pushed her lightly.

"Careful, you will drool in your dress." The other Slytherin smiles, "She looks really beautiful, though."

Jennie nods. "Euphemism of the century."

"And you're trying to teach us how to leave Sooyoung in the dark?" Taehyung looks at Jennie with arched eyebrows. "Go for me, if you keep staring at her this way... she'll notice."

"I will be fine."

"Good luck."

Jennie frowns as she watches Jaehyun joining Rosie in the group, the guy's hand resting on the underside of her girlfriend's back.

"Okay, let's just say hello," she orders immediately, putting her mask over her eyes and linking her arm to Taehyung's, pulling him toward the stairs.

When they reach the other group, Jennie is the first to announce the arrival, greeted everyone as if they had been friends for years. She even hugs Joy in greeting, which seems to catch Gryffindor by surprise. Joy's date remain silent, just nodding his head and looking as disinterested in the Slytherins as Joy is. Jennie takes the opportunity to take Jaehyun's arm off Rosie's waist and when she moves to hug her girlfriend she makes sure to push her girlfriend's date.

"Hey." she says as she walks away, a smug smile on her lips as she takes Rosie's eyes down her body.

Rosie's gaze eventually finds Jennie's, "Hey."

Taehyung pushes Jennie to the side, breaking the eye contact of the couple and extending a hand to Rosie.

"Kim Taehyung." he greeted gently, raising Rosie's hand to press a kiss, "I don't think we met each other properly."

Jennie would be annoyed at the look Jaehyun was casting at Taehyung, if she wasn't so busy pitching one too.

"Nice to meet you." Rosie smiles awkwardly.

"You look beautiful." the guy continues, smiling at Jaehyun briefly, "It's a shame to see such a beautiful face hidden by a mask."

Rosie's eyebrows unite, her eyes going to Jennie uncertain, "Thank you?"

"Not at all," Taehyung says, "Though, I really think green would look better on you. Red may be..." she looks at Jaehyun before returning to Rosie, smiling, "A little boring."

"I think red is her color." Jaehyun replies, visibly annoyed with the Slytherin.

"Red is playing a bit safe, don't you think?" Taehyung responds, staring at Rosie with playful eyes. "Sometimes a Gryff has to live for a moment."

Jennie is certain that there is smoke coming out of her ears by now, she squeeze Taehyung's arm in a painful grip.

"Anyway." She says, "We should go and find a table."

Taehyung smiles at Rosie, winking at the Gryffindor before Jennie pulls him to follow Wendy and Nayeon to the Common Room.

"What the hell are you doing?" Jennie growls so they could not be heard.

"What?" Taehyung smiles, "I'm teasing this Jaehyun guy. It's not like you can do it without raising a few eyebrows. "

"You're flirting with my girlfriend."

"Well, she's very attractive..."

"Taehyung, I swear I will not hesitate to..."

"I'm joking!" The Slytherin smiles, shaking his head, "I thought you might find it amusing."

"You flirting with my girlfriend?"

"Me making your girlfriend's date feel threatened."

"I was the one who told her to come with him." Jennie says, "I'm not worried about him."

Taehyung shrugs, "Okay, I'm just having a little fun." he sighs, "I'm going to leave your little Gryff alone."


The Common Room had been transformed into an extravagant ballroom, decorated to match the theme of the evening and accompanied with dancers and artists for entertainment. Jennie can't hide the stunned look on her face as they enter, eventually settling on the table with her friends. Professor McGonagall got up to welcome the students soon after and the first round of food was served.

Jennie was sitting in front of her girlfriend and Jaehyun. Which was really annoying, since she was forced to see Rosie and Jaehyun talking without being able to actually hear what they were saying. Fortunately, Wendy and Lisa were in the perfect place betwen Joy and her date and the Slytherins, managing to keep the conversation between the two groups without conflict. Well, no significant conflict. They were still rival, after all.

As time goes by, Jennie's irritation began to grow. She knew she shouldn't be angry at how much Rosie and Jaehyun were getting along. Jennie was the one who told Rosie to come with the boy anyway. But did he needed to be so annoyingly charming? Every time he talked in the group it was always so nice. He even tried to engage Taehyung in the conversation.

Joy was right when she talked about him in Hogsmeade the week before; Jeong Jaehyun was the perfect Gryffindor. And the target of his idiot actions is Rosie. Does it make sense for Jennie to feel slightly threatened? So, when Momo and Joy's date started a fight, Jennie can't help but intervene.

Somehow the discussion had moved to Quidditch and a debate between which house had the best team quickly began.

"I don't even know why you bother arguing with me..." Momo says, arms folded and looking at Nayeon with a smile, "How many years have we won the cup so far, Captain?"

Nayeon rolls her eyes, laughing. "Four."

"Soon it will be five." Taehyung smirks, winking at Jennie.

"That doesn't mean anything." Joy argues.

"Uh, actually, it means." Jennie says, "I don't know if you're aware, but whoever wins this cup is, you know, the best team. It's based on the matches you win. They don't distribute the trophy for fun."

"You just won because you double the game." Joy says, "If Gryffindors played as dirty as you, we'd win the cup every year. But we respect the game we play."

Momo grows, "Oh Merlin, please. You play dirty as we do. You just have your head so deep in your that you have to make excuses for your losses."

"You pushed me off the broom in a game!" Joy's date exclaimed.

Jennie laughed mockingly at this, "What? The same way your date did it to me?"

Joy stares at Jennie. "As if you were completely innocent."

"I never said I am." the Slytherin shrugs, "You're trying to act like you're playing fairer than we are. You guys are just as tough."

"You Gryffs just can't stand it." Taehyung adds, raising an eyebrow at the couple. "I don't remember the last time a Slytherin whined for the Head of the House until they get another player to be suspended from the games."

"Not that suspending me did much for you." Momo smiles. "You still can't block Jennie's pitch toward you."

Joy looked ready to step forward on the table against Momo, her face red with anger. "I'd like to see you off the field." she growls. "You'd be much less talk."

"Are you sure losing more will be good for you?" Momo replies. "Surely you can't lose more than the few neurons left over."

"And you wonder why people hate your house." Joy cuts. "You're all a bunch of arrogants idiots..."

Jennie laughs loudly, "Are we the arrogant idiots?" She shakes her head, "You guys are so convinced... if you look around you'll realize that most people don't like your house either. In fact, everyone finds you guys..."

"Okay!" Jaehyun interjects, looking between the Slytherins and his eager housemates. "How about we don't talk about Quidditch, yes?"

Jennie catches the grateful smile Rosie sends at Jaehyun and the angry increases.

"Do you play Quidditch, Jaehyun?"


"Well, so this has nothing to do with you, right?"

"I just think..."

"No one cares about what you think..."

"Jennie!" Rosie interrupts, light brown eyes meeting the feline alike ones. "Stop."

The Slytherin's jaw hangs with her girlfriend's strict tone, but she avoids talking again, letting an angry growl escape as she stares at the table.
Jaehyun looks between them. "Look, I'm just saying, we're here to have fun," she continues cautiously. "Nobody wants to spend the whole night fighting."

"I agree." Wendy says. "No more talking about Quidditch."

"Fine." Taehyung sighs, looking around the room with a bored expression.

As if catching the cue, the soft music playing ended, Professor McGonagall declaring the first dance of the night and the band taking their places. Taehyung turns to Jennie with a smile. "Perfect timing," he says rising from his seat and bowing down to his friend, reaching for her hand. "Can I have this dance, Miss Kim?"
Jennie laughs, happy to get away from the table and take Taehyung's hand, allowing the Slytherin to pull her onto the dance floor.

"Someone is in trouble with the lovely Gryff," Taehyung teases as they move to the middle of the lane where other students and some teachers were. "What were you talking about behaving?"

Jennie rolls her eyes, dropping Taehyung's hand as they stop. "It's easier to talk than to do, apparently."

The boy smiles and as the orchestra plays the first few notes he bows. Jennie bows in return, eyes going to Rosie doing the same with Jaehyun.

"Stop worrying," Taehyung says when the song really begins, taking Jennie's waist as they move into position. "It doesn't look good on you."

Jennie sighs, following Taehyung through the waltz and finding the girl's gaze. "What do you think of him?"

"The Gryffindor boy?"


Taehyung rotates them so he can look at Rosie and Jaehyun, smiling slightly as he does so. "I think he's a clumsy dancer," he laughs. "And I'm sorry for your girlfriend's feet."

"Altought Rosie dances well, she's a little clumsy too."

"It's cute on her, can't say the same for him." Taehyung shrugs.

"He has made her laugh all night."

"So the guy is fun. Who cares?"

Jennie sighs. "They just... they seem to have a lot in common."

"When the hell did you get so insecure like this?" Taehyung asks. "You're threatened by him."

The girl shrugs, resisting the desire to reach Rosie among all the dancing couples. "Park Sooyoung said it all: he's the perfect Gryffindor. And he's interested in Rosie. Why shouldn't I be threatened?"

"If she wanted to date someone with the qualities of a Gryffindor she wouldn't be dating a Slytherin," Taehyung says quietly. "The girl is in love with you, Jennie. You won't loser her anytime soon."

"She looks very happy in Jaehyun's arms." Jennie pouts.

"Really?" Taehyung mocks, shaking his head. "She spent the whole waltz staring at us. Come on, that Gryffindor is the last thing on her mind right now."

Jennie frowns, looking around until she finds a familiar brown eyes under the red and black mask. A satisfied smile appears on her lips as she catches the look Rosie threw at Taehyung, recognizing the look on her girlfriend's face.

"She's jealous." Jennie says, probably happier than she should have been about the discovery.

"Yeah," Taehyung smirks. "And now that we know that, stop acting like an emotional Hufflepuff and enjoy the ball. You can kiss your girlfriend later."


The Slytherin is dancing among her housemates when she catches Rosie at their table, without the mask and picking up a cupcake from one of the multiple dessert. Jennie watches her girlfriend for a few minutes before deciding to walk up to her.

"Hey, stranger."

The younger girl looked up from the cupcake, a smile appearing on her lips as she watched Jennie walking around the table and eventually falling into the seat next to her.


"You know, you should keep the mask until the midnight." Jennie says pointing to the item on the table.

"Well, you know me," Rosie smiles, turning around a little to face Jennie. "Always breaking the rules."

The older girl laughs, taking off her own mask before resting her chin over her hand and watching Rosie with her famous gummy smile. "Are you having fun?"

Rosie agrees. "Yes, I am."


"No buts..."

Jennie arches an eyebrow. "Baby.."

"No, I am, I promise..." Rosie says with a small smile. "I just wanted you to be my date."

Jennie smiles softly, "Me too." She says letting out a sigh and reaching out for Rosie's hand. "I'm very sorry. I thought this was the best thing to do."

"Don't be, you're right." The younger one says. "I just wish it was different. Even after we tell Joy it won't be easy."

"It will be easier, though. It will only take a while." She says, squeezing Rosie's hand.

Rosie agrees, sighing, "I just want to dance with my girlfriend without worrying about what Joy will think."

"Well, we have many more balls to go. And you'll be my date in all of them." Jennie smiles "I won't let you dance with someone who just step on your feet like Jaehyun does. "

The Gryffindor laughs, rolling her eyes. "It wasn't so bad. Dancing is not his specialty."

"That's being kind."

"Well we can not all be polite Slytherins." Rosie growls "you and Taehyung seemed to be auditioning."

Jennie smiles "Another Muggle thing?" She presumes.

"Yeah." Rosie says pouting.

"I can teach you a thing or two..."

"And what's your price?"

"Well, usually I'd ask for tickets to the Quidditch World Cup," Jennie teases "but I think I can give you the girlfriend discount."

"And what would that be?"

"Unlimited kisses, of course," she smiles "I won't reject tickets to the World Cup, though."

"Sounds reasonable," Rosie says, an amused smile on her face as she scan the room. Turning her attention back to her girlfriend. "What are the chances that someone will see us if I kiss you now?"

Jennie arches her eyebrow, eyes scanning the students. "Well, for my selfish reasons I want to say little... but, unfortunately, some of your friends are watching over me, so I'll have to say they're high."

Rosie offers her a sad smile, taking her girlfriend's hand and pressing a kiss on the girl's wrist.

Jennie smiles, "Come on," she says, standing up and nodding toward her girlfriend, "I have an idea."

"An idea?" Rosie smiles, obeying and getting up to follow her girlfriend, "How unexpected of you."

Cat eyes narrowed to Rosie as the pair walked toward the doors of the Common Room, "Watch out." She jokes.

As they left the room Jennie took Rosie's hand, pulling Gryffindor toward the staircase.

"One second," Rosie growls, pulling Jennie to a halt in the middle of the step, "My feet are killing me." Jennie laughs, watching Rosie balancing herself on the railing to take her heels. The Gryffindor manages to pull off her first shoe, a slight sigh falling from her lips in relief, "Remind me again," she begins, handing the shoe over to Jennie and beginning to take out the other, "Why am I dating you?"

"Because I'm irresistible."

"You're an idiot, too."

"Did you just confirm that I'm irresistible?"

Rosie smiles, casting a fake angry look at Slytherin, "You know, you..."

The sentence is interrupted when Rosie loses her balance, eyes growing and stomach dropping as she almost backs down the stairs. Jennie's arm immediately reaches for her, wrapping around Rosie's waist surely. She laughs, arching an eyebrow at the Gryffindor in her arms.

"What were you saying? About coordination?"

"You're terrible."

"Uh huh." Jennie smiles, shaking her head and bending down to work on the loops of Rosie's shoe. Rosie lifts her foot, allowing Jennie to remove the item and making a pout when the Slytherin rises again.

"Thank you." she murmurs.

"You look really beautiful tonight," the older girl says. Rosie smiles, a soft sigh coming from her lips and past Jennie to stay on a higher step. Jennie frowns, turning to look at her girlfriend. She's about to ask what Rosie is up to when soft lips meet hers, making Jennie forget everything. The kiss is delicate, and genuine, and Jennie's stomach does acrobatic routines which she is accustomed to thanks to Rosie's existence. When it's over, Jennie rests her forehead against her girlfriend's, red cheeks and hazel eyes overflowing with affection. "I'm so in love with you." she breathes, her voice slightly shaky.

"Hey! Jennie!"

The couple immediately move away with the voice, Jennie turning to find Taehyung and Jaehyun standing at the top of the stairs. She looks back at Rosie, finding her wide-eyed girlfriend in panic as she watches the boys. Taehyung looked more amused than anything else as Jaehyun watched them with a confused look.

"Uh... what's up?" Jennie asks eventually, trying to appear calm and wondering how long the pair was there.

Taehyung laughs at the panicked couple, "I have party benefits hidden in the yard." He says, wagging his eyebrows. "You should come with us."

"The others are coming too." Jaehyun says, shifting his legs oddly.

Jennie cleared , nodding, "Yes, I'm in." She says, turning to Rosie, "Rosie?"

The younger girl agrees, "Uh... sure," she murmurs, following down the stairs to Jennie.

"So..." Taehyung begins when they reach them. "What are everyone's thoughts about relationships between houses?"

Jennie swears, one day she would kill that guy.


They spread through the countryside, surprisingly having a good time each other despite the multiple rivalries between friends. Rosie and Jennie are dancing dramatically in each other's arms, singing a drunken version of 'Bella Notte'. The pair surrounded Wendy and Joy, who were too busy kissing their respective dates to pay attention. Jennie is leaning against the quidditch grandstand, legs outstretched and sipping the rest of the whiskey while watching her friends with amusement.

"Well, that's definitely not what I expected tonight." The Slytherin jumped, Jennie's head heading toward Jaehyun sitting next to her. "It's a lot more fun, though." The boy smiles.

Jennie stares at him, not being struck by the grinning smile at her direction. "Yes," she murmurs, "Right."

Jaehyun's smile falls with the dry response "Uh... so..."


"Uh..." Jaehyun lets out a strange laugh. "You mind..." he points the bottle at Jennie's hand.

"Go for it." Jennie passes the bottle of whiskey to Jaehyun, finding herself amused by the boy's anxious movements. "Are you okay?"

Jaehyun takes a sip of the drink, his face writhing to the taste, "Yes." he breathes. "Great."

Jennie didn't bother going deeper, shrugging and looking back to where Rosie continued to dance with her friends. Even from a distance, the Gryffindor laughter proved contagious and Jennie couldn't help but smile.

"So, are you and Taehyung dating?"


"Oh." Jaehyun agrees. "I didn't think so."

"So why ask?"

Jaehyun pauses, laughing hesitantly. "You.. uh." he runs a hand through his blonde hair. "You don't like me, do you?"

Jennie shrugs. "I don't know you."

"I'm a Gryffindor." Jaehyun says playful. "We're not made to be best friends exactly."

The older girl don't reply, her eyes meeting her girlfriend once more.

Jaehyun follows Jennie's gaze, "But... uh... you and Rosie seem very close."

"I guess."

The Gryffindor is visibly frustrated by Jennie's lack of effort. "I-I just... what I've seen before.. you guys seemed a little more than friends." he mutters. "And I don't know... the way you treated me tonight... it's kind of hard not to draw conclusions."

"Just ask me what you clearly want to ask me."

"There's something between you two..." he murmurs eventually. "Right?"

Jennie's eyes scan Jaehyun's expressions and she can't help but feel guilty about his clearly hurt expression. "Yes." she replied. "We're together."

"Together." Jaehyun repeats, the expession dropping even more. "Okay."

Jennie bites her lip. "I-uh-I'm sorry..." she says and she's surprised at how genuine her apologies are. "You have feelings for her, don't you?"

"Oh," Jaehyun grimazes, shaking his head. "No, I don't. I just wasn't expecting... okay, yes, I have feelings for her." hhe mutters. "But it's not big deal. I swear I didn't... I didn't try anything with her. I kind of knew she wasn't interested."

"It's okay." Jennie shrugs. "You didn't know she was in a relationship."

"So... if you're together, why exactly am I Rosie's date tonight?"

Jennie grins. "It's complicated. We're working around this whole 'public' thing."

"Because of Joy?"

The older girl lets out a sigh. "Yes."

Jaehyun gives Jennie a friendly smile, giving back the bottle of whiskey to the girl. "Looks like you need a little more than I do."

"Thank you." Jennie laughs accepting the offer and taking a sip.

"I won't tell anyone... Rosie looked kind of terrified before."

"Yeah, well, we spent some time hiding all that." Jennie shrugs. "But, thanks for that."

"No problem."

"Can you do something for me?" Jennie asks. "Can you tell Rosie that you're okay with it? I-I think it will be good for her, you know? To hear that the people in her house won't hate her whe she finally tells everyone. She doesn't say but... I think she's afraid of losing friends because of the thing with Joy."

"I'll tell her." Jaehyun smiles. "And she'll have me as a friend, even if people react badly. Believe me or not, we're not all anti-Slytherins."

"Yes, right... let's see what it will be like when she Joy finds out." Jennie sighs. "She won't accept it well."

"They're best friends. She'll get ovet it."


Jaehyun and Rosie look up to find Rosie approaching, a huge grin on the Gryffindor's face. "What are you two doing?" She laughs, reaching for their hands. "Enough of being antisocial."

Jaehyun laughs as he and Jennie are pulled up by Rosie. "Alright, boss." he responds, walking to her friends.

Rosie looks at Jennie uncertainly as Jaehyun walks away, "Should I worry?"

"No," Jennie replies, smiling at her girlfriend. "Besides, worrying isn't allowed tonight. Let's just have fun."


The group didn't take much longer in the Quidditch pitch, eventually deciding to return to their dorms or back to the hall where the band played for a small number of students. Jaehyun had taken Rosie a while ago to talk to her and the couple had not yet reappeared. Jennie, Taehyung, Nayeon and Momo were the only ones left outside, the Slytherins took advantage of each other's company as they waited for the blonde Gryffindor to return. Eventually, Nayeon and Momo announced their departure and Taehyung agreed to return to the dormitory with the couple. Jennie admitted defeat, imagining that Rosie would make her way to Slytherin later. She made her way back to the castle when she caught a glimmer of light in the corner of her eyes.

"Jennie? Are you coming?"

"Umm... no, I'll see you guys later."

Jennie lets out a sigh, turning to face where the figure had stopped. By the bluish light, she was probably looking at a Patron spell. As she approaches, Jennie is finally able to see the spell as a small dog. A soft laugh fell from her lips as the Patronus presented no threat, Slytherin didn't have to think too hard to guess the owner.

The dog jumped up as Jennie caught up with him, circling the girl before jumping into the castle. Jennie decided to go with him, following the patron until they reached the main courtyard. He stopped, his tail swaying and sitting in front of Jennie.

The girl laughed, leaning against a column, "What?" She looked around the courtyard, finding no company. "I think you're a bit lost." The patron rose, bobbing his tail in response and Jennie rolled her eyes. She considered leaving when arms wrapped around her waist, hot breath on her neck.

"Hank doesn't get lost, thank you very much." Rosie teases, the patron disappearing. Jennie smiles, turning in Rosie's arms and being found by soft lips. Slytherin matches the kiss, hands gripping Rosie's face as she presses against the the column.

"A body patron." Jennie murmured against Rosie's lips. "I'm impressed."

Rosie smiles, kissing Jennie again before breaking the contact. "I learned last summer." she says proudly, "Joy made fun of me for having a stray dog as a patron, but she can barely conjure a patron so... I win."

Jennie laughs, fingers trailing Rosie's jaw, "I still have to get to the body stage." she says "You have to teach me someday."

The younger girl gasps dramatically, "Learning from a Gryffindor? Will not that hurt your ego too much? "

Jennie rolls her eyes. "I think I'll survive."

Jennie hugs Rosie, smiling as she feels a soft kiss pressed against her neck. "You talked with Jaehyun?"

"Yes."  the Gryffindor let out a sigh. "He said he already talked about us with you."

"Yes, he kind of surrounded me."

Rosie nodded, her grip on Jennie intensifying. "He was really cool about it," she murmurs. "Now I hope everyone will respond in the same way."

"People who matter won't care."

"Joy is important to me."

"Except Joy." Jennie says, "But that was it. The reaction of other people doesn't matter. "

"Speaking of which, did you see her around?"

"No." Jennie shakes her head. "Everyone's gone. She left soon after you went with Jaehyun."

"That's no surprise." Rosie laughs. "I doubt I'll se her again until morning. She's probably locked somewhere with Jackson."

"Does that mean I can take you back at my room?"

"If you have me."

"I'll always have you."

Rosie smiles. "Good."

Jennie sighed, fingers running down Rosie's back. "You had fun tonight, right?"

The younger one agreed. "Mmhmm" she murmured in response. "What about you?"

"Yes." Jennie smiled. "There's something that would make tonight better, though."

"What whould it be?"

"Dancing with you."

Rosie smiles, turning away to face Jennie. "You know, sometimes I think you should be in Hufflepuff." She says playful. "You're so cheesy, you'd be good there."

"Shut up," the older one laughed, taking Rosie's hand and pulling her toward the patio. "You love it."

"I never said I didn't."

Jennie laughs as they stop in front of the huge fountain, pulling Rosie towrd her. The soft rhythm of the music in the Common Room can still be heard from a distance, providing music for their dance.

"I talked to my mom the other day." Rosie says, looking down at her feet making sure that... yes, they were apparently doing their job. "She... she really wants to meet you. My father, too. "

Jennie's eyebrow arches in surprise, "Should I be scared?"

Rosie smiles. "Are you sure you're a Slytherin?"

"Hey, I've never 'met the parents'." Jennie argues. "It's something big."

"I met your parents." Rosie says. "It wasn't so scary."

"Yes, but you are you."

"What does that mean?"

Jennie smiles, turning away to turn Rosie. "My parents would adore you no matter what."

Rosie rolls her eyes as she glares at Jennie once more. "You would not know that. They could easily hate me. "

"Please." Slytherin shakes her head. "I don't think anyone ever hated you in your life."

"Yes, they already hated me."

"Okay, tell me a name."

Rosie was going to respond, only to find herself caught in the answer, her girlfriend laughing.

"Exactly." Jennie says., "Unfortunately, the same can not be said for me."

"I like you."

Jennie smiles, "Well, that's good to hear." She says. "But you didn't even like me at first."

"That's not true." Rosie argues.

"You thought I was arrogant." The older girl smiles, "Hell, it took an hour of patrol for you to tell me your name. I don't think I've tried so hard for someone's attention in my life. "

"Well, I'm glad you did." Rosie says. "And my opinions about you were all based on Joy. And then when you stole the book I needed, that didn't helped."

"Hey, I had the book first." Jennie smiles, "And forgive me if I'm wrong, but I didn't just give the book anyway?"

"Well, yes, after you annoyed me as much as you could."

"You're cute when you get all frustrated, it's fun."

"Mmmhmm..." Rosie casually glares at her girlfriend. "Well, I hope you don't try to annoy my parents. Then you'll be safe. "

A kind smile appeared on Jennie's lips. "All right..." she said simply, "When will I meet them?"

"Wait... seriously?"

"What?" Jennie laughs. "You want me to meet them, don't you?"

"Of course, I just... I thought I'd have to push you a little harder before you accept."

The older one shrugged. "It'll be nice to see where you came from." She smiles. "You can teach me more about all the pleasures the Muggle world has to offer."

Rosie smiles. "I love you," she murmurs genuinely, her hand leaving Jennie's to go to the nape of the girl's neck. "So much."

Jennie's smile grows and as Rosie's lips meet hers, the dance stops, the Slytherin is unable to focus on anything but the girl in her arms. If she could, she could have registered the tumult of feet on the patio and the angry eyes of a certain Gryffindor staring at them.

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